[Highlights] City Hunter Episode 17

As I marathon 5 episodes (12-17) of CH, a terrible feeling hits me. City Hunter is ending NEXT WEEK. This is not the truth right? Oh Alice, shut up, and move on! I can’t! No more Lee Min Hot! No more Ajusshi and his home shopping addiction. No more body shield in the form of Nana.

Just a heads up, by the end of this episode, I’m no longer my normal self. That last scene = EPIC!

1. Meeting with the President

From last episode, Yoon Sung meets with the President, who asks for his quick company. I really dislike the President. He’s a great dad to have but a misfit as a national leader. He says that as a president, he needs to be “aware” of the events in order to keep his cabinet members in line. Pshhhh. In line? You’re a straight-out coward with the guts of a cat! You knew what went wrong in the whole system but chose to deal with it silently, in the walls of your presidential room. Tell me, did that help?

It looks like the writers are trying to develop a “good” president image to build up the angst for Yoon Sung later, who still doesn’t know yet he’s the president’s son (no hopes that he isn’t?). I hate it and I hate it more that the president is an overall nice guy. And he’s trying to correct his wrong ways throughout this episode. Ugh.

2. Blue House Luncheon

The fourth target is Chun Jae Man, who is financially tight due to business matters and Military Dad seizes this opportunity to help him out as a wealthy Korean American, Steve Lee. He has invested 300 million and Chun Jae Man only needs the remaining 200 Million before he “gets rid of him”.

At the Blue House, a luncheon is held and all the main players are invited. Unfortunately, Nana gets the job of her dream – guard President Choi. Uhhhh….President Choi’s face turns white the moment he spots Jin Pyo next to Chun Jae Man.

Lunch is served and suddenly a noise circulates around the room making everyone frantic except for Jin Pyo who nibbles evilly at his steak…and BAM! A flying paint ball flies towards the President and guess what? Nana, famous for being a human shield, jumps right in to take the blow! You know, I love lunch and all but I love my life more.

3. The Love Triangle….or Rectangle?

When Nana gives the handkerchief made by Kyung Hee to the President for his pink stain, he immediately notes the similarity and asks Nana who made it. Carefully, Nana says it’s from an ajumma.

Kyung Hee, who is staying at the hospital that belongs to Chun Jae Man sees him in the hallway and ducks behind a wall. It is revealed that the weakness that Chun Jae Man has been threatening the president about is Kyung Hee and her child. He knew about the child and told her to “get rid of him and disappear”. Geez.

More revelation, Moo Yul (YS’s supposed dead father) knew about the baby before marrying Kyung Hee. He wished to raise this child as his own. There’s saying you know, nice guys goes first.

4. City Hunter’s Romance Department Reporting Live!

After pouring out her mixed feelings towards Young Ju, Nana is in need of a friend and therefore drops by Sae Hee’s place. Hi there pretty! I missed you. You would’ve been an intriguing character if the writers make full use of you. Pity.

Sae Hee discloses to Nana that she knew a long time ago about Young Ju, his dad, and Daddy Long Legs. She also reveals about her ex-marriage with Young Ju. Hurt because she’s been lied to, Nana stays quiet and prefers to drown her sorrows with soju.

Sae Hee asks Yoon Sung to pick Nana up. He rushes over and in bridal style, carries her home. I love this image of a man. Carrying his significant other while holding onto her heels. Buhjeebus, I’m swooning!

Yoon Sung places Nana on the bed gently and turns on the bed lamp. He talks to a drunk Nana:

Yoon Sung: What made you drink? Is it because of me? I’m pretty dumb right? I told you to let me go but I can’t stand it. I can’t send you to another man. Yet I can’t keep you by my side either. Kim Nana, don’t be hurt.”

He leaves the room and Nana flutters her eyes open, awake.

5. Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, who’s the hottest one of all?

In Yoon Sung’s attempt to open the lockers, the cameramen cleverly use the reflection of a mirror to save him from being discovered by the minion. While we are put into the same view as Yoon Sung! On his way out, he knocks the minion with a couple of punches. The lockers are empty because Military Dad has shifted the bribe money to the Senators’ car trunks.

Sure that it is City Hunter’s doing, Young Ju calls Ki Joon and confirms that Yoon Sung is indeed not at work. He rushes to the Blue House. Jin Pyo lets Sang Gook off today so he can pay respect to his mother’s memorial day. Just then Chun Jae Man’s minion poses as the gas worker and announces a gas leak. Jin Pyo is going to check it personally. Whoa.

