[Download] Kdrama: Flower Boys Ramen Shop OST


— Part 1 —
01. Happy – Yuria
02. Sun – Francis

— Part 2 —
01. Loving Loving – Yoon Sae Ha
02. Falling In Love – Yuria

— Part 3 —
01. Someone Like You – Jung Il Woo

— Part 4 —
01. With Words – C-REAL

— Part 5 —
01. Story – Shayne Orok

—> All Parts are included in the CD RELEASES!

— CD Special 1 —
01. Someone Like You – Jung Il Woo
02. Happy – Yuria
03. Falling In Love – Yuria
04. Sun – DNPD
05. Loving Loving – Yoon Sae Ha
06. Ska? Ska? Polka!
07. Return of Hwan Ung
08. Hubbubing Heart
09. Invincible Yang Eun Bi
10. Father and Eun Bi

Download CD Special 1 // Mirror

— CD Special 2 —
01. With Words – C-REAL
02. Story – Shayne Orok
03. Flower Boy Chef
04. Love Is
05. So Crazy!
06. Flower Boy Appearance
07. New Start

Download CD Special 2 // Mirror

Extra Songs!
Ubiquitous Song – Broccoli *YEB’s song w/BF (Ep.8) Yesh, I accept cyber hugs! =)
-> Translation by [email protected]

Alice: Aw, the cover picture breaks my heart a little. Kang Hyuk, what’s the deal? Cha Chi Soo might be a teenager but don’t you know they have mischievous ways to steal hearts? Get your bum off the ground please.

Having him as a father figure for everyone, including Eun Bi, is a moving plot line…buh…buh… it separates him from them as well! No? Are we going to get some background info about him…?

  1. 55 thoughts on “[Download] Kdrama: Flower Boys Ramen Shop OST

    i wanna to ask you about Flower Boy Ramen Shop

    There is a song in EP9 in 41:40… What is the name of this song? This is about Cha Chi Soo ^_^ Please tell me all.

  2. 55 thoughts on “[Download] Kdrama: Flower Boys Ramen Shop OST

    does anyone know the title of background song in scene at the cd shop while cha chi soo enter that shop to find his humming song?? pleasee i really want that song, i try to hear that lyric but i cant understand that.. its a rapping song both male n female singing it.. thanks alot. kindly email me. [email protected]

    xoxo mia xoxo

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