[Download] Thorn Birds OST


— Various Artistes Soundtrack —
01. Let Us Here – Beige & SG Wannabe’s Lee Suk Hoon
02. I Knew People – SG Wannabe
03. He is Leaving (New Ver.) – Lee So Ra
04. Someone – Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha
05. My Everything – 4Phone
06. He is Leaving (Original) – Lee So Ra
07. Someone (Orchstra Ver.) – Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha
08. Memory of Alca
09. 라임나무 (Lime Tree)
10. The Thorn Birds
11. If I see you again
12. Black
13. Scar
14. Desperate
15. May
16. Suspect
17. Regret

Various Artistes Soundtrack Download

Alice: Erm…Google Translate is here folks. If you haven’t watched the happy together episode with the cast yet, I advise you too. It’s funny and you get to see the real Kim Min Jung. So adorable!

Anyway, I’m not sure if this compiled soundtrack has all the songs released in parts. I’ll update as I find more stuff.

  1. 9 thoughts on “[Download] Thorn Birds OST

    Good day Alice!

    Don't know if you remember me. Thorn Birds is my 1st korean drama ^_^

    I'm really pleased to be the 1st to comment here.

    I love this show! Love your

  2. 9 thoughts on “[Download] Thorn Birds OST

    I remember you Eagle! ^_^ Have you finished Thorn Birds? What's on your agenda for the second korean drama? heehee

  3. 9 thoughts on “[Download] Thorn Birds OST

    Hehehehehehe…thanks for remembering me! *touched*

    Planning to watch the Dream High as you and everyone here have been loving it so much! It's like so many drama but so little time! I'm going to be stuck in the house over the weekends since there's so many dramas out there!

    I'm watching Thorn Birds very slowly. I'm watching until the episode where SangWook confessed to HyeJin. I'm so looking forward to the next episode tmw and see what happens. There are some characters there that I feel like strangling them hahahahaha…

  4. 9 thoughts on “[Download] Thorn Birds OST

    thanks alice, i've been waiting for this ost

  5. 9 thoughts on “[Download] Thorn Birds OST

    haha, trust me, the moment you start watching, the dramas are just going to pile up. =P

    Watching dramas slowly is a game of patience. I usually just want to marathon all the episodes.

    Yay! I'm glad you're considering Dream High! Must must watch!

  6. 9 thoughts on “[Download] Thorn Birds OST

    i've been waiting for this ost too especially let us here and my everything..

  7. 9 thoughts on “[Download] Thorn Birds OST

    Thanks, this is very good drama:)

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