6. Military Dad + Pulp = Does this make sense? 

Young Ju waits for Yoon Sung at the Blue House and briefly chat with Nana’s boss, Yoon Sung’s boss, Ki Joon, and Eun Ah about Yoon Sung’s behavior. Yoon Sung arrives and he’s informed by Sang Gook on the phone that there’s a gas leak at his father’s residence. Yoon Sung immediately smells something fishy and turns away. Young Ju grabs his shoulder and gets flip over! GAH! That’s what I’m talking about, go save evil DADDY!!

Jin Pyo notes the strange air around his residence and when he turns around, 8 men (including Chun Jae Man’s evil doer) surround him. Military Dad puts up a respectable fight even with a bad leg! Still, with no one watching his back, he’s knocked to the ground several times. T_T I must be crazy, why is it sooo hard to watch him get beat up?! Stop hitting him. This is so unfair!

Dad crumbles on the hard floor and his cane is kicked to the side by Chun Jae Man’s evil doer. He sticks up a knife to Dad’s throat…and…YOON SUNG IS HERE! What took you so long, Mr. Long Legs!!

He fights his way to Dad’s side. Whew. Much better. You belong there all this time. Standing back-to-back, they face the world of bad guys. Gee. Why am I so happy?

Alice: During the last segment, I was scratching my head the whole time. Why isn’t Dad using his super powerful sword-cane on these thugs? Surely, he could swiped 2 or 3 of them down. Or is Dad over the idea of killing the innocent? I thought I would be happy seeing Jin Pyo gets beaten. But no, not like this, not by a bunch of thugs!

I really hate birth secret! I really do! This drama doesn’t need that extra ounce of angst, it has enough. Yoon Sung already has one psycho daddy, another chicken daddy is too much!

If there’s anything that makes me nervous about the future of Yoon Sung and Nana, it’s this picture below. The crack is either going to break up my couple or be like their relationship now – broken. To be healed when Yoon Sung replaces the broken frame.

  1. 4 thoughts on “[Highlights] City Hunter Episode 17

    Wow, you watched 5 episodes in a row? I feel sorry for your heart, it must have been half dead after all that!! I know mine goes a bit crazy with each new episode, especially these days. 
    I know what you mean about Jin Pyo…I couldn't bear watching him get beaten up either even though the man has such an evil streak in him. And yeah what's with him forgetting about his secret weapon?? He's brought it out easily enough before. I feel a bit bad for wishing he'd get it out earlier and start whipping some ass considering all he's done but I can't help it lol.
    For a few weeks now I've been dreading the ending of this drama for many reasons but mostly because I don't know if Yoon Sung and Nana will be happy in the end…I REALLY want them to be together and happy and often I just block out any idea of a sad ending but I'm too deep into this and there are too many things that could go wrong. 
    I'm just about to start watching Episode 18, I think I need to prepare my heart for watching this drama these days!! *takes deep breaths*

  2. 4 thoughts on “[Highlights] City Hunter Episode 17

    haha, I am so sad that its ending next week too :'(:'(
    I should've added more episodes.. 2 more episodes to get rid of the president seems abit rushed I think :/ I am worried for nana and Yoon Sung ending.. I seriously don't think its going to be a happy ending D: My gut feeling is telling me one of them are gonna die. 

  3. 4 thoughts on “[Highlights] City Hunter Episode 17

    Maggie, my heart stopped beating several times, especially when they flaunt Ajusshi in front of death doors, and Jin Pyo is behind the wheels! Seriously, I hate that I care about this evil guy. I know right! Last episode when Young Ju intruded his secret safe, he was so quick to flip out his sword-cane on him! On a good guy! But for these thugs, he fights with his cane minus sword? Blehhh

    Starpastel, the picture is making me nervous every second of each episode, how come they haven't replaced the frame yet! I think the president should be the easiest to expose because he's ready to admit to his sins throughout this episode. It's more like an emotional obstacle for all our characters because they have come to respect the president, even Young Ju.

    If they kill off either YS or Nana, the writers better be ready to feel the fans' wrath. RAWRRR!! Or a Season 2 so they can mend our hearts.

  4. 4 thoughts on “[Highlights] City Hunter Episode 17

    haha i like your review! i also felt really bad when jin pyo was getting beaten up he put up a good fight at least. also i really enjoyed watched prosecutor getting flipped and his keys stepped on haha he's starting to annoy me

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