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Hello everyone! Under permission from the Kaptain, I (JC) will be posting future Happy Together Episodes.

That is, until either I am deemed unfit, incapable of the task, the Kaptain finds someone more capable, or I am promoted to Admiral rank (then I would out-rank Kaptain A and be giving orders like “Bring this ship closer to the coast of Giglio Island. Oops -bumps into the Costa Concordia. Abandon ship, I mean, everything is fine.” *Trips, falling accidentally into a life boat. (Too soon?) I will try to follow the basic guidelines set by Kaptain A. So get ready for some arbitrary comments and stuff. Thanks to Devilslob for the torrents!

EP 227

Tae Yeon kissie-face

♥Tae Yeon kiss?♥

Episode #: 227
Guests: SNSD’s Taeyeon, Sooyoung, Yuri, and Seohyun, Kim Gun Mo (not of SNSD), and composer Yoon Il Sang
Watch Here: Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5 // Part 6 // Part 7
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Comments: I’m still jealous of Jeong Hyung Don getting to marry Tae Yeon for that short period (comment unrelated to episode, refers to WGM), I wanted to marry her first but nobody wants sloppy seconds and still do.
SNSD fans: Send them food! (Wait don’t hit me!) Because I read somewhere K-pop Idols like receiving food gifts from fans not because of the apparent anorexia. No, I don’t mean to imply they have anorexia (until I can get ahold of their medical report). No, I’m not going to try and steal a copy of their medical reports. Maybe.
Yoon Il Sang/Kim Gun Mo fans: ?? I guess its possible a few of you ended up here… Somehow. More likely most of you don’t know who these two are and just heard of them today, despite being successful korean singer/song writers for some time. What? I am wrong? Pshh, I can wikipedia their bios too! *Types Gun Mo into wikipedia search box* See! he’s a North korean Politician who became Prime minister for two years. KIM Gun Mo not LI Gun Mo? Well I had a 50/50 chance at getting the right family name and I flipped a coin. It was less work than looking back at what I typed. Yes, I’m that lazy. (No, i’m not implying Korean Kim and Li surnames are the only ones.)
Fast facts #1: Medicine – Anorexia Nervosa is a serious eating disorder characterized by an extreme obsession or fear of weight gain. The DSM-IV-TR criteria for A.N. are 1. A body mass less than 86% of the norm for weight of an individuals age and height class. 2. Three consecutive missed periods (termed Amenorrhea). 3. Refusal or avoidance to attempt behaviors that lead to normal weight gain. Remember, purging is not a necessary criteria for A.N., though is sometimes present. Regular signs/symptoms that one might be suffering from this disorder include; bony, thin extremities where joints are more prominent than trunks; Lanugo hair on face/body; Hair loss or thinning hair on scalp; swelling of joints/cheek bones; Regular signs/symptoms of malnutrition such as internal organ disorders, yellow discolored finger nails (often covered by nail polish), weak bones, rotting teeth. This disorder is no laughing matter and if you or someone you know may be suffering from this disorder, please do get help or visit NEDIC for more information.

EP 228

☺♥IU are so cute!♥☺

Episode# 228
Guests: IU, Jeon Hyeon Mu, Boom, Marco, Kim Na Young.
Watch Here: Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5 // Part 6 // Part 7
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Comments: Already my first update! Yay. This is the Christmas Special. I love IU too. From watching SBS Heroes, I’ve discovered that she has a charming personality. She is also very talented and tremendously popular. She acts way more mature than the rest of the Idols her age which might be a factor to her popularity with Uncle fans. There’s some other people in the episode as well I think. Alright, fine — I like Jeon Hyeon Mu and Boom too, they are entertaining. Also Kim Na young is pretty but too skinny but she keeps in character well. Marco is in the wrong episode, he could have been the center of attention with other sets of guests.

