[Highlights] Heartstrings Episode 2

Awwwe isn’t Minhyuk?

Keke after their first fight, we are off too Episode 2 of Heartstrings! After losing her professor, Gyu Won refuses to accept money from Lee Shin. Shin however objects (kyaaa~ forcefully too)! I sense something devilishly cute coming up ^^1.Music Showdown
It touched my heart… NOT.
After a cutting edge remark that his music didn’t touch the heart of Gyu, Shin responds in the very same way. Like foolish children, they decide on a contest to prove the better of the two: traditional music or pop rock. The wager? A month of being the winner’s slave. Hehe I see where this is going…
*surprised… and jealous*
Typical fangirls, Gyu’s friends only wish to be Shin’s slaves… or even his shoe. Who wouldn’t want to be the slave of a pretty boy like Lee Shin?
2. Disturbed
Each lost in their own world.
Both parties are confident, yet uneasy. As Gyu ponders her situation, she runs into Director Seok, who returns Gyu’s possessions. In mentioning Broadway, Director Seok triggers the thought of a person in Gyu’s head… a narcissist prince. Hmm who could that be… the frustrated Shin. His fellow band members reveal that their competitor is none other than the girl who sang in Shin’s place. My, his group members look so happy after goading Shin xD.
*ho ho ho* *blank face*
Hee Joo enters the room later in search of Shin, only to find Jun Hee snacking away! Jun Hee reveals he is the drummer, but unfortunately, Hee Joo only thinks he is even crazier.
3. Out of my way! Hehe a cute moment between the two main characters (:
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4. Nasty Night
I hate you but I love you – – –
In the midst of her nightly practice, Yoon Soo is interrupted by Director Seok. Ahh things heat up between the two and Director Seok tells Yoon Soo to quit. However, she is determined to prove all other wrong. In the end, Director Seok leaves with two words: “Bad women”. A troubled Shin appears later, but heeding to Yoon Soo’s words, he keeps his distance.
5. Puppy Jun Jun Hee is so cute! He’s smitten for Hee Joo and watches her practice.
Both are very into what they are doing~
Hee Joo: I told you not to appear in front of me again.
Jun Hee: That’s why I was hiding…
Yes, I even saw you fart…
HE IS LIKE A PUPPY, AWWWE. It turns out he even saw her fart and doesn’t even care!
Self explanatory…
It also turns out that Jun Hee is an addict for chocolate, but also bulimic (she forcibly regurgitates what she eats).
6. The Showdown Finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for!!!

Shin is about to apologize, because he just found out of the death of Gyu’s professor. But like any drama, he doesn’t get the chance to say it! Gyu just provokes him!


Lots of students have shown up, and even Director Seok and dance choreographer Yoon Soo are present.As each group goes, the crowd watches on.

All eyes on you.

Oh no! The string on Gyu’s gayuguem snaps and a hush falls over the crowd. Looks like she’ll have to be Shin’s slave teehee!

Oh snap… literally!
7. Food (:
I hope these two end up together~
Afterwards, Jun Hee congratulates The Invincible Windflower girls and says he may be falling in love (again?). Cha Bo Oon, Gyu’s pigtailed friend instantly offers to buy Jun Hee food when he mentions he is hungry. Because of his voracious appetite, Bo Oon has a large bill to pay. But how can you refuse eyes like this?

8. Coincidence Because of the high cost, Gyu must go over and rescue Bo Oon. At the same time, Jun Hee texts Shin to get him at the restaurant. *foreshadows…*

Someone get me that cute hoodie of hers! I wanna see Jun Hee in it too! ^-^
Gyu Won is so cute in the floppy eared hoodie ^-^
Jun Hee looking cutely innocent!
Gyu: Just how much did you eat earlier?
Gyu and Shin are ditched (in a way) so Shin takes the opportunity to formally apologize and explain his reasoning on why he was unavailable.
9. His Number Gyu tries to avoid Shin, but he finds her and steals her number (in front of all those fangirlsss).
What’s your name gurl, what’s your number.
10. Father
Slowly dying, Shin’s biological father makes a request that he see his son before he dies. Faced with a dilemma, Shin’s foster mom tricks Shin into thinking his father is busy guitar player who can teach things to Shin. Once together, the two play a beautiful duet together. This father is so much more passive then the one in City Hunter ;~; (takes a jab at CH).
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