[Teaser] Kim Jong Min’s Solo Debut Song

…This teaser is A.W.E.S.O.M.E. My type of song! Intense, emotionally-driven, and meaningful. The one-minute teaser had me teary. The intro piano sets the tone immediately, follows by a round of criticisms he has received over the years. The song title is “Oppa, Stay Strong”. T_T

Alice: I think there’s only one road for this song: it’s going to break my heart. Kim Jong Min is one of the most hard-working people out there. He doesn’t have the best looks but he tries his best in everything, including making jokes out of himself. It’s his endearing presence that I embrace, so earnest and sincere. It kills me to hear people criticizing him. If you’ve watched Love Letter and X-Man, then I’m sure you know those were his shining days. Missed those shows. I discovered many stars there.

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    i know exactly how you feel i really loved watching him in the old shows but now that hes come back from the army hes changed a bit but i still find him incredibly lovable so i feel so bad for him cuz hes been getting a lot of criticism since hes come back ): i cant wait for his song though i hope itll show a new side of him and really WOW ppl (: <3333

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    I agree so much with you about this teaser…it sounds amazing and it also sounds like our hearts are going to break!! I got to love him way back in X-man too, he's always been so loveable and sweet and it's nice to see this slightly different side of him too…I'm dying to hear this full song!

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    xxxxrosemxxx, I know! People have so much expectations for him when he returned…I think he got pressured and therefore sometimes his performance appears choppy and forced. But I still love him! He was so natural back then. Give the man some time folks! 🙂

    Wee Rainbow, me and you both, loved Love Letter and Xman! Dying to see this song and how people would react to it!

    Here's a second teaser…the same as the first teaser but they added a quick humor to the end. Adorable!


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    OH MY GOODNESS! Totally! I can't believe it…so different from what it seemed like it was gonna be! Have you seen the MV yet? THE SUITS!

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    I just saw it Maggie…!! The plaid! >.<

    This song is nice too..but the teaser version sounds so AWESOME.

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