EP 229

Lee Min Jung kiss face

Episode# 229
Guests: Lee Min Jung, Lee Kwang Soo, Lee Jung Jin.
Watch Here: Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5 // Part 6 // Part 7
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Comments: Oh boy, Lee Min Jung is so beautiful in anything she does! Although I did watch Cyrano Agency, I wasn’t a fan of the ending. I know some other sites skipped the subbed 229, not sure why. This episode was filmed right before Running Man episode 72 -24hr HK special. In case you’re wondering, Lee Jung Jin is the guy from Qualifications of Men ~ Nella Fantasy etc… but he left. Did I mention I like Lee Min Jung? Even though right now I’m updating the next episode, I feel as though I haven’t given enough commentary to Lee Min Jung. She was very bright in Running Man, and she really has a bedroom stare when she talks to people. I find her personality very charming and I know I’m not alone.

EP 230

Subtitles Beat me to it.

Episode# 230
Guests: Go Ara, Park Yong Woo, and Son Byung Ho
Watch Here: Via Pikeyenny or pikeyenny’s Youtube direct links: Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5 Will upload Devilslob when available.

Comments: – I’ll upload Devilslob’s version to Dailymotion once it is available. – Go Ara is pretty ;D I’d love to have YJS’s job, and talk to pretty girls every week. Go Ara talks about her near debut in a Girl Group, leading to her performance in this episode. In case you were wondering (and even if you weren’t I’m going to let you know), Go Ara debuted as a model, winning SM teen model contest. (She works for SM Entertainment). Her face is popular, and quite internationally known. She has some charm to her but comes off a bit arrogant. She could learn some modesty from Lee Min Jung, who I feel is still more charming. Either way I love ’em both.

EP 231

Hearts around a pretty big smile

Episode# 231
Guests: Jung Ryeo Won, Uhm Tae Woong, Yoo Sun and Park Ki Woong
Watch Here: Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5 // Part 6 // Part 7
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Comments: It’s the cast of the newish movie “Neverending Story.” I’m in charge of 2 posts, Happy together and 1n2d, and Uhm Tae Woong is in both! Anyway, Tae Woong is turning 37 (or 39 in Korean Age) and is being told to marry soon. He seems to be fond of co-star Jung Ryeo Won, and I’m not bothered by that. Although any celebrity relationship is called “scandal” (they use that word, but I don’t think they know what it actually means), he should get married. Getting to old to be a playboy. And she’s pretty. He’s a popular guy right now and I hope he actually tries, but to be honest, his older sister is Uhm Jung Hwa, one of Asia’s most famous celebrities, and he has 2 other sisters -and a single mom. Basically he’s already got 4 close women in his life; adding another one is going to be tough. In fact, it might be near impossible –as one of the MC’s mentions– its really not ideal for a girl to go into a relationship with him knowing his sister and all his other immediate family are all female. His co-stars are there too, they do some funny stuff.

EP 232

The years have been kind to you.

Episode# 232
Guests: Uhm Jung Hwa and Hwang Jung min
Watch Here: Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5 // Part 6 // Part 7
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Comments: How does 42 year old Uhm Jung Hwa look so young? I mean thats not even her Korean age! I’m sure some of you young’ins have parents her age! (Those of you in high school or younger) She hasn’t married either. I guess either men are scared of such a high profile celebrity, or she has really high standards (more likely). I’ve been her fan since 1999 when I listened to her song “Festival”. She’s a good deal older than me, but I’d still… Anyways, Actor Hwang Jung min was the blind sword fighter in “Blades of blood” AWESOME MOVIE. Also heres a bonus in case you wanted to see more of Jung Hwa:
Uhm Jung Hwa on WIN WIN Playlist
Do I write excessive comments?

EP 233

NS YoonJi, appears at the end

Episode# 233
Guests: Byeon Jeong-Soo, Seo In Young, Jung Yoon Ki, Kim Hyo Jin, Woo Jong Wan, Kim Sung Il
Watch Here: Part 1 // Part 2
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Comments: Since Daily Motion still has trouble with the player resizing, I’ll try to keep the number of parts to a minimum. Let me know if this creates a problem. This episode is a “Fashionista Special” and I’m a fan of Jewelry, and Seo In Young, but I like former member Jung-Ah the best. Byeon Jeong-Soo (corner image) from Hooray for love, Pasta & horror movie ‘WHITE’ makes an appearance. NS Yoonji! The image is mainly her, but its from the MTV at the end of the episode. I like Kara’s Kang Ji Young, and NS Yoon G is her cousin! I like many Ji Youngs.

