Ada Choi gives birth to Baby Girl

HONG KONG: Hong Kong actress Ada Choi’s husband Max Zhang announced Thursday that Choi had given birth to their first child, a baby girl on Wednesday.

“Yesterday, May 11, my wife safely delivered our daughter. The baby is cute and healthy.

Apart from gratitude, there is only more gratitude. Apart from happiness, there is only more happiness. Thank you everyone for your concern,” said Zhang in a micro blog post on Thursday.

He accompanied his post with a photo of himself, Choi and their newborn daughter. Zhang, 36, and Choi, 37, dated for four and a half years before getting married in 2008.

Choi had called her pregnancy “a surprise” last December and revealed that they had originally wanted to wait another two years before having a child.

The actress also said that she will continue to work after giving birth to her child, though she would take a month-long break to recuperate.

Alice: Congrats to Ada and Max! It’s such a heart-warming news! Ada met Max on the set of drama “Paradise” where Ada played the love interest of Yu Bo’s character, Tong Bo . I remember shipping them so hard! When news of Ada’s marriage with Max broke out in 2008, I was a bit taken aback because Ada had sizzling chemistry with Yu Bo, however, she only has eyes for the second brother (Max played Tong Xin) off screen. 😉

Nostalgia hits me because slowly, many actresses that I grew up watching, are getting married, having kids, and some are retiring from the entertainment industry. It’s not a bad thing, but I just….missed them.

They look blissful together!

[Source Credit: Channel News Asia, Wedding Pics Credit as tagged, Tungstar]

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