[Feature] Celebrity Interviews 2

The second installment of this feature! This time we have stars from “Romance Town“, “Dong Yi“, and  “Ojakgyo Brothers“. Guess who!

Star: Sung Yuri, the lucky maid in “Romance Town“.

Star: Jung Gyu Woon, the leading man in “Romance Town“. I remember fan girls going goo-goo-ga-ga over his muscular upper body in “Dr. Champ“. heh.

Star: Han Hyo Joo shooting a CF for a winter clothing line. Her upcoming melo movie, “Only You” with So Ji Sub is scheduled to release this winter. Get your Kleenex ready, folks. Mr. So handles this type of role like no other.

Stars: Uhm Tae Woong & Joo Won shooting for a new movie, “Special Investigative Unit“. Joo Won is so cute, emphasizing his youth and taking on the feminine role on set. haha XD And he has a great voice for an actor, reminds me of my husband, Kim Soo Hyun.

  1. One thought on “[Feature] Celebrity Interviews 2

    Awww!! Joo won, my big puppy!! With my other puppy Tae Woongie!!

    Yuri and her fan boys are hilarious!! Hope to see more of her soon. she doesn't age at all!! 

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