[Highlights] City Hunter: Episode 11

The writer ups their game in this episode, feeding us with a low possibility…and torturing us for the next 24 hours! My heart is caught in my throat the whole time! Cliff hangers, I both hate and love thou!

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1. The Threat

Having saved Yoon Sung out of Young Ju’s sight, Nana is dragged away and interrogated by him. Now he knows that she knows about his identity. He warns her to stay out of his business. She can’t because he has saved her twice already. Yoon Sung backs her up against the wall and asks, “Do you have a lot of lives?” I’m glad you ask, she might need a few before the ending. He tells her to erase him from her memories, go back to the time before we met.

Meanwhile, the results are out and Yoon Sung’s blood is proven to be different from the City Hunter’s. Young Ju finds this unbelievable. Military Dad drops by Yoon Sung’s home to feed him a clicking bomb, “If your identity is exposed, that child (Nana) will die.”

To eliminate further problems, Yoon Sung decides to resign from the Blue House.

2. Another Lie

Using his resources, Young Ju figures out that the patient Yoon Sung is donating his blood to is Lee Kyung Hee, wife of the agent related to the 1983 Massacre. Young Ju is curious about what happened 28 years ago, and Kyung Hee is eager to find out the truth. Before she reveals more details, Military Dad steps into view, stopping her conversation.

Inside her ward, Dad gives her a newspaper, confirming that her son has died in the hands of those who killed her husband. He then promptly tells her to prepare, she has to move to a different hospital before the bad people find her. Poor woman!

Yoon Sung visits the hospital but is told by the nurse that she disappears after a man with a cane came. Ha! The truth is she has tricked Sang Gook and escaped from the hospital.

Yoon Sung speeds to dad immediately. Dad explains his reasoning to which Yoon Sung finds logical enough. But he only cares about one thing, is his mother safe? Dad throws him another bomb, “As long as you kill Kim Jong Shik, your mom will be safe. Don’t defy my orders.” This is so unfair! Dad has two hostages on his side!

After Yoon Sung leaves, Dad orders Sang Gook to find Kyung Hee and plants a bug at his son’s place.

3. The return of Target #3, Kim Jong Shik

Upon landing, Kim Jong Shik has a brief talk with Target #4, Chun Jae Ma. He’s confident that he won’t be an easy target like their ex-friends, Lee Kyung Wan and Seo Yong Hak.

He proceeds to to meet his son, Prosecutor Young Ju, at the sauna. I cannot stop laughing. What’s with the oil slick all over your body Young Ju? Anyway, Kim Jong Shik wistfully calls back to the times when they were still close. He wonders why their father-son relationship has gone sour. Young Ju growls when Dad compares them and stands his ground, “We are different to the core!”

4. The Meeting

With the City Hunter claiming each target and Young Ju trailing on their case, the three targets hold a meeting. President Choi, forever the one to show remorse, thinks that they should release everything publicly and accept the consequences. However, Chun Jae Man (right) disagrees, “We have to go on hiding this secret forever!” Kim Jong Shik echoes the same decision. Chun Jae Man continues, “If you want to reveal everything, go ahead but I know a bigger secret of yours.” What? More secret? Drama is handling a lot of shady business!

5. Calling It Quits

Yoon Sung has finished packing up his office supplies despite the Director ongoing plead for him to stay. Nana learns about his resignation and rushes to say her last words. She calls it an unnecessary move because she will erase him from her memories and disappear. Yoon Sung looks after her, his eyes betraying the masked emotions. Here’s a perfect example of your heart and brain at odds.

Back in her office, Nana receives a package from Ajushhi. He sends her his affidavit, along with the bank account statement. Yes! Her parents case can now be re-investigated!

She comes to Young Ju’s office with the evidence only to find the same quote Long Legs Ajusshi wrote to her on Young Ju’s computer screen. “Don’t be afraid of the shadows because it means there is light nearby.”

