[Teaser] A Thousand Days’ Promise

A drama version of A Moment To Remember is going to break your tear duct next month. A Thousand Days’ Promise is set to air after Warrior Baek Dong Soo wraps up.

Fresh out of the army, Kim Rae Won is ready to spice up our television. Last I saw him….was in My Love Patzzi with Jang Na Ra and Kim Jae Won.Soo Ae with Park Yoo Chun’s brother, Park Yoo Hwan. They play siblings. And LOOK like siblings.



Alice: OMGosh! The premise, “…he stays by her side as she gradually loses her memory…” Heart-breaking. Memory loss is a devastating illness so I’ll be handing out kleenex to everyone who tunes in weekly. Just make sure to hydrate yourself before and after each episode.

Looking at the pictures, I have no doubts about their sizzling chemistry. HOT!