[Highlights] City Hunter Episode 19


Featuring the courageous men of City Hunter. How similar, and how lonely they are. This episode is a shocker as it hits all the critical points.

1. Newly established partnership

After Young Ju successfully unmasks the City Hunter, he’s forced to make a split second decision. The SWAT team is catching up behind them and Young Ju says, “Go!” YAY! He admits Yoon Sung is his bromate! HOHOHO!

2. Who let the WOLF OUT?

Tied up and waiting, Chun Jae Man smirks when someone approaches him and freakin unties the knot. Judging by how easily Chun Jae Man escaped, Young Ju deduces that it must be an insider’s work. Is it his stinky superior? Someone hand me a gun right now! I’ll get rid of him once and for all. I feel so bad for Young Ju.

Yoon Sung comes home and tells Ajusshi about Young Ju knowing who he is. Ajusshi shakes in fear and tries desperately to find a way for them to hide. Yoon Sung assures him that Young Ju won’t come and just smiles at the thought.

3. Same destination, different methods

Yoon Sung is curious about Young Ju’s earlier action and comes by the Prosecutor’s Office to ask him.

Yoon Sung: “Why did you let me go me?”
Young Ju: “Why would I let you go? If I’m Kim Jong Shik’s son, Kim Young Ju. Lee Yoon Sung, you – I would’ve arrested you red-handed in the act. However, when I think about it, the things that law can’t bring justice to, the City Hunter can accomplish. I don’t have any right to catch you because you defeated the law.”
Yoon Sung: “Such a rigid answer. Next time something like this happen, don’t be so sloppy.”
Young Ju: “What about you? Why did you let me live?”
Yoon Sung: “The same reason as you.”

How much do I love this scene? Both of them respecting and understanding their strengths and weaknesses in the eyes of the law. Why can’t this bromance come sooner? If they’ve worked together earlier, they would be an invincible duo, one running inside the law, while the other dancing outside the law.

Later, Yoon Sung receives an offer from Chun Jae Man. As long as Yoon Sung stops searching for him, Chun Jae Man is willing to give him the classified documents. Yoon Sung smiles and rejects the offer, promising to catch both him and the documents. Sitting nearby, Suk Doo Shik agrees to reveal a secret to Yoon Sung if he promise to end Chun Jae Man. Yoon Sung nods, both having very different meaning to the word “end/terminate”. Suk Doo Shik says that long before he was looking for a woman named Lee Kyung Hee.

4. Identity

At the Prosecutor’s office, Young Ju looks through the confiscated document from Chun Jae Man’s villa and notices a bamboo painting. Also in the pile is hospital records containing Lee Kyung Hee’s pregnancy. Relaxing in his office, the President is also drawing the same painting. What’s up with people around here? No creativity at all! He proceeds to upload those painting on his personal blog, which is later viewed by Young Ju.

Trying to figure out why chun Jae Man is looking for his mother, Yoon Sung meets briefly with an ajumma who lived near his mom in the past. The main line she says? “Kyung Hee was impregnanted by one man but ended up marrying another. The husband knew everything and accepted her and the unborn child.” Yoon Sung walks out the restaurant with heavy steps. Nana calls and tells him about the President having the same handkerchief…and the clues add up.

Kyung Hee confirms the facts and asks if Yoon Sung is disappointed with her. He inches closer and hugs her, emphasizing his relief that she’s alive. What’s more important is does Jin Pyo know about this secret. Kyung Hee nods and Yoon Sung’s eyes shift in betrayal.

5. Confrontation

Yoon Sung, grave and stunned, faces Military Dad. He asks why did Jin Pyo lie about his real father? Jin Pyo remains silent throughout the conversation. Fed up with the lies, Yoon Sung slams the bullet necklace onto the table and vows to find out the truth. Jin Pyo will have to pay the price for twisting his life.

6. City Hunter or Not?

Young Ju asks Yoon Sung out on a coffee date at Da Hye’s workplace. He wonders if the revenge plan has no links with governmental corruption, would Yoon Sung still become the City Hunter helping out helpless citizens. Yoon Sung replies that revenge is important but there’s more to that. Who could watch corrupted superiors trample over innocent people? Young Ju is satisfied, knowing that they’re both on the same page.

He goes to Jin Pyo’s house and assures Military Dad that he’ll be brought before the law. If the nation commits an illegal act, he will put the nation on trial as well.

7. Second Chance

Sae Hee drops by Young Ju’s house to pick up her jacket. The mail man comes and delivers a package containing the 1983 classfied document. Turns out that Chun Jae Man sent it to Young Ju when he planned to escape but was caught by Yoon Sung. Now that he’s stuck in Korea, he has a change of plan and sends his boys to retrieve the document. ACK!

I’m literally screaming at Sae Hee! Don’t open the door!! OMG! Dozen of men charges in and slaps her to the ground, snatching the book. The leader commands, “Get rid of her!” WHAT? GET RID? YOU TOUCH HER AND YOU SHALL SEE ME IN YOUR DREAM HOLDING A HOOK TO YOUR NECK!!

Young Ju enters the house and calls for Sae Hee. (She’s okay! right? RIGHT? WHERE THE HECK IS SHE? T_T) He quickly checks each room and at last discovers her tied up in a corner.

She tells him to hurry and chase after the men. And finally, Young Ju realizes her importance and hugs her. Aw!