Being caught red-handed, Young Ju confirms his identity. Nana thanks him for lending her strength and support these past ten years. Now that her case is opened again, she wants Kim Jong Shik to receive the punishment he deserves. Young Ju eyes her worriedly but stops before telling her the truth about his father.

Meanwhile, Yoon Sung is still trying to figure out where Kim Jong Shik hides the large sum of school and government funds. He didn’t deposit the money nor has multiple bank accounts. When Ajushhi brings out some sesame chicken, Yoon Sung asks him to bring some to dad….and….plants this tracking device in his cane! I was literally flipping my lid here, did he not remember what happened not too long ago?

Ajushhi shares the same sentiments as me and stutters, “If he finds out, I’m dead this time!” Yoon Sung assures him that Dad has released the tension already. If something does happen, text me this code, “XZY” meaning you have no where else to go. Right, this is the perfect solution because Master from Hell will give Ajushhi 2 seconds to text! Oh, lord.

6. Father VS Son

Military Dad has found an interesting game. He sends Young Ju a short message: “The next target to receive punishment is Kim Jong Shik.” (Signed by City Hunter) Young Ju flies to dad’s office but dad is quick to call himself ‘innocent’, a man who has devoted half his life to this nation’s education. Young Ju no longer believes his dad and reveals that he was standing behind the door, listening to Dad’s bribery, 10 years ago. Dad challenges him, “And if I don’t admit (to my sin)?” Young Ju: “I will show you the strength of the law, the system I work hard to protect.” OH BOY, I’m loving your righteousness Young Ju. This time I really wish you can bring your dad down, don’t let City Hunter steals under your nose again!

7. The Kidnap

Young Ju leaves and Dad orders to have Bae Man Duk and Nana kidnapped! Thankfully, Ajusshi failed to implant the tracking device on Dad’s cane because Yoon Sung uses that to track down him and Nana’s location. Awesome turn of event!! Buhh…how did Ajusshi text in that state?!

Kim Jong Shik is really arrogant. He kidnaps Ajushhi and Nana and then places them at his house, in a secret chamber. Yoon Sung arrives and climbs his way up the house and into Kim Jong Shik’s office. He finds a safe lock and punches in all 24 possible combination of the password.

Nana and Ajusshi team up to take down the guards. While they call for help, Yoon Sung stops punching in the code and heads out to rescue them. Once outside, he asks for the tracking device from Ajusshi because he needs to go back into the house to do something.

The code clicks and a secret door opens, revealing the mountain of cash inside. While I’m marveling at the stash, Yoon Sung is busy measuring the height, width, and depth of the mountain. He carefully places the tracking device in one of the stash. You’re so awesome right now Yoon Sung. I could marry you!

The moment Yoon Sung steps outside of the secret room, a guard shoots him down. They carry the unconscious Yoon Sung into another car while Nana and Ajusshi give chase.

8. The Shot

In another warehouse, Yoon Sung is tied to a chair. One of the guards grabs a handful of his beautiful hair and jerks his head back. Yoon Sung growls, “Let go! Let go of my hair. My hairstyle is really important to me!” Gosh, how can I laugh at this?

Yoon Sung bangs his head upwards, hitting the lead guard under his chin. With his ego hurt, he orders the underlings to release Yoon Sung so they can duel it out. But Yoon Sung is still in a daze, hence he is beaten to a pulp. Ajusshi rushes outside to call for help – either Military Dad or the police.

When Yoon Sung spits out blood, Nana makes her entrance, taking down all of the guards. When she nears Yoon Sung, another guard grabs his gun and shoots at Yoon Sung. Nana sees this and gets in the way, the bullet hitting her right shoulder blade, and blood splattering on Yoon Sung’s face.

In his rage, Yoon Sung literally flies over and lands on the guard’s body. He then punches the living daylights out of the guard. Yoon Sung turns around and approaches Nana’s still body. He gathers her up in his arms and whispers:


YS: Why? Why?
NN: You saved me too. Twice. Was the pain as bad as it was for you too?
YS: Don’t talk! Don’t say anything.
NN: Do you hate me? I would like it if you said you don’t hate me. I wanted to say thank-you.
YS: Why did you come in and get shot?! WHY?
NN: Because it wasn’t you, I’m relieved.