EP 234

The face of a dog?

Episode# 234
Guests: Nam Hwi Seok, Oh Suh Bang, Oh Jae Mi, Kim Sook
Watch Here: Part 1 // Part 2
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Comments: A senior-comedian special. I usually like episodes better when there are pretty actresses/idols (G4 agrees) but 13 comedians in 1 spa makes for some good laughs. I give this episode high marks, the only improvement would be to change some G4 for females. Next 5 weeks will once again feature beauties. I really love Yoo In Na MARRY ME.

EP 235

Cutest giggler ever!

Episode# 235
Guests: Yoo In Na, Hong Jin Kyung, Hwang Jung Min, Jun Hyun Moo
Watch Here: Part 1 // Part 2
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Comments: An annoucer episode. I watch SBS Heroes so I really really REALLY love Yoo In Na. She is so cute and makes me melt when i hear her giggle. There seems to be no ending to this episode. Some funny things occur. I really love Yoo In Na MARRY ME (did I say that already?).

EP 236


Episode# 236
Guests: Ojakyo Brothers Cast: Uee (After School), Joo Won, Ryu Soo Young, Choi Jung Yoon
Watch Here: Part 1 // Part 2
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Comments:I had a hard time deciding which screen capture to go with. I finally decided on Uee. She’s great, with honey thighs, big brown eyes, a tiny face and a thin waist; but amongst After School she’s not my favorite member. Anyways, I think many of you were looking forward to this star-studded episode, with many recognizable faces not only from Ojakyo Brothers, but also from other dramas and movies that you’ve all seen here! Note that Uee stars with Park Myung Soo on a variety show called “Night After Night” on SBS, so he is playing off of her comfort level with him. I maybe watching too many korean variety shows lately…

EP 237

Hwang Woo Seul Hye recently reached her 30's. Still young.

Episode# 237
Guests: I Need a Fairy’s Cha Inpyo, Hwang Woo Seul Hye, Shim Hye Jin, Park Hee Jin,
Watch Here: Part 1 // Part 2
or bad ratio Playlist

Comments: Firstly, Cha Inpyo steals the show, it really is a LOL funny episode. “I Need a Fairy” is a.k.a. “Sent from Heaven” so you can follow this episode. Watching this weeks episode makes me want to follow this sitcom. Hwang Woo Seul Hye was my chosen screen capture, but I don’t really get why they keep saying she’s old. Yeah I guess she looks young for a 79’er but she isn’t really that old either. There are many older actresses that look young too. Seon woo seon is 4 years older and debuted later too, but she looks young. Her birth year was only 3 off, and when you consider a difference in korean versus western age plus how late her birthday was in the yaer, its more like 1. Seon woo seon had more than 5 years taken off her age on her debut! Anyways, certain angles of Hwang Woo Seul Hye make me think she looks like a korean Christina Ricci.

  1. 22 thoughts on “[Batch 4] Happy Together Episodes

    Welcome on our ship, Yichung! From a long time supporter to a contributor. Lovely transition/upgrade. 🙂

    • 22 thoughts on “[Batch 4] Happy Together Episodes

      Aye aye Kaptain!
      I think I wrote too much though. Hopefully people can still find the Video Links.

  2. 22 thoughts on “[Batch 4] Happy Together Episodes

    welcome JC! hope you have fun uploading happy together. its one of my top variety show!

    • 22 thoughts on “[Batch 4] Happy Together Episodes

      Thank you! I like this show too. Yoo Jae Suk is funny in any language.

  3. 22 thoughts on “[Batch 4] Happy Together Episodes

    Thank you for posting and sharing. Just wondering if others are having the same problems with the subtitles being cut off for episode 229 on DailyMotion. The lower portion of the video appear to be shortened, making the subtitles being incomplete.

    • 22 thoughts on “[Batch 4] Happy Together Episodes

      Aha! I see the same problem too. Someone cut the top portion.

      Help us out, JC!

      Oh Kwang Soo cracks me up. He has mastered the arts of Avatar!

