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Doesn’t Park Shin Hye and Jung Yong Hwa look so good together? Hehe. It’s episode one of Heartstrings and I’m already hooked! With bad boy Lee Shin and good girl Gyu Won, what is to become of these two.

1. First Encounter

Anneyong haseyo, my name is Stalker Shin!

Our love story begins with both Lee Shin (Jung Yong Hwa) and Lee Gyu Won (Park Shin Hye) arriving at Jeju Island via airplane. Upon a mishap with her luggage bag breaking down, the two have their first encounter as Lee Shin helps Gyu Won out; however no eye contact is made. As both go their separate ways, they again are about to meet at a lighthouse, but the bothersome grandpa of Gyu calls her and she rushes away, not before stalker Shin takes a photo of her… Grr, stop teasing us; when will they actually meet!

I was totally not late…
A result of her grandpa’s dispute over prestigious traditional music, Gyu attends school at Seoul where the very same Shin attends, yet they both have no idea of the previous encounters (or do they?). After a small performance to the class with her classical instrument, the gayugeum (12 string Korean harp), Gyu’s attention of Lee Shin brought forth as he rudely states that he “slept well through it”. Little does she know, Shin is part of-

2. The Stupid
Oh my goodness… is that… THAT JERK?
A popular small band, the hearts of many girls is stolen by lead singer, Lee Shin. Gyu’s friends all giggle in delight of finally being able to see The Stupid as Gyu fumes over obnoxious Shin. Looking for opportunities to raise money for her sickly professor, Gyu agrees to go watch The Stupid. When she takes a call outside the club, she witnesses a girl being rejected calmly and coldly by Shin. Gyu is then asked by Shin, “Did you want to ask me out too?” to which she replies with a flustered “Of course not!” Keke, Gyu realizes the band’s singer is no other then Lee Shin! After an intense performance by The Stupid, Lee Shin manages to avoid the girls. However, the girls manage to bribe Yeo Jun Hee, the drummer, with food in order that The Stupid performs at their fundraiser. Om nom nom…

3. The Promise

Please get well soon~

Visiting her professor, Gyu asks if she will keep the promise. Her professor gives a sad but reassuring nod. Hmm, I wonder what this promise is?

4. Flashback

An unhappy family gathering.
Upon returning home, Gyu finds CDs which were presents from her dad, broken and smashed. The memory of the day she was taken away from her father is recalled. WHAT A SENILE OLD FART, he lacks logic too… Even though Father insists that it is Grandpa’s selfishness, Grandpa declares Gyu is HIS granddaughter and she will not shame the family. Grandpa sternly declares the young Gyu as his and orders Father to be gone.

5. Broadway Boy No, it’s not Shin’s secret past.
Don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry. I think I’m gonna cry.

Meanwhile, the head of the school decides to ask Kim Seok Hyun, a fresh successful Broadway director, to organize the school’s 100thanniversary school performance. As he scans through what has already been planned, he is stunned by a name. Jung Yoon Soo. His ex-girlfriend is the dance choreographer! As he is leaving, he runs into who else but his ex. Awkwardness ensues and Seok Hyun flees the scene.

6. Embarrassment


Looking for a quiet time to study, Gyu heads off to the library, only to find an open seat in front of a sleeping Shin. The recently rejected girl makes another appearance, this time giving a gift basket. Shin leaves the gift behind, but Gyu chases him down trying to force him to take it. As Shin makes his escape, Gyu trips over her shoelace, sending her sprawling into an embarrassing position.

If I ever live through this embarrassment… I am going to kill you.

Oh noes! Lee Shin is shocked and also shows genuine care, asking if she is okay.

7. Strange Love

Thump-a thump-a
Looks like Shin has hots for the dance instructor, who would have known? It seems he cares for the dancer, who sports a scarred ankle. Yet Yoon Soo always tells Shin to go find another girl.

Cutey boy Jun Hee and sexy girl Hee Joo

In his poetic moments, Jun Hee smells the smell of… chicken! In his quest for the chicken, Jun stumbles across Han Hee Joo, who is practicing her dance. It’s love at first sight for Jun! And it’s not even food. On the other hand, Hee Joo’s impression of Jun is that of an idiot.

8. Strong Random, but I thought this was cute~

His bike is so nice… it even has a flashlight thingy on it. So white *~*

Lee Shin: “Like I thought, you’re strong. As strong as a general.”

9. The Fundraiser Each group practices diligently .
I like these pictures, the settings are purdyful.

On the day of, Shin’s dong-saeng is hospitalized and as oppa he must watch over her. I smell troubleee.
Oppa is saddd.


Because Shin is absent, Gyu is forced to sing in his place. It turns out Director Seok is present and finds interest in Gyu’s singing ability.

10. Too Late
Excitedly, Gyu rushes to the hospital to bring the money. At the bus stop, Director Seok begins to chat with her, giving a slight impression of a creep. As Gyu heads to the hospital, she leaves behind her sheet music; therefore Seok must go and bring it.

“This is what happens when I do something”
“This is what happens when I do something. There isn’t one thing I can do well. They said I’m too late. Professor… passed away.”

11. The Fight
Because he did not show, Lee Shin must pay up to a very fragile Gyu. So they kiss and make up, the end (:

Okay no, they didn’t. Some intense dialogue to sum it up!

Gyu: You think you’re so cool, don’t you? Because of your face and popularity, you think you’re so great right? I’ve listened to your music too.
*chest pound*
It didn’t touch my heart whatsoever, do don’t be so cocky.
*throws money back*
Shin: I know how you feel but, just take this. Since it’s for the professor’s hospital bill.

*staring showdown*
Gyu: What? I don’t understand what‘s so great about you that girls follow you around. You’re cruel and obnoxious and you make me lose my appetite. They must be blindfolded. Get out. Don’t ever let me see you again!
Shin: Should I show you? Why everyone likes to follow a jerk who’s cruel, evil and disgusting?
Yes show her, SHOW HER! TEHEHE
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    "Strong as a general" – That's exaktly why I like Par Shin Hye – she's not such a skeletton like an idol who's force to eat only 5000 kcl a day! She's slim, but healthy slim and it looks like she's working out to earn her muscles (like Lee Hyori) 😀
    Those were exactly my highlights, too and I got hooked up, too! XD Can't wait for the whole soundtrack to come out – and I hope that the traditionnel pieces of the windflowers are included! But Shin's guitar solo on the battle – unbelievable!!! XD

  2. 4 thoughts on “[Highlights] Heartstrings Episode 1

    Just finished episode 1! I'm in love with the backgroud music used in here. The colors of the cameras in those performance pictures are nice, pleasing to the eyes!

    Song Chang Ui might just run away with this drama! 😀

    Thanks for the highlights Jeff!

  3. 4 thoughts on “[Highlights] Heartstrings Episode 1

    wah..new drama hope it fun n happy

  4. 4 thoughts on “[Highlights] Heartstrings Episode 1

    im loving everything about hearstrings! ♥

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