Nana closes her eyes and her hand goes limp.

Alice: What kind of ending is this? I can’t imagine my heart condition if this was the ending to an even-number episode. My head is spinning when the bullet hits.

1) The writer would kill Nana off. This would drive Yoon Sung into the dark hole his Military Dad stepped in after witnessing the 20 deaths of his comrades. We would see Yoon Sung struggle in the dark side, trying to fight back the angel and devil in him. This could be awesome but I don’t think I can handle another 9 episodes of Yoon Sung full of angst.  Could you?

2) Nana survives and Yoon Sung realizes that he needs her BY his side to guarantee her safety. She becomes his City Huntress, taking down Kim Jong Shik.

Lee Min Ho is amazing here as he switches from tentative rage to tender regret within a matter of seconds, I’m impressed with the subtlety. Park Min Young shines in her last scene, she no longer carries the “Kim Yoon Shik” tone if you know what I mean.

Does anybody else think that Jin Pyo will go all out and stop Yoon Sung from donating his blood? Surely, he will not let his brother’s wife die, fully aware that she can live. I know that this man is crazy/psycho but I still believe that he won’t harm Yoon Sung and Kyung Hee. The ultimate battle in the end might just be him vs Yoon Sung/his conscience. And he could be the one to die to save Yoon Sung.

I like this guy. I remember seeing him in another drama. He oozes intensity with his stare. Hope he would join Yoon Sung’s camp soon, giving his conflicting thoughts towards Jin Pyo’s actions in this episode.

Don’t spoil the next episode for me! Be vague! 🙂

  1. 3 thoughts on “[Highlights] City Hunter: Episode 11

    Thanks for the highlights.

  2. 3 thoughts on “[Highlights] City Hunter: Episode 11

    I haven't reached episode 11 yet, but slowly enjoy every episode everyday – well, that was my plan *LOL*, I already watched till Ep. 3 yesterday!

    Are we allowed to spam your blog with our thoughts? Dramabeans has so much commentors that I feel lost between the 200 numbers and so I'd like to support more YOUR blog which is my favorite. ^^

    I'm smitten by the classic-mix music – it's AWESOME!!! I hope most of the tracks are to be found on the OST, which I also got from your post. ^^

    I never was a fan of Lee Min Ho, coz seeing his face and this HAIR on Boys over Flower (that's why I didn't even watched it) I failed to become his fan. But NOW after seeing him with this awesome fresh haircut he suddenly became Lee Min HOT. LOL. Never thought hairstyle could be so important. LOL. But hey, I just thought that curls belong to girls and NOT ASIAN MEN. It's absolutely RIGHT how Asian men are born with waveless hair, come one, fashion stylist of k-drama land, can't you just let that go?!!! We've seen plenty of your good work already. No need to go against nature…

    Anyway, seeing Lee Min Ho in CH and his character *______* Just awesome! And his counterpart Nana, also great! They've got chemistry!

    The storyline and the characters got me hooked up right away and I got on Min Ho's fan-ship. *ggg*

    P.S.: Are we allowed to make you a banner gift? For all your hard work? ^^
    Greetings from Germany!

  3. 3 thoughts on “[Highlights] City Hunter: Episode 11

    Hey schwertkrabbe, discussions are always welcomed here. It's always a treat to read different viewpoints and analysis in one drama. Dramabeans is a great and popular source for Korean Drama Fans! Feel free to drop by here anytime!

    I started BOF but never got to finish it. The storyline became draggy so I skipped out. Personal Taste is what turned me into a Lee Min Hot fan! Although it's not as popular as BOF, I liked it nonetheless. =)

    You're only on Episode 3? Be careful of the highlights (if you don't like spoilers), if not, chime in!

    Banners, thanks for the offer! I'll have a page to display them soon and see if people like to donate. I love making banners myself. heehee!!

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