[First Impression] Vampire Prosecutor Episode 1 – 4


I think I found my it drama for this season. Vampire Prosecutor! Episode 1 introduces us to the characters, Episode 2 shows the conflicts of team work, Episode 3 had me going, Ah! So Mr. Vampire is not always right. Episode 4 made me an official fan!

The psychic (in this case, Vampire powers) element reminds me of TVB drama D.I.E. (Death Investigation Extension) where our hero has a special ability that helps him solve mysterious cases. Upon touching a victim’s belonging, he’s given clues to how they died.

Don’t expect this drama to be all vampirey. Other than the gleaming blue eyes and occasional flashes of fangs. Red (ha!) wine is there, if you know what I mean.


Initially, from the trailers provided, I deduced that there would be a lot of action sequences. However, the fighting scenes are pretty limited and the work requires more investigative skills. I like how they make our Vampire Prosecutor work instead of giving him all the answers. For each case, he would get a sample of the victim’s blood and drink it. Entering his system, the blood allows him to relive the victim’s moment of death. The difficult thing is that he needs to find the weapon and the murderer. Even if he does know who the murderer is, Prosecutor Min still has to find ways to make the truth known to the human world in a logical thinking path. Not easy. I like!

Our Police-Prosecutor Team


Prosecutor Min Tae Yeon (Yeon Jung Hoon) became a vampire seven years ago and his sister was killed by one. We don’t know what really happened except Tae Yeon was chasing after a suspect who was also tailing a hooded man. After the two front cars crashed, Tae Yeon’s car also flipped in the process. He witnessed the hooded man stabbed the suspect’s chest multiple times but was rendered helpless being stuck under his car. The suspect went limp and fell to the ground while the hooded man (a vampire) flicked his lighter and set the surrounding on fire. The suspect wasn’t dead….because he made his way to Tae Yeon and…BIT HIM! Crap! Didn’t see that coming.

So other than the weekly murder cases, there’s also this big bad Vampire figure looming over our characters.


His partner/side kick who knows his real identity is Detective Hwang Soon Bum (Lee Won Jong). How he knows Tae Yeon is a vampire, we don’t know that yet. If you guys missed Yoon Sung and Ajusshi’s adorable chemistry, I think you would love this partnership. The trend lately is to have a handsome man paired up with a cute ajusshi, eh? I’m all for it! While Tae Yeon treats everyone like they’re air, he’s sweet and teasing with Soom Bum. Should I call him Bum Ajusshi? The title is hilarious! BUM AJUSSHI!! (Side Note: Took me 2 episodes to get into Bum mode because I was so used to calling him Pig! The villain in WBDS!)


A new prosecutor is assigned to this team, our heroine, Yoo Jung In (Lee Young Ah). She’s a chirpy bird, curious and full of determination to do well. The youngest teammate is a new intern, Cho Dong Man.


And the cases! Very daring, ugly, and thought-provoking. First case deals with a little girl and blood transfusion. I cringed and raged at the thought of selfish and utterly sick people doing that to a little kid.


Second episode has fake murder turned real. I watched it twice to fully understand what was going on. One thing is for sure, this series prefers to be mysterious and like to keep us on our heels, pining for more details and revelations.


Episode 3 handles a sensitive issue – rape. To be honest, if I had to rate the first four episode, then #3 would take home the crown for being too predictable. It was a round of conventional guesses “not him, maybe him, or both?!” On the bright side, we see that Jung In is making an impression on Tae Yeon because she bravely disapproves Bum Ajusshi’s theory and puts him in his place, “Stop looking down on me, I’m a capable Prosecutor too!” she says indignantly.


Episode 4 made me a fan. If you watched #4 and didn’t go WHOA, I might look at you weirdly. The case is packed with twists and turns. Watch it two, no three times and notice how the writer drops you clues along the way. Just when you think the case is a straight-out murder plan, it becomes deeper than that, catching you in your vulnerable spot. This episode brings in a competent lawyer to fight against our Vampire Prosecutor. For once, she’s not full of talk and cat-like glares. She has plans and carries them out cleverly, trapping our prosecuting team in their own game. She must come back! I love that during the trial, Tae Yeon throws a meaningful glance at Jung In before he begins his full-force interrogation. It’s the beginning of their partnership and trust.

The future episodes?
– Surprisingly, I want a well-developed back story of vampires. The appeal of this story in the beginning is the word Vampire, no? The writers should take this opportunity and whip out a world of their own species. There’s no universal laws of how Vampires should behave so I hope they can be creative (no sparkling please) and enticing. The world is saturated with enough love struck vampires already. I can’t wait until Jung In finds out the truth!


The scores are lovely in this drama. The woman who goes “la…lala…lala” puts me into a creepy/pensive mode immediately. And the color palette? Gorgeous hues!

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    omgggg alice! i freaken love episode 4 like heaven!! awesome to the Nth degree!! 

    Yeon Jung Hoon, i don't remember him being this sexy! was he ever? 

    agreed about the predictability of case 3! Lee Young Ah, i can't define whether she's a good or bad actress. her voice is really high-pitched. she's too emotional in that episode, maybe she or a close one has something to do with rape? 0_________0 i hope not. she seems too cheerful if that happened.
    i think you should do first impression more often. it's short and straight to the point.

  2. 4 thoughts on “[First Impression] Vampire Prosecutor Episode 1 – 4

    Ask me what i love the most?…..the tv commercials! hahahahha!

    but yeah it's good..=)

  3. 4 thoughts on “[First Impression] Vampire Prosecutor Episode 1 – 4

    Sydney, I thought of that too! Someone close to Jung In might have went through a traumatic rape case so JI is sensitive when it comes to being around men.

    Tessa, are…we talking about the same CF? LMHot? HOHOH!!

  4. 4 thoughts on “[First Impression] Vampire Prosecutor Episode 1 – 4

    just noticed, i googled him (our prosecutor)..and he looked younger now than he was in his wedding to Han Ga In 6 yrs ago…he's skinnier now..

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