Kdrama: Damo OST


01. Fate – Kim Sang Min
02. A Grove Of Japanese Apricot Blossom – Lee Geun Young
03. A Song Of Sorrow – Kim Bum Soo
04. Pipe Solo – Manos Vafeiadis
05. A Song Of Devotion – Page
06. Oboe Solo – Lee Geun Young
07. Destiny 2 – Kim Sang Min
08. Adagio (Instru) – Lee Geun Young
09. The Last Haven – Jo Kwan Woo
10. Fate – Instru – Jung Ki Song
11. A Song Of Sorrow (With The Strings)(Inst.) – Pyo Gun Soo
12. A Song Of Devotion (On Guitar)(Ballad/Inst.) – Pyo Gun Soo
13. Destiny 2 (Ballad/Inst.) – The Strings
14. The Last Haven (Instru) – Yang Jung Seung
15. Damo Opening Song

Download Soundtrack Here

Alice: Secret Garden has turned me into a lunatic, looking high and low to watch Damo (ep.7 now, but I have to stop for my own sanity. heh). What’s more? Damo has a stunning soundtrack. I didn’t realize that “A Song of Devotion” and “A Song of Sorrow” have been in my ballad collection for quite a while… 😉

Also, I think Ha Ji Won has anti-aging potion. She looks the SAME, only prettier. Gah!

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    Hiya! I have not seen this (but it sounds like a heart jerker. Can you refer to where I can watch it at? Thank You for posting the episodes you have on your site. You're one of my reason for having a Megaupload subscription.

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    Thank You! I will try it. If you find a site where you can also download the episode, let me know! Thanks again! Not sure how I am going to do with any melodrama. LOL.

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    I really like ha ji won eonni <3his plays are now being aired in the wrong one TV station in the country.
    I think Damo is a new drama ha ji won eonni after drama Hwang Jin Yi but it's far fromthat year.
    I will also feel the face ha ji won eonni not changed even more beautiful now.daebak,ha ji won eonnie <3<3!!!

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    i just watched DAMO, and i loved it. do you know english translation for song of sorrow?

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