Cdrama: Bu Bu Jing Xin OST (Complete)

Tracklist (Because I’m an organized freak, I divided them into 3 folders):

— Folder 1 (Official OST) —
01. A Persistent Thought – Hu Ge and Alan Dawa Dolma
02. Season of Waiting – Cecilia Liu (Liu Shi Shi)
03. Three Inches of Heaven – Yan Yi Dan
04. Startling by Each Step
05. Qi Meng (奇梦)
06. Do Not Fear
07. Fort
08. Poison
09. Unfamiliar
10. Depression
11. The Arrival of the Imperial Family
12. Kung Fu
13. L’Amour
14. Delight
15. Fantasy
16. Little Adorable
17. Love Poison
18. Do Not Leave
19. Sorrow
20. Reminisce Dismays

— Folder 2 (Ripped Instrumentals) —
(Found by our lovely Keane, translated by our quiet XY)

— Folder 3 (Insert Songs) —
01. Sculpture of Love – Zhen Jia Jia
02. Love’s Ripples – Ailiya & Alicia
03. Snowflakes and Red Plum Blossoms – Gong Shu Jun

Download ALL 3 Folders (UPDATED 8/26/16)

Alice: (9.11.11) This is NOT the official soundtrack guys, just individual songs I found while surfing the net. I’ll post the official soundtrack once it comes out.

(10.22.2012) A year later….. Okay! This should be the most complete compilation of BBJX OST on the net EVERRR! Direct fans here so the links stay ALIVE for as long as possible. Show your love in the comment section or if you have any questions.

  1. 74 thoughts on “Cdrama: Bu Bu Jing Xin OST (Complete)

    Thanks for the OST upload.

    Does anyone have the soundtrack from on episode 16 just before minmin’s dance playing plum snowflake song.

    Also the the soundtrack from when the Emperor hugs Rou Xi after the miscarriage and the Emperor was reading the letter after he found out Rou Xi passed away. Can’t seem to find these in the OST.

    Thanks a lot if anyone can uplaod or find where they are. I tried and failed 🙁

  2. 74 thoughts on “Cdrama: Bu Bu Jing Xin OST (Complete)

    Yes I think it is the prelude. It is where the performance starts where Rou Xi is rings a bell.

    Devastating News is played when Rou Xi ashes are being scattered.
    The one I am after is when the Emperor just finishes reading Rou Xi’s letter after he found out she died.

    The other piece of music is played after Rou Xi wakes up from the miscarriage and the Emperor comforts her.

  3. 74 thoughts on “Cdrama: Bu Bu Jing Xin OST (Complete)

    Do you know what’s the name of the instrumental song when the 4th Prince grabbed Ruoxi’s hand after she put salt to his cake? I was trying to go through all the songs but I can’t seem to find the correct one. :”(

    • 74 thoughts on “Cdrama: Bu Bu Jing Xin OST (Complete)

      I’ve been trying desperately to find that song too 🙁

  4. 74 thoughts on “Cdrama: Bu Bu Jing Xin OST (Complete)

    Would u happen to have a list of the song names along with the track lengths showing? I just have a bunch of symbols random symbols displayed for the tracks i downloaded, so I don’t know which song is which 🙁

    • 74 thoughts on “Cdrama: Bu Bu Jing Xin OST (Complete)

      You might wanna click back to the first comment page and find what you need there.

  5. 74 thoughts on “Cdrama: Bu Bu Jing Xin OST (Complete)

    Hi I’m wondering if you have another link for the instrumental downloads, apparently when i tries to click it it doesn’t work. I really need it for my chinese project in class. Thanks

    • 74 thoughts on “Cdrama: Bu Bu Jing Xin OST (Complete)

      Every link top page has a “MIRROR” (alternate) link. Maybe try again, either hosts.

      Good luck w/ your Chinese project Angel.

      Jia You!!!

  6. 74 thoughts on “Cdrama: Bu Bu Jing Xin OST (Complete)

    When I try to download the file, I’ve got a message that “File owner’s public traffic exhausted. (da3c7b74)”
    Would you please check and help me to solve this problem?


    • 74 thoughts on “Cdrama: Bu Bu Jing Xin OST (Complete)

      Yeah, it happens often. You gotta refresh page or try again later. I just tested the links off my tablet and those RS links are still active but when I did a second round on my laptop those links have reached the daily limit. You can also try grabbing the mirror (FF) links, just tested on my laptop and it’s a green light — good!.. but were stopped at red light — bad on my tablet.

      Hang in there. ^ , ^ v

  7. 74 thoughts on “Cdrama: Bu Bu Jing Xin OST (Complete)

    Thank you so much! I initially was just looking for a higher quality version of a single song (Season of Waiting), but after downloading the whole OST, I realized all of it is pretty good (and fits well as background music for reading this author’s other works)!

  8. 74 thoughts on “Cdrama: Bu Bu Jing Xin OST (Complete)

    hehe I just wanted to say thank you for having the OST links on your site ^^! so glad I found them because I tried so many other places but all the links were broken. Oh and it was helpful that u had them in separate folders too ahaha!

  9. 74 thoughts on “Cdrama: Bu Bu Jing Xin OST (Complete)

    OMG.. thankies!! <3 i've been searching the ost everywhere! <3
    Im in love with this drama for like .. ever since it started to show in tv <3
    i've been rewatching it over and over haha.

  10. 74 thoughts on “Cdrama: Bu Bu Jing Xin OST (Complete)

    There is one song i’ve been looking for quite some time.. somehow the downloads that u kindly link.. didnt have the song that i wanted badly..
    Well i remember the scene …
    It was when Ruo Xi’s sister is up..
    Ruo Lan was lying sickly on her bed while Ruo Xi was by her side after the 4th prince took over the throne for at least a year..
    That sad moment is the last moment where Ruo Xi spend time with her sister ..
    the song appear in the scene is before Ruo Xi went out to the garden and gave time for her sister to take a nap ..
    i dont remember which episode it is.. but the rythm goes quite fast and the song sounds cheerful type ..

    Can you kindly help me to look for that OST? i’ve been searching like mad for it ><
    i thought since u can post the full OST .. u might wanna help me with this one ..
    Please and Thank Q ~!

  11. 74 thoughts on “Cdrama: Bu Bu Jing Xin OST (Complete)

    Found it.. Episode28 .. Sorry for spamming ><

  12. 74 thoughts on “Cdrama: Bu Bu Jing Xin OST (Complete)

    Thank you for the soundtrack!!! I’ve been crazy searching for these song. Thank you soooo much

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