[Highlights] City Hunter: Episode 9

Does anyone want to book a ticket to Korea with me? We need to make sure our City Hunter is fed often, and stop him from using expensive, one-of-a-kind showering gel. He looks so pale the past 4 episodes.

So what happens after the editor successfully left us with the best cliff hanger? Yoon Sung holding onto Nana as she hangs in the air while his wound rips apart.

. The Cliff

Struggling, Yoon Sung uses his other arm to lift Nana out of death. And here I think Mr. Prosecutor would come back. Hope fails. Yoon Sun leaves immediately and catches up to dear Military dad who was about to poke the living daylights out of Seo Yong Hak with his sword cane. Man, everything about him screams danger. Alert. Fangirls!

2. The Betrayal

They take Seo Yong Hak to a warehouse and Military Dad takes out ALL his bullet BUT one. He points the gun at him and demands for the names of the remaining members involved in the 1983 Massacre.

Before Dad can pull his last trigger, Seo Yong Hak blurts out, “Kim Jong Shik!!” He’s Young Ju’s father. Dad then continues to ask for the names. The police arrive outside and Young Ju cautions everyone to be mindful of a hostage. Inside, Yoon Sung and Ajusshi put on masks and upstage Dad’s plan by releasing gas smoke. GAHH! Dad ain’t going to play nice after this. Ughh.

The police burst in to find the place empty. Young Ju throws his tracking device on the ground, having been discovered by our elite City Hunter. BUT Ajusshi has left an important piece of clothing behind…with Yoon Sung’s expensive showering gel smell on it. Crap!

This scene is brilliant, seeing how all the men held their own, trying to outsmart each other. But I’m dead worried about….

3. The Consequences

Dad wakes up, confused about his surrounding. Ajusshi stands there timidly, stumbling to find the ‘right’ words. Heck. There is none. You’re facing the Master from Hell. Military Dad calls Yoon Sung and shows him a bloodied face Ajusshi. I was screaming here…please don’t kill Ajusshi!! Dad warns Yoon Sung, “If you defy me, punishment will follow.” *shivers*


Yoon Sung arrives and Dad’s right hand man (Sang Gook) tries to stop him. Wonder why he bothers. Yoon Sung is a giant with long legs. His fighting is enhanced by them. Of course, Yoon Sung sends Sang Gook flying to Dad’s chair.

Military Dad spits, “Why did you bring that scum back to the Prosecutor? I could’ve killed him!” And oh I love Yoon Sung’s reasoning. He doesn’t want to make another “him”. A child who was separated from his parents, living everyday longing for a normal, happy life. After this revenge plan, he wants to live a normal life with Dad. Aww, he includes Jin Pyo. But Dad isn’t like me you see as he challenges, “Even if it means to declare war against me?” Yoon Sung: “Yes. Because it’s my revenge too. And don’t touch the people who are precious to me. I will protect them.”

Dang. I just love the dynamics and conflicts between Yoon Sung and Jin Pyo, more than the romance. Their relationship intrigues me. I don’t want Jin Pyo to die…but I have an eerie feeling that he would to save Yoon Sung because he says the same line as Sang Mo from Giant: “I will go the pits of hell to get my revenge.” And we know what happened to him. And my heart. (Interestingly, the actor who plays Sang Mo is Yoon Sung’s dad, the real one).

Military Dad is unbending and asks Sang Gook to find out the agent Yoon Sung saved earlier. Yikes. Hostage Time.

4. The Dream

Our City Hunter faints from exhaustion and calls in the help of Veterinarian Sae Hee. Thanks god. You’re not Superman! I like this girl. She’s not the typical jealous second lead who runs on nonsense. Sae Hee is gentle, rational, humorous, and loves animals! What else could you ask for? Your loss, Prosecutor.

Yoon Sung has another dream sequence. The same scene with him holding onto Nana over the edge. However, this time around, he can’t save Nana and she falls….*thuds*…and dies. Dang, is it too much for a happy ending? Having grew up with bullets and wounds, can’t writers give him a break?!

