[Download] Cdrama: The Little Fairy OST



01. A Vision of Eternity – S.H.E
02. Thousand Years of Tears – Tank
03. After Sunrise – Hu Ge
04. Prophecy – Zhang Zhi Cheng (Z-Chen)
05. Strange Little Imp – Garden Sisters (Ai Lun & Jing Ru)
06. Moonlight – Hu Ge
07. Mulberry Tree (Instru)
08. Edge of the World (Instru)
09. Endless Love (Instru)
10. Moonlight (Instru)
11. Love Surpasses Heaven and Earth (Instru)
12. Painful Happiness (Instru)
13. Immortal Love
14. Never Loved You Before (Instru)
15. The Sky is High (Instru)
16. Rainbow Dance (Instru)
17. Erlang Deity (Instru)
18. Qi Only (Instru )
19. Love Does Not Die (Instru)

Download OST here

Alice: Ah! One of my favorite Chinese drama soundtracks! I stumbled on a fanmade music video about this drama a few days ago and I just had to upload the beautiful songs from my collection.

Don’t ask anything about the drama because my brain didn’t retain anything (did I finish it…?). o.o

Hope you like it!

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    Hello 🙂 Sorry for being a nuisance but is the link still working? Because when I tried to download the zip file it told me that the download was unavailable. So sorry for troubling you! D:

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