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I’m practically salivating whenever I think about this drama “Beauties of the Emperor”. It’s still filming so most likely, it will be released in 2012. The Chinese title is “王的女人”. This drama marks the reunion of Ming Dao and Chen Qiao En, one of Taiwanese hottest couples. The two starred in 2005’s highest rated series “Prince Turns to Frog”, which was also the drama that revived my love for Taiwanese entertainment. The plot is cliché and sometimes silly but the chemistry between the two leads motivated me to finish. Heck, I even bought the famous crown ring. haha XD Oh, the good old times.

Ming Dao and Chen Qiao En will shed their idol image to enter the world of ancient goodness! Wahaha!

Briefly, the plot tells the story of the fall of Qin and the rise of Han through the lives of the Empress Lu Zhi and Concubine Yu Ji. [Cfensi].

It will be interesting to see the bubbly Qiao En takes on the role of a powerful and cruel queen Lu Zhi. Some pictures of her: The costumes are eye-catching and colorful but I think it will be hard to wash and maintain. She might as well be mopping the whole kingdom strolling around with these on!

Yuan Shanshan plays Yu Ji

Hu Jing as To Be Announced

Ming Dao as Xiang Yu

Luo Jin as Liu Bang

Other Photos:

Terry Fan Siu Wong & Hu Jing
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Alice: As an ardent fan of MingEn couple, I cannot wait for this! Too pretty, the cast members and the costumes. History was never my favorite subject while I was in school, yet historical dramas keep my blood boiling, and my brain spinning whenever one captures my attention.

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    Alice! I also love MingEn! I just watched two dramas they were in together, Prince Turns To Frog – sooo funny its the best TWdrama i've seen so far and i would watch it again! The second one i just started watching is Ying Ye 3 + 1, which is ok but not as nearly as hilarious as PTTF. After watching those dramas am definitely a fan of those two.
    Am soo looking forward to this one its already at the top of my list. So am guessing Ming Dao is the Emperor then, seems like there's goin to be a sad ending for the couple if Joe Chen is the wicked empress & w/ Ming being the emperor then all the concubines get in the way, its kinda sad/bittersweet but i'll still watch just to see the two of them together again 😀

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    Annette, from what I read, this is going to be a tragic end for MingEn. 🙁  Qiao En is going to marry the first king of the Han Dynasty, Liu Bang. Also, the writer is tweaking the plot by having Lu Zhi and Xiang Yu as lovers in the beginning (probably to put a smile on fans' face [my face!]).

    haha During the "Prince Turns to Frog" franchise, I even bought a towel with a frog on it. I watched that series so many times. XD I didn't watch YY3+1 b/c it looks silly… Someday I will step foot into that drama. heh!

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    I believe the two of them, MingEn, also starred together in "Fated To Love You". That was an interesting love series. From what u tell me, I've gotta go find "Prince Turns Into Frog" now with English subtitles to watch now!

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    My bad. I realized after that I roofed. Fated to love u does not starr MingEn.

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    It's a common mistake K3rrib3rri. It's eerie how similar their features are, especially those dark smexy brows! hehe =D

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     So Ming Dao's the emperor of the Qin & Jo's his empress & when he falls she leaves him for the next emperor? Does Ming die? Am not looking forward to that part, even though Liu  bang is not too bad i still love MingEn. So whose concubine is Yu Ji?

    LOL @ Frog towel! You crack me up! I will watch it again just to see those characters again – the mother the brother and those three hotel workers – the whole cast was just awesome! YY3+1 is kinda silly but its not terribly bad. Ming is actually kinda cool in this one aside from the silliness.

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     BTW did you know that Drunken to love you is supposed to be a sequel/another Fated to love you? When i was reading articles before production on DTLY started they said they would use the same cast of FTLY but i guess they decided not to, or maybe the cast of FTLY had busy schedules? Do you know?

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    Annette, from what I read Ming Dao's character (Xiang Yu) is a general/military leader who overthrew the Qin dynasty. Liu Bang then became emperor. So we might see some bromance in war time! Read more historical info of him: &

    Here's another article of Xiang Yu and Liu Bang:

    Can't believe I'm interested in history all of a sudden. This beats all my history classes for sure!

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    Honestly, I'm not a fan of FTLY, I cringed at the overused storyline… And yes, DTLY is the spinoff/second installment. From what I read, the original cast can't film due to scheduling conflicts.

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    I also got caught up in Korean history when i started watching all those historical dramas i can even tell you the history of and the links between the kings in the dramas, from SS, Dong Yi, Yi San, King Geunchogo, Jumong etc. i loved learning all about it and i would google for hours on end trying to find out more behind the stories and then relate them to the dramas

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     I also don't understand the noise around FTLY. I didn't think it was that good, not that its bad but people make it seem as it was the best dramas ever. It had its nice moments but most of the time i was irritated espec by the pregnant sister! She's annoying and pregnant in every drama she's in! Am glad that they changed the cast cos i can not stand another FTLY, and i found Bianca Bai's voice wierd, didn't really gel with her character.

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    HAHA! Pregnant in every drama! OMG! Annette, my ramen noodle! XD

    It's always nice to see different actors and actresses! Leave room for the newbies!

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