[Teaser] Kdrama: Tree With Deep Roots


Murder, there has been murder in the court!

Set to take replace the comedic drama Protect the Boss, this drama is set during the reign of King Sejong. A series of murders occur a week before the announcement of the Korean script.


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Making Of

Jeff: The first thing which struck me was what a lovely name this drama has. The second thing, was murder!

Alice: As Shin Se Kyung plays a girl who lost her speech functioning, it would be interesting to see Shin’s portrayal. She is required to use her eyes to talk. Let’s see how this upcoming star manage against the charismatic beast Jang Hyuk. heh!

  1. 4 thoughts on “[Teaser] Kdrama: Tree With Deep Roots

    I cannot wait for this one – love love love sageuks and producers are showing me the love! Sageuks seem to be coming out left and right – have had a couple of disappointments but nonetheless am still looking forward to more sageuks.
    Fingers crossed this will be a good one, trying not to get my hopes up even with a capable cast – was let down by Gye Baek – so once bitten…

  2. 4 thoughts on “[Teaser] Kdrama: Tree With Deep Roots

    Wow i can't wait to see this ^~^ luv ya blog!!

  3. 4 thoughts on “[Teaser] Kdrama: Tree With Deep Roots

    Машечка : When I See the short trailer above,For A blink of Eye I think I realize something. Is that Joong Ki??? Then You say his name at your first Comment. Yeah… Then I see that long trailer. OMO.. Finally.. JoongKi Again at Saeguk?? Miss Him Soo much after he leave Running man and Sunkyungkwan Scandal. Huh??? I Love Saeguk… I Love Shin Se Kyung, Jang Hyuk, and really want to see Kibum Super Junior in Acting *Again.

    I Can't wait to see this drama…. ^^ Detective in King Sejong Era huh…. hehe…

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