[Trailers] Cdrama: Mei Ren Tian Xia

Or known as Beauty Empire as its English title. This project is produced by Yu Zheng (Palace, Beauties of the Emperor) as a sequel to Mei Ren Xin Ji which Ruby Lin played the central character climbing the palace ladder. Set to air in October, a week from today. Must resist the urge.

Set in the Tang Dynasty, the story revolves around the mysterious death of Wu Mei Niang’s daughter. Rumor circulates in the palace, pointing to Queen Wang as the primary suspect since she has no kids and jealousy sparked her into action. Queen Wang’s friends enter the palace to investigate. However, as they uncover more clues, things are starting to look frightening behind the forbidden wall.

Zhang Ting is Wu Mei Niang, the only female emperor in Chinese History, Wu Ze Tian.

Zheng Guo Lin plays Wu Mei Niang’s submissive husband, Li Zhi.

Zhou Mu Yin plays Queen Wang Ni Jun who is labeled as the murderer behind Wu Mei Niang’s daughter.

Li Xiao Lu portrays Helan Xin Er, Queen Wang’s friend. She enters the palace to help clear her benefactor’s name. I like her fur hat in the first picture.

Ming Dao plays twin brothers, ex-lover of Queen Wang. As usual, twins never carry the same heart as Ming Chong Yan is an affectionate/mysterious magician while Ming Yi is cold and calculative. Ah! An interesting role for Ming Dao. I hope he acted well in both. Please!

Mickey He, a loyal favorite of Yu Zheng, plays an honest and sincere palace guard(?) named Pei Shao Qin.

Yang Mi as Qing Luan. A spy.

And Tong Li Ya as Qing Cheng. Elegant dancer. In certain angles, she looks 13!
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Have a listen to the theme song, “Fallen Flowers” by Li Xiao Lu.

I’m in love with this song…

Alice: Let me just get this off my chest, SO MANY FAMILIAR faces, Yu Zheng.

Zhang Ting, does this woman ever age? I don’t see eye wrinkles even when she smiles! Woman, I’m all ears. Tell me where your youth fountain is! As for her ambitious role, I’m not taken in yet. She looks sweet and fragile, lacking the fierceness to play the powerful queen, very much like Alyssa Chia in the same role in The First Empress.

And the costumes! Beautiful. Makes me want to jump into them and strut down the red carpet like I belong there for centuries. heh!

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    Its finally here! I had forgotten all about this. And you are right about all these faces – as i have been watching more C-dramas i'm able to recognize most of the cast, and that's after only 3 dramas. I imagine after 2 more i'll know all the actors of C-dramas! lol!

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    haha Annette! Very true! Maybe because we tend to watch dramas Yu Zheng produced? Check here: http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Yu_Zheng

    I remember you talking about this drama and I happened to stumble upon it right around the release date. Then I see Ming Dao…ah!!

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    Uhh~ I barely got through w/ the 1st trailer… boring… no chemistry amongst the cast.  The production put great hi-tek cameras and CG into the show, but probably to makeup for lack of 美人 aura that the 1st series captivated.  The 1st series was great, I'd re-watch it again later, but I think I will pass on the sequel.

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    not too sure about this drama. it looks pretty and all but i didn't like the prequel with Ruby that much. palace dramas…are getting overused and stale lately. YU ZHENG NEEEDS A BREAK!! ughhh

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    Checked out the producer, he's quite young. I'm inclined to think that his age gives an inkling to the characters and the tone of his dramas, but am hesitant because i haven't seen much of his work. I'm just basing  on Gong, the way the characters were so immature, almost childish.

    I've seen the trailers and it seems to be another drama centered around women and their plotting. But on the upside it is not confined to the palace, it has a lot of outside scenes. I also see a some action scenes goin on so am excited about that – particularly the women in the military uniform and i think in one scene i saw a woman fighting off some thugs.

    And you're right the throne is stunning, the setting is a bit different to what am used to seeing. In historical C-dramas i seem to always see the same/similar setting – e.g. in Gong and BBJX – but in this one they seem to have gotten a bigger budget cos it does look grander than usual, the set is much larger.

    As for the special effects… o_O  Here's my thing, if you're gonna use them make sure you know how to make good use of them/should be of good quality, otherwise don't attempt what you don't know. Yes i understand they are working with a low budget so it obviously can't be up to Hollywood standards, but even for their level, if they are not quite good with it yet limit its usage so the abysmal results are not too pronounced

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    Yea, he's quite young, same age as some of the actors!

    From what I read, each 1/2 episodes focus on a detective case, inside and outside of the palace. So it's like solving mysterious cases in the ancient times. Sounds new.

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    So is he like the Bruckheimer/Spielberg of C-dramas? It seems like his dramas are the most popular, or maybe as you mentioned, we just happen to watch dramas made by him. So he's good friends with those two huh, i see the whole picture now.

    That certainly is new, now am really excited about this drama. I think its a great idea that the focus is not just the palace cos it did get kinda boring Let's hope the execution is as great as the idea itself.

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    Hahaha Annette, I laughed out loud @ "I see the whole picture now…"
    I remember seeing a picture with the three in a pool party…let me dig out that photo..

    Good news! Remember that drama we talked about eons ago "The Emperor’s Harem" with Feng Shao Feng and Ady An? It's airing 11/06!! PERFECT BIRTHDAY GIFT!! ^_^

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    Why are they wearing Korean costume in this movie?

  10. 14 thoughts on “[Trailers] Cdrama: Mei Ren Tian Xia

    Hahaha Alice, that was funny! haha! Pun was not intended, just turned out that way – i can't stop laughin it tickles me!

    Yay for Emperor's harem! Fingers crossed its gonna be good – minimize the silly antics. I've only seen Ady An in a modern drama – Autumn Concerto and i liked her in that. I hope her character doesn't have the silliness/immaturity that seems to plague all the women – even BBJX didn't escape although it was minimal compared to Palace
    Is Yang Mi goin to be in it? I vaguely remember that she and Feng Shao Feng were goin to be in atleast 3 or 4 dramas together this year – one of them being Mei Ren Tian Xia. Speaking of which, there's goin to be Gong season 2? For the life of me why? What's the story this time – 8th prince died in the past so that surely means he can't go back to the past. Since he's only in the future now why would Qing Chuan go back?

    BTW do you know if there are any sageuks that have a similar storyline – a modern person going back in time? I don't think i've heard of such a kdrama, and personally i think they would do a really good job

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    Yep, FSF and YM have numerous projects together these years! Fans of FengMi (myself included) should be happy!

    About the sequel, beats me. I don't know why the writer bother. Just leave it! Alone!

    Annette, I'm sure Korea is going to catch up soon with that time-travel genre now that BBJX is airing in Korea. I know they will do fine.

    There's a modern drama called "Thousand Years Of Love" with Sung Yuri (as princess) and So Ji Sub (as general). She travels to the present time and meets her general again. Sung is very cute when she tries to wash her face in the toilet!! Not the best drama (lots of sobbing) but I like the OTP.

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    Alyssa Chia really beautiful and great with Wu Mei Niang comedy cute and lovely

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