[Teasers] Kdrama: Man of Honour

Guess who’s back, it’s Park Min Young! I think it’ll take a while to get rid of Kim Nana for a while teehee. It’s love revolving around two individuals who keep pursuing at their dreams!~


Teaser: Chun Jung Myung

Teaser: Park Min Young
Teaser: Lee Jang Woo
Jeff: Hmm, this will be a new type of drama for me, one with sports involved. I’ll probably like the storyline, but more than that I’ll be loving Park Min Young! She’s so CUTE >.<
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    Fair enough. You take Park Min Young while I drool over Mr. Chun. We're good. The second male lead…looks great. I'm not wavering! XD

    The drama airs tomorrow but your teaser post is today? heehee.

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    I'm gonna watch this because of the amazing line up of cast!!! 😀 
    Put PARK MIN YOUNG in the ship and I'm surely on board! Let's go sailing now! Hahaha 😀

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    asdjfagalsdfhgalfahdf YES ALICE YES. Because I had to do another post for ITWY D< Good luck with your papers 😀

    @purplelee YES, PARK MIN YOUNG !!!

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    The cast seems amazing! I'be never watched a drama with sports in it either but I'll give it a go. 🙂

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    wakka (jw) Seems like interesting. I like baseball sooo much. Let me see.. Mr Chun for Alice, Park Min Young for you (*wakka) so. I think I want  to see Mr General (*Lee Jang Woo a.k.a Eunjung Husband) here…. FIGHTING!!!!

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    LOL, I hope Jeffw is a buff guy because he's facing Lee Min Hot as competition.

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    AHAHAH WHATWHATWHATTT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Lee Min Ho is forever too cute with Park Min Young. https://i1101.photobucket.com/albums/g427/acw_world/17.gif

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    My interest is sparked by Park Min Young!! I've loved her so much in City Hunter and in Sungkyunkwan Scandal that I think I would watch just about anything to see her hehe. 
    I must admit that seeing Lee Jang Woo on the cast too does arouse my curiosity a bit too since I've been watching him on We Got Married. I don't think I've ever seen his acting beyond music videos so I'm curious to see what he's like.

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