[Download] Miss Ripley OST

Ooooh…I like what I’m hearing!


— Part 1 —
01. Glass – Hwayobi
02. Glass (MR)

Download Part 1

— Part 2 —
01. Abusive – Miru
02. If You – Yang Young Jun
03. If You (Spanish Ver.)

Download Part 2

— Part 3 —
01. A Space Left For You – Park Yoo Chun
02. A Space Left For You (Instru)

Download Part 3

Alice: Dang! Dang! The Spanish Version of “If You” is really good! The songs in this soundtrack makes me feel nostalgic…and that’s a good sign. My favorite is “Glass” by the unique Hwayobi, followed by Yoo Chun’s “Vacant Spot”.

This drama is generating a lot of discussions in my circle of friends. All I hear is “Web of lies! That girl! Poor Yoochun! Poor Ajushhi!” haha XD

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    Oeh, thanks sooo much for sharing! Yeah, Miri is not our typical heroin. Quite intriguing drama to be honest. I'm watching it with mixed emotions~ 

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    You are not alone. My circle of friends are all about "Miss Ripley" as well.  We all have our own ways seeing how Ripley will turn out.  However, we can agree on one thing….which is to have Yuhyun turn really dark and have his revenge. That would be soo interesting especially if Miri falls for him for real!  

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    I agree with other friends, that's it. How yuhyun , he can turn becames so naif person, he don't know how Mi ri could be like that. If he still love Mi ri , he should accept & loved her with no regret anymore or he left her , don't make her sad.

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    I've just finished watching….it was too draggy in the middle but really picked up in the last 2 episodes. In fact, I wished they had focused on what was going on in the last 2 episodes btwn the 2 females!

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    hi ms alice. thanks a lot for the miss ripley ost. by the way can you upload the instrumenta musicl that's being played  whenever here is a flashback scenetried to find it but to no avail. unfortunately it's not in the ost. thank you!

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    Thanks, that song by Park Hwayobi is just simply so angelic, it made me cry every time but at the same time, it gives me energy to go on …..

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