Kdrama: New Tales of the Gisaeng OST


— Part 1 —
01. 몽연 – Miji
02. 여악지가 – Miji

— Part 2 —
01. Song of Passion – Kim Shin Ah

— Part 3 —
01. Love Is Cruel And Written – Rumble Fish

— Part 4 —
01. Song of Passion – Oh Hyun Ran

— Various Artistes — *Contains all previously released songs
01. 몽연 (국악 ver.)
02. 연정가
03. 사랑은 잔인하게 쓰여진다
04. 연정가
05. 몽연
06. 여악지가(女樂之哥)
07. 예인(藝人)
08. 지지않는 꽃
09. 부용각
10. 련(戀)
11. 재회(再會)
12. The Promise
13. 숨바꼭질
14. 해오름달
15. 나비의 춤

Download Various Artistes♦ *REUP 11.25.14

Alice: I’m not watching this drama right now but the soundtrack has romanced my ears. heehee. Plus, this drama benefits a great deal from positive word of mouth. Two of my friends are enjoying it.

Translation is welcomed and appreciated! ^_^

  1. 11 thoughts on “Kdrama: New Tales of the Gisaeng OST

    Very good drama! A must watch and the OST gave me chills…

  2. 11 thoughts on “Kdrama: New Tales of the Gisaeng OST

    Annette, I need to vent about our main heroin, Sa Ran. I think I'm in the minority when I say I can't connect and feel for Sa Ran. Hence I hope for your opinion. I stopped at the episode when they killed off grandpa. That was just so tragic. After CH, I can't take so many deaths at the same time. Oh why, WHY did kill him? If it was merely to stop him from doing the DNA testing, then I'm really mad at the writers. Cruel is thy name!

    As for Sa Ran, She seems so bland…and her comments regarding Sa Mo's family issues irk me. It's like she's convinced she's right in every aspect and doesn't think it from Sa Mo's point of view. I know she lost a mother but that doesn't guarantee that her opinion is right. She's so obstinate. And the only time when she's actually showing some other facial expressions is when she's with Sa Mo. Everybody else gets the same face.

    Gong Ju is my favorite girl EVER! (how many times do I have to say this? =D) She's a joy to watch. How she stands up for Sa Ran against RR despite not knowing the full story is so satisfying! She and Sohn Ja need to become an item as soon as possible.

    I don't like Gong Ju's mother and her crude thoughts. But if you strip all those, she's actually a decent person. She loves Sa Ran's appa and has been treating SR nicely from the beginning (before she knows about SM). But now she's pushing SR to become a gisaeng..so I'm not letting her off the hook yet.

    Ra Ra is a spoiled princess but I like her straightforward personality. Whatever she's thinking is displayed right on her face. Her fleeting moment with Sohn Ja is hilarious. She clicks right with him. Looking forward to their storyline but please Sohn Ja is Gong Ju's man!

    That is all for now. 🙂

  3. 11 thoughts on “Kdrama: New Tales of the Gisaeng OST

    Alice, i just love the way you're so into the drama and the characters! Hahaha!

    Trust me i was just as mad as you were when they killed off the grandpa, it was like the grandma's death was bad enough. I don't think his death was just to keep the truth of SR's birth under wraps, but also a catalyst for new plotlines/new direction – you will see this in the coming episodes.

    I think you're not the first person to say they don't connect with SaRan. As for SaRan, i think she's supposed to be kinda like that as a reflection of her experiences, although i am a little hesitant to peg her character on just it being shaped life, it could be that she's a little like that and maybe her experiences reinforced it. Think about her relationship with her step-mom, who caused the family to be in the situation they're in, a very materialistic woman – forces her daughter to take horse riding lessons to increase her chances of catching a rich man, who doesn't really care for her – i think SaRan can feel/sense that insincerity. She has to hold her own against the rich friends and that social circle who might think they're better than her. The comments she makes about Damo/his family i don't think are from a know-i-all/ perspective, she is a smart girl and she tells it like it is, maybe such straightforwardness can be a bit blunt at times but i don't think its intentional that she's not looking at it from his point of view. Notice how Damo also just sees things from his view only and she's only presenting things from an aspect different from his, not necessarily to criticize him or his family (haven't seen the scenes you're referring to in a while so i'm a bit fuzzy on the details).  She doesn't wear her heart on her sleeve, she's a guarded person and doesn't show her emotions easily. But, as you mentioned, she's different when she's with Damo which shows her heart opening/responding to him. It shows a deep connection because Damo is able to get far enough to affect her in such a way she reveals her normally veiled emotions, whether its anger or affection.

    I think Gong Ju is adorable! I like her too, she's my kinda girl and its sad they didn't really utilize her that much in this drama. Unfortunately she had to wind up with a mother like that. I can't stand her mom and trust me neither will you will in the coming eps.