    • 22 thoughts on “[Batch 4] Happy Together Episodes

      Working on it. Right now the playlist is playing in widescreen mode and cutting off parts of it. If you click on the individual video as a link, the ratio will be correct.

      I’ll try to change it so that you can view it from the playlist without that happening. Not sure how yet…

  4. 22 thoughts on “[Batch 4] Happy Together Episodes

    Hmm, I’m getting annoyed at G4 and Kim Junho for taking up the screen time. Hopefully, this new format goes away! I want to hear more about the guests! Not comedians!

    There’s something simmering there for UTW and JRW! He’s normally shy but so CHEEKY throughout this episode. Hmmmm ~~

    Park Ki Woong is still tense on set. He didn’t get much screen time. Me sad. =(

    • 22 thoughts on “[Batch 4] Happy Together Episodes

      G4 probably is sticking around because they recently won those KBS awards and Choi Hyo Jong is popular after he got sued by some crazy politician for his Gag Concert skit. (He was even the guest on Win Win for that!) I don’t mind YJS’s doppleganger JBG, They should just have G4 be 4 guys that look like Yoo Jae Suk. 😀

  5. 22 thoughts on “[Batch 4] Happy Together Episodes

    Uhm Jung Hwa looks young, around her brother’s age but she has a mature air. Sometimes her brother looks older than her! hehe My mother is younger by 2 years and you wouldn’t believe she has four kids! All she uses is Shiseido face cream (sp?)!

    4 guys that look like YJS. Like the Running Man episode with 5 Garys? CUTE.

    • 22 thoughts on “[Batch 4] Happy Together Episodes

      That was one of my favorite Running man episodes! The twists and turns. I didn’t even get bothered that there were no guests! Apparently Song Ji Hyo is dating her Agency Head. Will Monday Couple survive? I know there is that one staff member that looks like YJS on running man, and also JBG, they just need 2 more, and YJS can have a more convincing superpower! Anyway, maybe I should start using Shiseido face cream.

      • 22 thoughts on “[Batch 4] Happy Together Episodes

        hahaha@using Shiseido face cream. 😀

        I read about the Agency Person too… how sad. LOVE GaryxJiHyo. They’re so adorable together. I love YJS’s VJ. He has his own fans now. haha XD

  6. 22 thoughts on “[Batch 4] Happy Together Episodes

    Is that Yoonji ? at first glance I thought it was KARA Park Gyuri…LOL

    I wonder how old is that picture ? :p

  7. 22 thoughts on “[Batch 4] Happy Together Episodes

    ups…my bad, I just watched the episode and then I found out that it is YoonG. I first thinking that it is Yoonji that is part of Koyote (that’s Shinji btw, lol).

    Yup, she is beautiful. When I look at the clip there. She’s totally gorgeous.

    BTW, do you have the episode where the Cast of Ojakyo brothers as the guests ?
    and also, do you put the download link for the full episode somewhere on the site ? I can’t found for the file download link. I really like this show and want to have it as a collection.

    • 22 thoughts on “[Batch 4] Happy Together Episodes

      The Ojakyo Brothers guest episode will be up next week (Monday). It’s the next episode (236). There’s no download link here, but they are torrented by Devilslob. Let me hit you up with a link to where you can find his torrent. (Includes old episodes) http://www.d-addicts.com/forum/viewtopic_106345.htm

      hope that helps.

  8. 22 thoughts on “[Batch 4] Happy Together Episodes

    LOL@”Face of royalty!”

    yoo in na is like suzy….her tendency to bloat especially those chubby cheeks is very likely. hehehe

    so is it In na or Min Jung, JC? boy can’t have a harem these days kekek 😛

    • 22 thoughts on “[Batch 4] Happy Together Episodes

      I choose In Na! She was on “Win Win” with Suzy for IU (IU being the main guest), apparently they are close friends, I guess through SBS Heroes and Dream High. I’d love to be in that circle of friends for sure! Min Jung is pretty and has an incredibly mature and down to earth personality. Unfortunately that means I probably can’t hang onto her, and have a better chance with someone like Yoo Inna. Based on her friends and personality, I think she’s a bit more immature (or naive) and is someone I could trick into sticking around with me longer.

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