[Highlights] City Hunter: Episode 10

What an episode! Suspense hangs in the air and our heroine takes action to protect her man. To those who want extension for this little baby, I mirror your sentiments. Really, who needs super man when we have badass City Hunter?

1. Confrontations

Master from Hell a.k.a Military Dad mercilessly ends the life of Lee Kyung Wan, along with two innocent cops. Yoon Sung follows Dad all the way home, without realizing he’s being followed by Prosecutor Young Ju and his underling. Really now?

Yoon Sung wonders out loud, “Who is this revenge for? Is it for the death of your comrades who were betrayed by their own nation? Or is it self-torment for your own guilt of being the sole survivor?” Eeeekkk! Well, there’s a saying that it’s harder to live than to die. This is the case right here.

Dad warns Yoon Sung not to be rebellious because he could die in his own hands. Yoon Sung is ready to go down, together if needed. NO! NO! NO!

Downstairs, Young Ju smiles, totally not buying into Yoon Sung’s lie. He ain’t interested in Antler Investment. heee! Perfect capture for ya’ll Prosecutor fans! Young Ju claims that Yoon Sung is the City Hunter. And then…the most awkward-caught-in-the-lie laugh follows….seriously Yoon Sung. You’re so busted!

2. Family Picture

While packing for Yoon Sung, Ajushhi left behind an important picture which is discovered by our heroine. Oh yea, now she knows the gist of everything. Thy mother, Yoon Sung!

3. Cancer makes its way back to Korean Dramas

Kyung Hee, Yoon Sung’s mother, checks out at the doctor, wondering why she has unexplained bruises. Results are in and it’s confirmed to be Leukemia. Bloody hell, what a way to have our hero do a bone marrow transplant. Young Ju is going to unleash his fangs on you, City Hunter.

She then asks the doctor one question that breaks my heart, “Leukemia, it’s not hereditary right? Right?”

At home, she cries silently to herself, clutching Yoon Sung’s baby cloth to her chest. O.M.G. Someone tie Yoon Sung up and deliver him to this woman’s door. I can’t stand this.

4. Victim turned Perpetrator

Yoon Sung pays a visit to the cafe where Nana is working temporarily to ask her about Kim Jong Shik. She purposely collects all the related news back then, hoping to re-investigate this case and clear her father’s name. Bae Man Duk (Ajusshi’s former name) changed his testimony due to Kim Jong Shik’s powerful status.

Yoon Sung is taken aback while Nana carefully lays down her plan: She wishes that the City Hunter would catch him and send him to her. HOHO!

Nana is reinstated as a body guard, but she’s only to watch Da Hye, the President’s youngest daughter.

5. Confession

This is cute. During Judo training, Nana hesitates here and there, careful not to hurt his wounded shoulder. But Yoon Sung is uncomfortable and flips her, confirming that he has mastered her skill.

Outside, Nana attempts miserably to engage Yoon Sung in a conversation, but he coldly smacks her coffee cup to the ground. Holding herself together, she confesses, “However mean you treat me, I still like you. I keep wanting to see you.” Aww!

6. Tough Nana

Yoon Sung calls Nana and asks her to be his substitute driver. She perks up at the text message and dolls herself up using make-up samples. So adorable. Unfortunately, her face falls a thousand miles seeing a girl hooked to his arms. Inside the car, the woman is all over Yoon Sung, while he claims that short, inexperienced girls aren’t his type. Nana stops the cars and hand-pulls the woman out to send her home.

She turns around and lectures Yoon Sung. If he wants to push her away, at least date a decent woman. Using this opportunity, she returns the family picture to him.

7. Mother in Hospital

Kyung Hee collapses and Nana is there to send her to the hospital. She calls Yoon Sung and asks him to come because the woman here is your mother. Ding! Dong! In his rush, Yoon Sung fails to notice that Young Ju’s underling, Pil Jae, is tailing right behind him.

At the hospital, Nana talks Yoon Sung into getting his blood drawn. Uh oh! He has to get checked to save his mother! But if they draw his blood, Young Ju will be right there to take it! Dilemma, but you gotta do what chu gotta do right?

Stalking order: Dad’s cohort (Sang Gook) –> Young Ju’s underling (Pil Jae) –> Yoon Sung. ha!

Dad arrives at the hospital and raises his eyebrow at Yoon Sung’s explanation: “A mother is a mother. I have to save her in order to hate her.” I don’t know about you guys but that’s perfect logic right there.

Anyway, it’s decided. Yoon Sung’s blood is drawn. And now we get to the most exciting part…

8. Ninja Fingers

I think my heart stops beating altogether at this scene. He watches too many super heroes movies in order to pull a stunt like this. To get his blood vial back, Yoon Sung leaps down each floor while hanging onto the window sill with ONLY his fingers. Gahhh…So Badass! He successfully substitutes his real blood vial.

On his way out, Young Ju is a second too late to see Yoon Sung because…our heroine steps in and pulls Yoon Sung out of sight.


Alice: I’m getting too attached to this drama. To the point that I don’t want any critical character to pass away. Yes. It includes Jin Pyo. Why did he kill the two innocent cops. 🙁

Will Nana join hands with Yoon Sung to take down Kim Jong Shik? But will he let her?

Wait, is tomorrow Wednesday?!

  1. 5 thoughts on “[Highlights] City Hunter: Episode 10

    ya .. i hate to see if there is any character that has to end up dying ~! especially YS !!! my dream ending must be NaNa end up marrying YS aahahahhaa MUST!!! 😛 

  2. 5 thoughts on “[Highlights] City Hunter: Episode 10

    me too! I'm so hooked with this drama….i can't wait for the next episode…and like you i don't want any characters to die in the end…even his father…:D

  3. 5 thoughts on “[Highlights] City Hunter: Episode 10

    Am definitely addicted to this drama, addicted from the tip of my toes to the tip of my head. And beyond! Thanks for the nice recap. Will await more.

  4. 5 thoughts on “[Highlights] City Hunter: Episode 10

    i'm sooo into this drama yea i agree in most dramas you at least hate the bad guy but in this one you understand where he's coming from. wonder what will happen when ys finds out he was stolen from his mother??

  5. 5 thoughts on “[Highlights] City Hunter: Episode 10

    It would bring him closer (emotionally) to his mother if he finds out the truth. He might even resent Jin Pyo a bit too. ANGST with Military scares me but I love their confrontations!

    I WANT EXTENSION! Even if it doesn't end perfectly like Best Love. Can we have City Hunter for an extra month….P.L.E.A.S.E! 😀

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