    At the beginning i was not into RaRa but i just could not hate her, i think its all thanks to the actress herself. i came to like her as the drama progresses

  4. 11 thoughts on “Kdrama: New Tales of the Gisaeng OST

    heeeeeeheeeeeee Annette, this drama might just kill me.

    Grandma's death was so sudden that I didn't FEEL anything. I thought my heart was cruel. Then I saw Grandpa dying….He died not finishing the task! Cruel. Cruel. CRUEL Writers!

    I see where you're coming from with Saran buh she's on my radar for sure… She doesn't have to hang out with her friends really, the forceful expression whenever she picks up RR's phone call…isn't sincere at all. Their other girl friends seem to like SR more than RR but she still doesn't "show" anything other than "I'm here because you guys call me" expression.  I would be angry if she were my friend! 'Cause the girl is like a walking zombie! =D

    SR better have more scenes with Damo..because she's like a different person, more emotive, despite knowing her friends longer, studying in the same dance school and all.

    I can't seem to hate RR either. When she sits down and actually listens to SR's story, and then suggests they go drink to get over the heartbreak, I was grinning "Yea, girl, I like you!"

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    I know what you mean about SR not having to hang out with her friends if she doesn't want to, but i think those seem like the only ones she's got since they had classes together, and a girl does need her social life. For the most part they do get along fine, SR has some conflict/tension with RR cos, RR is insecure around SR and tries to put her down, in a sense, to make herself feel better. SR has the talent for dance, which RR doesn't, and of course the boy she liked chose SR over her. She thinks she is/should be better than SR cos she's rich and beautiful, but SR is also beautiful, talented and smart. RR's  tactics to put SR might be what irks SR and hence the reactions you see.

    Don't worry you will see alot of SR and DM since their story drives most of the plot/drama. But i guess the difference you see between her being with the friends she's known longer and DM is that connection that she made with DM. Notice she's a reserved person but that changes when DM comes into the picture.

    Didn't you just love the scene of the young Dr. Geum and Soon Deok when they first met? I think they looked so cute, i wanted to see more of their past.

    I notice you haven't mentioned "Andre" – that man and his dog! smh! And DM's mom used to really tick me off the way she let her husband walk over her like that. It was a bad habit she let her husband get away with for a long time, but she was probably groomed to be like that by her mother.

  6. 11 thoughts on “Kdrama: New Tales of the Gisaeng OST


    I'm sad to read that they don't really use her character. That stinks Annette!  In episode 18, it's so cute how he says,

    SJ: "Let me be your model so you don't run into problems later."
    GJ: "What if the girls start chasing after you like crazy?"
    SJ: "That's easy, I'll tell them I'm taken." *looks at GJ*
    GJ: "Take a look at me. Do you think I will succeed?"
    SJ: *squints his eyes* "Yes! Cause someone special will help you. That special person is Sohn Ja!" *GJ smiles*

    The lines are pretty cheesy but WHY am I giggling like an idiot? They're so natural together.

    SR's dad is starting to annoy me. I can't believe he complies with step-mother so early into the game.

    RR's step parents are getting a divorce? 0_0 Really, that man is pretty charming when he was young…maybe that's why all 3 ladies are smitten. RR's reaction to the truth impressed me. I thought she would be floored by it but she's actually level-headed throughout the scene and thinks of the situation rationally.

    I like RR's real parents as they seem to genuinely care about each other. But why are they asking for money from Grandpa? The dad is a plastic surgeon, shouldn't he be like mega rich?

    My heart is totally ripped when Grandma daydreams of grandpa….still laying next to her, and playing the "bunny bunny" game. So sad. T____T

    haha Annette, I haven't mentioned ANDRE but rest assured, every now and then I would laugh like an idiot over "ANDRRREEEEE, Daddy is home!" I can definitely see why Damo is angry. He unknowingly refers to the dog as his brother too! XD Damo's mother is literally a carpet for her husband. Does she change over 50+ episodes or remains the same?

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    may i request for a re-upload of this drama’s ost? the music is really good n i especially like the ones played by the traditional instruments. this drama is also superb, though it gets a little =.=” near the end. thank you so much! ^^

  8. 11 thoughts on “Kdrama: New Tales of the Gisaeng OST

    Any chance to reupload this please?

    • 11 thoughts on “Kdrama: New Tales of the Gisaeng OST

      Ah, lucky, I still have this soundtrack. Uploaded the Various Artists Part, containing all previously released songs. No Title translations though. T_T

      • 11 thoughts on “Kdrama: New Tales of the Gisaeng OST

        arghhhh thank you, thank you ^ ^

        now what’s left is the queen in hyun’s man VA instrumental version, it said released today
        ohh can’t wait to hear it

  9. 11 thoughts on “Kdrama: New Tales of the Gisaeng OST

    can you reupload the full ost? i want to download it to the death

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