[Recap] Can You Hear My Heart Ep. 6

Sorry for the late recap, Chinese dramas have completely taken over my time the past two weeks. Not a lot of things happened in this episode but at least everyone is all presented. To clear up confusion, Choi Jun Mo, Dong Joo’s stepdad, will now be called Choi Jin Chul, as the subtitle confirms it.

After being teased,  Choi Jin Chul enters the house in a huffy mood. Inside the house, Dong Joo feigns amnesia, “How old was I when I fell? 13? 14?” Jun Mo tests him and holds his hand out, waiting for Dong Joo to follow up with their signature hand shake. However, Dong Joo assures him that he doesn’t remember.

Choi Jin Chul comes into his bedroom where Hyun Suk is lying under the cover. She doesn’t want the lights on so he places the necklace down and quietly goes outside.

Dong Joo sits on the grass and reminisces scenes from that unfortunate night sixteen years ago. He pulls his legs up and embraces them as tears fall. T_T

It’s broadcasting day and Woo Ri wears a bigger version of her pink dress, complete with a pink flower hair clip. Young Gyu decides not to go because he doesn’t want Ma Ru to be embarrassed. Woo Ri comforts her dad by saying that fools are good-hearted people.

Woo Ri arrives at Shin Ae’s house and asks her to come along, she might help bring Ma Ru back. Shin Ae tells her not to waste time and energy. She casually throws money on the floor and asks Woo Ri to clean the house before she leaves. Woo Ri scans the place and notices a beautiful red dress and a diamond necklace. Ding! Ding!

Young Gyu, Grandma, and the Lee’s family are all watching the show, waiting anxiously for Woo Ri’s turn. The door to the restaurant flings open and a woman walks in, looking for Bong Woo Ri.

It’s Woo Ri’s time on the lime light. She holds out the picture of their old home…and new home. During her talk, she tries her best to look and sound “rich” as suggested by Seung Chul.

After the broadcast, Woo Ri hurries off to return her aunt’s dress and jewelry. She arrives at the entrance and sees Choi Jin Chul, immediately recognizing him as the man who refused to save her mother in the fire. Jin Chul is with Hyun Suk; their company, Wookyoung Group, is having its 30th anniversary celebration.

Shin Ae appears by Hyun Suk’s side while Choi Jin Chul is giving his speech. The moment she sees Hyun Suk’s splendid necklace, her lips curl into a scowl. It’s bigger than hers!

After his speech, the sounds of a piano attract the heads of all the guests. They turn to the side to see a man playing the piano. He stands up and announces, “Congratulations, Father”. The reporters immediately snap pictures while everyone gasps, “Cha Dong Joo has returned to Korea! When?” Jin Chul quietly tells Hyun Suk to take Dong Joo away, he’s ruining my party. But Dong Joo requests a photo with his father, saying that he will work his best to live up to dad’s “Impossible is possible” phrase and also to preserve Grandfather’s legacy.

After Shin Ae left Woo Ri in the bathroom, she also took Woo Ri’s cellphone and wallet. Woo Ri calls Seung Chul for help, and waits outside the building.

In the meanwhile, Dong Joo is surrounded by people, talking and asking him questions. He smiles at them, not sure of the situation until he starts to feel nauseous and asks to leave. On his way out, he brushes past Woo Ri, knocking her (Ma Ru’s) watch to the floor. He falls on his knee and vomits in the garden. Seeing how sick he is, Woo Ri softens and asks him from behind, “Are you okay?” He doesn’t respond so she raises her volume. Silence. Woo Ri touches his shoulder, and Dong Joo turns around. Woo Ri launches her ability to do sign language at him.

Shocked, Dong Joo grabs her wrist saying, “Don’t bug me!” and pulls her to the ground. Dong Joo turns around and see his hyung, Jang Jun Ha (aka Ma Ru). Jun Ha motions that he’s going to the party to which Dong Joo nods.

