[Download] Heartstrings Episodes

Also Known As: You’ve Fallen For Me
Korean Title: 넌 내게 반했어
Cast: Jung Yong Hwa, Park Shin Hye, Song Chang Ui, So Yi Hyun, Kang Min Hyuk
# of Episodes: 16
Airing Days: Wednesday & Thursdays
Broadcasting Station: MBC
Teaser: 1 / 2 / 3
Synopsis: Lee Shin (Jung Yong Hwa) is a university student majoring in modern music. He is also the vocalist and guitarist of the band “The Stupid.” Shin is known for his good looks and strong passion for music, but in reality he is cold, lacks interest in anything unrelated to music and has neither dreams nor plans for the future. He initially likes Jung Yoon Soo, a dance professor at university, but this all changes when he meets Lee Kyu Won.

Lee Kyu Won (Park Shin Hye) is a bright and outgoing student who was born into a prestigious family and is majoring in traditional Korean instruments, especially the gayageum. Kyu Won’s grandfather, Lee Dong Gun, is one of the top 3 traditional musicians of his age and his biggest wish is to see his granddaughter become a traditional music prodigy. Trying to live up to her grandfather’s expectations, Kyu Won immerses herself in training and becomes a university student who knows nothing outside of her studies. As her friends are fans of “The Stupid”, she was forced to go to the band’s concert with them. There she saw Lee Shin performing live, and is immediately captivated by him. (Pic & Synopsis Credit: Wiki)

NOTE: Video files are RAW HanRel 450p Version. Filesize is 800MB +/- Viki’s Heartsrtings Team will be creating soft subtitles for this drama, so download them at this page and don’t forget to thank them for their hard work! With S2 has also started up this as a subbing project here. For quick community subs, visit Darksmurf Subs. Mediafire parts are no longer available because my account was reported. Sorry for the inconvenience. Woot, let the revival begin!

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

Episode 7


Episode 8

Episode 9

Episode 10

Episode 11

Episode 12

Episode 13

Episode 14

Episode 15

♦ Download the soundtrack here.

***25th Completed Project! …and my very first solo project comes to an end. Probably working harder on the OST then on this, I feel a sense of relief. This has been a super fun experience and I will be around to do even more projects ^^

Jeff: Hello this will be my very first solo project and I am looking forward to it! I love these romance-music dramas~



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    Oh no, all the links are multiupload and megaupload. :((((( If you aren’t going to reupload this, could you let me know what site and what you used to download it from? I can try to help you reupload them, especially since I really love this drama.

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      I used torrents to download it, since it aired such a long time ago, chances are there won’t be any seeders (or n torrent at all). I will be reuploading this drama, but it will be much later.

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        Maaaan, okay thank you! Can I get an estimate of later? Like with the month/year/etc?

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          I believe Jeff chimed in around this Summer. Hope to see more of you around here before then Jihong.

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          Thanks! :))))) I’ll try inbetween classes and my other stuff! I’m excited to have found this site!

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          Hihi Jihong, dd/mm/yy will be as early as19/05/12, but definitely by 31/05/12 (:

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    why i cant download EP2 part4?? got other link for me to download it?pls help me 🙂

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      oh it looks like my account got suspended… hmmm I’ll have to reupload it =P

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    Hope you can reupload Heartstrings again. It’s because i loved this drama so much. Thanks a whole lot. ^_^

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    I’m not sure who to thank for reupping this so thank you whoever you are : )

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    hi admin, is the videos still available to download? i’ve clicked into the link but it appears the folder is not found. appreciate your generous effort. thanks!!

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    Hi! Keane. The links for this drama are all not found. Can you please re-upload it? I really appreciate it. Thank you so much.

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      Hi. Sorry for the late response. I don’t have this one Seema, hopefully the uploader “mochi” will reup this project some day.

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        Actually, I have uploaded this drama before on fileswap back when it had faster download speeds and they are still active links, however, some of the links are about to expire if there isn’t any download activity.

        These are not that great in quality though, around 300MB files and they are chinese hardsubbed, so download at your own risk! 🙂


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    I need all the music sound trackd to at least here online so upload the link plz needed without error

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      Soundtrack is found here……….. so don’t expect to see it on this page.

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    hola por favor me gustaría descargar heartstings pero ya no sirven los enlaces, lo podrán re-subir por favor enserio quisiera descargarlo 🙂

    gracias !!!!1

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