[Download] Hwang Jin Yi OST


01. Gisaeng – Kim Jong Eun
02. Bad Guy – Baek Ji Young
03. A Flower’s Petal
04. Wind in the Reeds
05. Dear, Darling – Choi Hye Jin
06. An Artist’s Path
07. Passion
08. Fate – KCM
09. Gisaeng – Choi Hye Jin
10. Bad Person (Inst.)
11. Dear, Darling (Inst.)
12. Great Love
13. Gisaeng (AKA: An Evening Flower)
14. A New Leaf
15. Tears – Kim Dong Buk
16. Gisaeng (only by expression. literally it means A Pretentious Flower or A Flower Who Never Gives Up Her Heart)

Download the Soundtrack here

Translated by our member, Ji Hye. 🙂

Alice: Another Sageuk soundtrack… Kim Jae Won (He has returned from military service! YAY!!) was in this drama? And the young Jang Geun Suk?  Added to my watch list. heh. Judging solely on the music, I’m hooked already, you know me and my historical ballads!

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    i watch it already it was aspirational

  2. 4 thoughts on “[Download] Hwang Jin Yi OST

    i tempted to watch just for JGS… =P that n i liked Hong Gil Dong and Sangkyukuan Scandal…. But it would kinda suck if JGS is only in say…. 3-4 episodes.. =P… can anyone give a hint of how big a part he plays??

  3. 4 thoughts on “[Download] Hwang Jin Yi OST

    JGS last scene was in episode 8.. but cant rem he start in episode 1 or 2..

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    I cannot download this OST.. Is it removed?
    If possible, please check and give me a direction…

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