At home, our City Hunter has finally figured out Chun Jae Man’s hideout, all thanks to the noise in their phone conversation. The automobile junkyard.

Sae Hee insists that she’s fine and tells Young Ju to go back to work. He notes that this was always their conversation in the past, he’d be caught up in work, and she’d say it’s okay. Sae Hee smiles wistfully and says it’s his attractive side too. Young Ju apologizes and she asks if he’s given a second chance with her, would he do well?

Cut to Chun Jae Man as he sends a text message to Jin Pyo, telling him to come to Seoul Junkyard if he wants the classified document. Jin Pyo, poses as the City Hunter, forwards the message to Young Ju. OMG.

Upon receiving the text message, Young Ju is unsettled. Sae Hee tells him to go and he squeezes her hand, promising to come back. Young Ju exits in slow motion, and turns back to smile at her.

8. Moment of Glory T_T

Showing up at the junkyard, Chun Jae Man wonders why it’s not Jin Pyo. Young Ju asks for the documents and Jae Man sneers that it’s being crushed in the car. Young Ju turns around but he is trapped in that room with men holding weapons – pipes.

Outside, Yoon Sung arrives at the same junkyard and has to fight his way in. Young Ju crumbles to the ground, spitting blood. The commotion alerts Chun Jae Man and he whispers, “City Hunter?” He tries to leave but Young Ju grabs hold of a pipe and locks the door. Using the spare seconds, he sends Yoon Sung a text: “The document is in the car compressor!”

Yoon Sung fights against time and successfully retrieves the sealed document.

Young Ju gathers up his remaining strength and faces Chun Jae Man, listing off his crimes as Seoul’s Prosecutor Kim.Young.Ju. Chun Jae Man motions his minion and the said man delivers a final bang to Young Ju’s head.

Seeing how Yoon Sung has knocked 3 of his minions in several blows, Chun Jae Man runs off.

Yoon Sung finds Young Ju sprawled on the ground in his pool of blood. He calls out the prosecutor’s name and the latter weakly opens his eyes. He asks about the document and Yoon Sung says he has them. He tells Yoon Sung to reveal the corruption to the public and catch Chun Jae Man because he’s afraid he can’t make it now.

Yoon Sung tells him to catch the bad guy using his own hands and Young Ju coughs up more blood.

In his final breath, he asks for Yoon Sung’s forgiveness in his dad’s place and apologizes. OMGGG…this is so gut-wrenching. Slowly, his eyes stops fluttering, and he loses to the darkness.

Alice: I cried so much I thought I could win the Oscar for Best Actress because of my crying alone. When Young Ju asks for forgiveness in place of his wicked father, I became a blubbering mess in the arms of my chair. My mind was a blur, I stumbled for the right keys to type, and my insides was ripped out.

The moment Young Ju’s body goes limp, I felt my tear gland burst out on me. It’s like the law-abiding part of me died along with him. I’m stunned because never have I expected HIM out of everyone to die. We see the label death in Nana, Kyung Hee, and Ajusshi because they’re closest to Yoon Sung and killing anyone of them would push Yoon Sung over the edge.

But it’s Young Ju! The upright prosecutor! From the beginning to the end, he solely represents the unyielding law. The stubborn and insistent prosecutor who strives to uphold the law and strays away from his father’s greedy ambitions and dirty little secrets. A man who couldn’t keep his wife because he’s workaholic and not because he doesn’t care. A beautiful, lonely man. You know what’s the cruelest? Somehow, somewhere, unknowingly, his character occupies a corner of my heart and makes me cares about his well-being but I realized it too late.

I’m sorry writer, I won’t ask for death next time. Please don’t strip Young Ju of his second chance to learn the blissful side of marriage. He was going to show up in front of Sae Hee a new husband. He was going to catch the bad guys with his bromate City Hunter! He was going to be Ajusshi’s new best friend! Please. Please let him live!

His death also becomes personal for Yoon Sung. Because Young Ju represents the law, and even if the law didn’t protect him, he dies upholding justice. And Yoon Sung? He’s now fighting for what Young Ju represent.

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    errr am i the only 1 who got distracted from how did Nana get out from Go Ji car?? its clearly 2 door car.. HAHAHA

  2. 4 thoughts on “[Highlights] City Hunter Episode 19

    I was literally a sobbing mess by the time I got to the end of this episode! You think you'd have won an Oscar? I think I'd be right up there with you. I was so relieved I had watched it in the evening when I didn't need to go out because my nose was red and my eyes were swollen. I think Young Ju's death was the saddest and most heartbreaking scene in the whole drama!! ;___;
    But then I kinda knew it was coming right from that moment he walked out of the hospital. That look he and Sae Hee gave each other was such a "I'm never going to see you again" drama scene 🙁
    Can we make the drama writers make a new ending for this episode PLEASE???

  3. 4 thoughts on “[Highlights] City Hunter Episode 19

    Yani, haha, I actually went back to rewatch that part. Silly us. =P

    Maggie, I kinda know but I hope it's NOT going to happen. Didn't we all see how happy Sae Hee is for the second chance?? *sobs again*

    *clings onto the hope that he doesn't die*

  4. 4 thoughts on “[Highlights] City Hunter Episode 19

    I really like the movie!!!! It took me one and half day watching without a nap!!! The movie was great ^_^ though \I'm not satisfied of the ending. 
    I do following movies of LI MIN HO *_* grrr!!!

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