Well, that dream is enough to wake him up…which leads to the overdue….

5. The Kiss

Uhh…I don’t have much to say. Ahem. Just view the screen captures for yourself.


But don’t rejoice girls. It’s a good-bye kiss. Let’s see how long he can maintain staying-away-from-her mode.

6. The Honorable Discharge

Justice arrives and Ki Hoon’s little brother, Ki Wook, holds his speech. He doesn’t regret joining the army despite losing his leg in the process. He thanks the City Hunter for cutting Seo Yong Tak out of the presidential election, and hopes that the government can protect the beautiful youths of Korea from corruption.

7. The Flip 

Nana is on the verge of being fired since she lost her gun and was taken hostage by Seo Yong Tak. That leaves the Team Captain taking over her duty to train Yoon Sung in Judo.

Yoon Sung: “I learned THIS from Agent Kim.” Enough said.

8. The Visit —- > Me: 0_0

Military Dad visits Nana. She calls Yoon Sung and asks him to come home. He is quick to say no…until Dad’s commanding voice rattles over the phone. “You’re busy?” That is enough to have Yoon Sung flies to Nana’s house.

He slides into the house to see Military Dad all smiley, drinking tea. Gosh, Smiley Dad is even creepier than intense Dad!! Outside, Dad asks an obvious question, “You love that girl?” Yoon Sung: “No.”

I don’t know why he insists lying to his super smart Appa. The guy has been around for years. Plus, Yoon Sung’s eyes say it all:


9. The Realization

Ajushhi packs up for Yoon Sung because he can’t afford to stay around Nana anymore. Dad might harm her in order to control Yoon Sung. He sends Ajushhi home first so he can say a proper good bye to Nana. The medicine for his injury takes over and Yoon Sung dozes off.

Nana comes home and makes some food before waking up Yoon Sung. She approaches his side and notices the familiar pair of eyes. She masks his face, only leaving the eyes uncovered. And then…ding! Ding! Ding!

Afterward, the dinner atmosphere is awkward. In an effort to part ways with Nana, Yoon Sung is being mean, telling her to forget that incident (the kiss). He claims that she’s too easy, so he lost interest.

10. Lee Kyung Wan’s death. You guess it. Dad disguises as a doctor to execute him.


Alice: AHHHH! How is one supposed to keep still while watching City Hunter? You tell me.

Now that Nana knows Yoon Sung is city hunter, I hope she can be his assistant. You know. Like a City Huntress? heehee.


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    Oh my gosh, You should do these City Hunter ep reviews more often.. I love them 😀 City Hunter is an awesome drama. The amazingly, good looking cast plus the storyline is so perfect 😀 I kinda wished they can extend it to another 10 eps more LOL
    I'm loving these cliffhanger endings too ! The endings are getting better and better 😉

  2. 7 thoughts on “[Highlights] City Hunter: Episode 9

    Glad you like it. I kinda gave up on recaps, so strenuous and solitary. As a non-korean, I might lose the conventions and puns included in the episodes. Highlights is a faster read. 😀

  3. 7 thoughts on “[Highlights] City Hunter: Episode 9

    Glad to finally read your recap/comments of my current favorite drama and what I call my flavor of the month – LMHot!  More wonderful recap Alice! Regards, Rita

  4. 7 thoughts on “[Highlights] City Hunter: Episode 9

    I like the last part City Huntress 🙂

  5. 7 thoughts on “[Highlights] City Hunter: Episode 9

    It become a reality in Ep 12 actually 

  6. 7 thoughts on “[Highlights] City Hunter: Episode 9

    Hi, I was wondering if you know the title of the background song in the scene where Kim Na Na was talking with Da Hye and Eun Ah at the coffee shop.. 

  7. 7 thoughts on “[Highlights] City Hunter: Episode 9

     uh this drama was lame. I was so disappointed since I was anticipated to see Lee Min Ho 🙁

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