[Batch 3] Happy Together Episodes

Yay! Batch 3! Sorry, I just had to pick this picture. It’s hilarious. Guests are bringing in various gadgets to cover their pretty faces during the water gun game. What’s the point? Entertainment of course! =D

*Episode 211
Guests: Lee Sang Byuk, Kim Sung Joo, Lim Sung Min, Choi Eun Kyung, Park Ji Yoon
Watch here: Playlist@DailyMotion
Comment: Ex-announcers episode! This episode is Producer Seop’s last day. =(

*Episode 212
Guests: Hyun Young, Tak Jae Hoon, Shin Hyun Joon, Yoo Min
Watch here: Playlist@DailyMotion
Comment: One hilarious episode. I think the MCs are entertained as much as us. Tak Jae Hoon is humorous and speaks well, how come all his shows got canceled? “The kid is mine but the mama is unfamiliar!” XD

*Episode 213
Guests: Kim Junho, Kim Daehee, Park Sung Ho, Park Sung Kwang, Lee Seung Yoon, Song Jun Geun
Watch here: Playlist@DailyMotion
Comment: Not as funny as last week but we see a variety of antics used by 6 comedians and gag-men as they compete against each other for the title “Best Comedian”. The winner gets a set of Korean Beef! Did your favorite win? The skit in the beginning brings back flashes of Joo Won and Ra Im. heehee Oska!!

*Episode 214
Guests: Boom, Haha, Kim Hyun Chul, Go Young Wook, Jang Yoon Joo
Watch here: Playlist@DailyMotion
Comment: Boom’s comeback from the army! He looks dashing lately. No wonder why people say confidence makes a man. I find him good-looking before but now he’s handsome, bright and winning. I’m not sure about this week’s theme though – the future generation of MCs/hosts. Boom and Haha – I agree. I expected to see Lee Seung Gi sitting comfortably in a seat too but the boy is a busy bee these days, flying solo in Strong Heart! Who’s the model (I live in a hole)? o.o She grows on you within the hour but the boys are kinda mean, calling her ugly every second! Ugh!! Down-to-earth and a good sport, good luck to her! It’s also strange to see Boom next to Yoo Jae Suk when he’s been a growing star in most of Kang Ho Dong’s shows – Love Letter, Star King, and Strong Heart.

*Episode 215
Guests: Kara Ladies & Uncle Fans – Son Byung Ho, Ji Sang Ryul, Jeon Hyeon Mu, Park Hwi Sun, Heo Kyung Hwan
Watch here: Playlist@DailyMotion
Comment: I think the funniest segment is when they ask “Who’s your favorite Mom/father/son.” Kim Jae Suk worries about his lunch box and picks another mom. Turns out she’s a clubber. HILARIOUS!

*Episode 216
Guests: Danam, Lee Hong Ryul, Lee Sung Mi, Lee Kyung Si, F(x)’s Victoria
Watch here: Playlist@DailyMotion
Comment: The theme of this episode is “Best Friends”…

*Episode 217
Guests: Lee Seung Chul (Main Guest)…and 12 other supporters.
Watch here: Playlist@DailyMotion
Comment: Imagine my surprised face when I saw the format of this episode. The gang is NOT inside a sauna room! They are outside, enjoying the morning breeze. The sauna room returns next week. Phew!

*Episode 218
Guests: Cast of the movie, “Mr. Idol” – Park Yejin, Kim Soo Ro, Jay Park, Ji Hyun Woo, Im Won Hee
Watch here: Playlist@DailyMotion
Comment: Sooro and his antagonistic comments towards the helpless Park Myung Soo = ha! I always love it when Yoo Jae Suk calls Yejin out on her dancing. She’s adorable with the stiff wave. hehe Leading man of weekend drama, A Thousand Kisses, shows off his guitar skill, serenading the Sauna women. 🙂

Episode 219 has its own post here.

*Episode 220
Guests: Kim Tae Woo, Kim Joo Hyuk, Gong Hyung Jin, Lee Yoon Ji, Song Sun Mi
Watch here: Playlist@DailyMotion

*Episode 221
Guests: DJ Doc, Dynamic Duo
Watch here: For some reasons, KBS World didn’t air this episode. Couldn’t find it in DevilSlob’s file.

