Movie Date with Kap (2): SuckSeed

A second Thai movie, recommended by the wonderful Keane! I think Thai Directors have a knack for creating coming-of-age stories that are both relatable and heart-warming. This one reminds me of…Dream High! A story of the underdogs taking over the stage! Discovering their dreams, hopes, and love in the process.

Thai Title: ห่วยขั้นเทพ
Cast: Jirayu Laongmanee, Pachara Chirathivat, Nattasha Nauljam
Date Released: March 17, 2011 (Thailand)
Download Links: Part 1 // Part 2 (To Join files, read Question #12)
Subtitle: English (I’m not gonna lie, the subtitle is not the best…)

A Brief Intro


The movie follows the journey of four high school kids. The opening scene shows a nerve-wrecked boy, Ped, presenting a song to his class. I can relate to this because the moment all eyes are set on me, I could dig a five-foot hole. The whole class makes fun of him except for this girl we come to know as Earn.


When it’s her turn, she rocks the stage and infects everyone with her energy and stamina. Ped is obviously lovestruck. Just look at his “in lala land” face. He’s just like Sam Dong, right? Eeekkk


After school, Ped informs Earn that her grandma is here to pick her up. They walk side-by-side and he wonders why she likes music. She doesn’t know the exact answer but tells him that music is like a friend. She lets him listen to a song and he ogles at her the whole time….gradually having a feeling, which is when she nonchalantly plucks out the earphone, teasing him.


Unfortunately, her family is moving to Bangkok. The boys stare as her plane takes off.


Years later, she returns and the boys are as jubilant as hyper puppies. On the left is our other character, Khung, with the teenager Ped next to him.


To become the prince of every girl’s dream, Khung decides to form a band, the drummer is known as X. They aren’t bad you see, they just need to practice and learn how to control and cooperate. When they see Earn play her guitar wonderfully, they invite her and she becomes the last and fourth member of their band.


During one of their rehearsals, the team looks over the rules of the upcoming competition. The band has to create their own Love song without using the word love. They decide to have the person who’s in love write the lyrics. When Earn confirms that she doesn’t have a boyfriend, Ped blushes in happiness.

Will our underdogs succeed or SUCKseed? Watch to find out!



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    you should check out hello, stranger. hilarious, and totally relateable for us drama maniacs

    • 13 thoughts on “Movie Date with Kap (2): SuckSeed

      Seriously!!! I was so excited to see that she was as crazy about them as me 😀

  2. 13 thoughts on “Movie Date with Kap (2): SuckSeed

    does the girl watch dramas then? LOL

  3. 13 thoughts on “Movie Date with Kap (2): SuckSeed

    Thank you !!! i've been longing for this movie n it pops out here. ^^

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    Hmm..seems interesting enough. I'm gonna put in my movie watch-list.

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    you said that the subs are not d best but this is d best i could find. thx !! ^^

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    Hey Alicechen, I'd like to recommend "Top Secret (Wai Roon Pan Lan)". It's a movie made from a true story of a CEO of Crispy Seaweed Factory in Thailand (Mr.Aithipat – Nickname -> Top). He's just only 26. But now he's a billionaire. See more info about him @ And this is a short brief of this movie.
       Age 16: Have an income for 400,000 Baht per month by just playing online 
                  game.    Age 17: Willing to get grade F in exchange that he could sell the
                  chestnut for only 2000 Baht.   Age 18: His family went bankrupt and had 40 million in debt.   Age 19: Sold his product through a 7-11 convenient store for 3000
       Today TOP who is an owner of Tao-Kae-Noi Brand has been represented about 85% market share in Thailand with the sales of almost 1,000 million per year and 1,200 men in the company.

    Sound interesting, right? Hope you'll love it. (^v^)

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    Their drummer is the true underdog, I totally <3 him.  He bled playing the drums, now that's a passionate musician.  

    I love Arena's version of Silly Fool's cover "Only Love."  Anyone have or know if Arena recorded a full version then please share info.

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    Good to know the sub is passable, jacklin123go. Maybe I'm asking for too much.

    Thanks for the recommendation Amour_momo! I'll surely add it to my Thai Movie List. :)Keane, I have the OST but… I'm not sure which songs are in it since they're in Thai… >.<

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    I had the OST too at one point, but didn't see Arena's version instead saw Silly Fool's original in there.  That's alright.  Thanks anyways.

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    Keane you have great taste in movies, please recommend more to my favorite blogger Kaptain A or post more yourself. This movie has many touching scenes.

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    because of this movie u inspired to play guitar by my own… thank you earn… heheheh

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