Woo Ri grabs  Dong Joo’s arm, “Are you the same guy this morning? Wearing headphones? You don’t recognize me? I’m little Mi Sook!” Still feeling nauseous, Dong Joo runs to the male restroom. To calm himself, he covers his ears with his hands and whispers “Koong, Koong, Koong…”

At the celebration, Hyun Suk’s eyes wander here and there, in search of someone. Jun Ha appears and calls out “Mother”. Hyun Suk introduces him as her hidden son jokingly. He is Dr. Jang’s third son, the doctor who is in charge of Dong Joo’s case.

Woo Ri follows beside Dong Joo. He reads her lips and scoffs, “How am I your brother? How could someone like me be your brother?” She is thrown into a daze because those words have been used by Ma Ru before with the same haughty attitude. Oy, this girl.

She chases him into the main hall, where all the important folks are. Woo Ri holds onto Dong Joo’s arm, repeating her name, “Little Mi Sook! I’m little Mi Sook! Are you pretending not to know me?” This is when realization hits Jun Ha as he stares at Woo Ri. Trying to stop the escalating commotion, Hyun Suk steps in and demands the security guards to take this girl out.

At home, Choi Jin Chul argues with Hyun Suk about Dong Joo’s sudden appearance at the party, ruining his glorious moment. He is also annoyed that Jun Ha is also moving in with them.

Inside his room, Dong Joo becomes a baby in the care of Jun Ha. He asks for his medicine but Jun Ha says to endure it, the medication is addictive. When Jun Ha ogles at Dong Joo a second too long, DJ asks, “Why are you staring at me like that? Do you love me?” A scene of bromance follows. Oh goodness, two hot men playing around on a bed like that?!

Woo Ri drops by the Lee’s restaurant to talk with the woman who came by earlier. She is from Wookyoung Group, on a mission to buy the painting done by Young Gyu. Woo Ri refuses to sell her dad’s painting because that company caused the death of her mother. Upon hearing this, the girl screams in her drunk mode that Wookyoung is bad! Go to hell. This girl is hilarious.

Late that night, Jun Ha is having a drink with Hyun Suk, in hopes of helping her sleep instead of relying on sleeping pills. She knows that the girl (Woo Ri) at the celebration is his sister. Jun Ha takes her hand and assures her that she and Dong Joo are his only family members. Watching this scene at the stairs is none other than Dong Joo.

Grandma is again showing signs of old age memory loss, so Seung Chul’s father, Myung Gyun, suggests that Woo Ri takes her to the doctor, specifically a neurological doctor. The drunk girl from the night before offers to help because her boyfriend is a neurosurgeon. She calls someone under the name “Jun Ha”. Dramas and their coincidences.

Next day, Dong Joo follows his step-dad to work, using him as a shield to hide from his mother. In the office, Dong Joo refuses to work in the department he’s assigned to and requests for a change. He wants to do the things he likes. Choi Jin Chul agrees when the door suddenly creaks open and Shin Ae steps in. Dong Joo is surprised and keeps his distance. After he leaves, Shin Ae slams the diamond necklace on the table, insinuating that Jin Chul treats her bad – she is the one who gave him a son!

Jun Ha walks into the hospital and sees them. He pauses for a second, taking in the scene, Grandma is with Woo Ri and Seung Chul. Gaining back his senses, Jun Ha hides from them and picks up a phone call. So the drunk girl from earlier name is Min Soo. She tells him Grandma’s name.

Woo Ri turns just in time to catch Jun Ha looking at her. They lock gaze.

Alice: Ah! So now everyone is out of the cave. Choi Jin Chul, I worry for your days ahead. Both of your sons are against you. Will Jun Ha reunite with Woo Ri? This soon? I don’t think so. This kind of plot always drags on for at least another two weeks.

Shin Ae is one thick-headed woman. What’s the point in her sticking like super glue to Jin Chul, a man who treats her like crap?

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