*Episode 222
Guests: Son Ho Young, Son Jung Min, Jo Hye Ryun, Jo Hye Sook, Kim Joon Ho, Kim Mi Jin
Watch here: Playlist@DailyMotion
Comment: Siblings Special!

*Episode 223
Guests: Yang Hee Eun, Song Eun Lee, Kim Young Chul, Lee Hyun Woo, Go Young Wook
Watch here: Playlist@DailyMotion
Comment: Doppelganger Special Part 2!

*Episode 224
Guests: Sung Si Kyung, K.Will, Lena Park, Kim Yeon Woo
Watch here: Playlist@DailyMotion
Comment: Lena is adorable!

*Episode 225
Guests: Jung Jae Hyung, Jung Hyung Don, Jang Yoon Joo
Comment: Uploading…

*Episode 226
Guests: Lee Ji Hye, Jang Dong Min, Yoo Se Yoon, Jung Chan Woo, Yoo Sang Moo, Kim Tae Kyun
Watch here: Playlist@DailyMotion

*Episode 227

1/21/11 UPDATES
I’m entering another slump folks. If anyone wants to take over the uploading job for Happy Together, send me an email via Contact under Header/banner tab.

Alice: (10.13.11) Has anyone tried binging Happy Together episodes? I figure it would be a fun ride. You might need some stitches along the hours. So I’m sitting here, reminiscing old times. This uploading business began in 2009 with Star Golden Bell (exclusively on youtube) and continues its way to my blog when all my youtube accounts got suspended. Maybe one day I’d grow tired of this business. Maybe….not today! Photobucket

  1. 8 thoughts on “[Batch 3] Happy Together Episodes

    Oh Alice you're so right, Episode 212 was awesome!! I laughed so much ^^ And Tak Jae Joon…oh that man is so funny it's unreal! I don't get how his shows got cancelled either, I could watch him for hours and still want more :o) 

    I don't watch all the episodes of Happy Together but I have never seen one that didn't bring me lots of laughter…I think it's partly due to the fabulous Yoo Jae Suk though because even if the guests are quiet he knows how to make everything fun ^^

    Thank you for continuing with this show honey, you're amazing ♥

  2. 8 thoughts on “[Batch 3] Happy Together Episodes

    Seriously I'm addicted to your blog, makes my day.Thank you so much for Happy Together subs love you love you love you

    I literally cried watchin' 212..whoaaa one of the best.I really like TaK Jae Hun. I cant believe they even cancelled NAN

  3. 8 thoughts on “[Batch 3] Happy Together Episodes

    Oh yea spazzing buddies! Hey guys!! No one wants to talk about Happy Together! I was getting worried. he!

    Maggie, it's weird isn't it? Tak Jae Joon is funny as heck! How come he doesn't get the recognition in Korea? I think I haven't missed a single episode of HT ever since I started uploading it in 2009 (on youtube)….hehe the funniest ones happen when you don't really know the guests…and BOOM! They come out and burst your giggling organ. ^^

    jamjarii, hi and welcome here! Thanks for the kinds words! THOSE make my day! I didn't watch Night After Night, is it funny?

    Episode 213 in the midst of uploading. teeheeee!

  4. 8 thoughts on “[Batch 3] Happy Together Episodes

    "burst your giggling organ"…OH I LOVE THAT EXPRESSION!! I'm gonna have to remember that one. You're fabulous!! ♥ And yes, it's very appropriate for this show. I think I should get back into watching it more often and exercise my giggling organ regularly ;o)

  5. 8 thoughts on “[Batch 3] Happy Together Episodes

    haha Maggie, I used that term a lot when I had Anatomy Class last year. My lab instructor wanted each student to pick a representative organ for themselves. And I just shouted: "Giggling organ!" …and that began a whole semester of organ jokes. Muhaha XD

  6. 8 thoughts on “[Batch 3] Happy Together Episodes


    Is the episode correct for the 226 ? When I click the playlist it brought me to playlist with episode 226 but the single file title is episode 225 ? so what episode is correct for the 226 link above ?

    Thank you for your hardwork

    • 8 thoughts on “[Batch 3] Happy Together Episodes

      It’s the right one Andi, I just labeled it wrong. Ep.225 wasn’t recorded by DevilSob. I didn’t see it in the past few weeks…Can anyone confirm?

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