[Teasers] Kdrama: Vampire Prosecutor

Upcoming Cable drama from OCN, “Vampire Prosecutor” drops two slick teasers. Yeon Jung Hoon plays a prosecutor who is also a vampire. He employs his super powers on the job to solve the cases. Sounds like City Hunter?


Alice: It’s here guys! The vampire has reached Korea. The teaser looks great, dark and thrilling. I have been eying this series for a while now. I can’t wait to see Lee Young Ah!! She’s a lovely actress (pretty wasted in Baker) so I hope this role is MEATIER.

This series begins in October 2nd and runs one episode per week.

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    how's the main guy acting? didn't see him as a lead before right?

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    wow the graphic seems really good in the trailers lol. Looking forward to it 🙂

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    I have to admit I'm not sure if I'll really get into this drama or not yet. The whole vampire theme can go either way with me and usually it's a case of I either love it or hate it and rarely in between. But I'll probably give it a try and see how the first couple of episodes are before judging it.

    Oh and City Hunter was obviously too recent for me not to get sad at the title "Prosecutor"…I miss my lovely Prosecutor, why did they have to do that too him…*sulks*

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    Melina, he was in East of Eden…I can't really answer your answer.

    Wendy, agreed! I'm getting excited b/c Cable dramas can go much much darker than other stations.

    Maggie….you spoke my heart. T_T that's why I said City Hunter…instead of…Mr. P! *wipes tears*

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    NO WAY, I thought Southkorea would NOT get tangled into this Vampire hype. Although I really like Vampire Diaries TV-series, but NO WAY!!!!!! I'm so disappointed!!!!!

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    Schwertkrabbe, S. Korean likes to surround itself in hypes. They won't let this juicy opportunity pass like the wind!

    I must confess, I was a fan of Twilight (JasperxAlice & Emmet) before it became a national hype. I wasn't interested then….but still went to see the movie adaptations.

    I didn't see The Vampire Diaries but have read two of the books. =)

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    Im looking forward to this one. 🙂

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    with the trailer it seems to be pretty interesting…the vampire fever has definitely reached korea…though a vampire who's a prosecutor?? hmmm…im not pretty sure how that one will work? oh well the cullens have a doctor as their father in twilight and that seems to work…^_^ hope this is a good series to watch…

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    Vampire Prosecutor beats City Hunter's Kim Young Joo in that…he doesn't die. 😛

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