[Feature] Celebrity Interviews 4

The young and popular stars in Korean Entertainment! Do you guys like watching these interviews? I can always decrease my workload…Photobucket

– Actor Chun Jung Myung! Currently leading in drama Man of Honor!
– He clarifies that he’s a normal man…likes girls. Seriously, who doubted him? As long as he’s happy, fans should be open-minded. 😉

– Second lead from Man Of Honor, Lee Jang Woo! I’m not sure Mr. Lee Min Hot is pleased hearing him say “Sometimes it’s not a good thing doing so well” when he’s complimented for finishing the kiss scene in one take (w/ Park Ming Young). hahaha!

– Actor Gong Yoo talks about his recent released movie Silenced! The movie is based on a novel which exposes the true events that happened in a hearing-impaired facility. The acts that the teachers committed against these children…*shudders*

– Female Action star, Ha Ji Won! I just read the news of her reunion with Jo In Sung in the upcoming MBC drama, The King. Please make this be true!!

– Everyone’s favorite pretty boy Song Joong Ki! I think he literally stopped the traffic in that area. The fangirls and ajummas! His wish? To win Best Couple award…with Yoo Ah In again! Just kidding. I do like the idea though! Looking forward to his movies, Penny Pinchers (11.2011) & Wolf Boy (2012).

– The adorable couple in You’re My Pet cuddles and jokes about their intimate scenes in the movie. Leave it Jang Geun Suk to do the naughty while Kim Ha Neul smiles happily by his side. hehe.

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    OMG I really want to see You're My Pet now!!! Kim Sky and JGS is just way too adorable!!!

  2. 4 thoughts on “[Feature] Celebrity Interviews 4

    Thank you for this! Really enjoy watching the interviews!

  3. 4 thoughts on “[Feature] Celebrity Interviews 4

    Love the interviews! Thank you so much for this! 😀

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    Thank you so much for this post omg 😀 <333

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