[Kdrama] Baker King, Kim Tak Gu Special Subbed!

– I found it! Was browsing through youtube and landed on this precious channel! Don’t mind the name but a channel which goes by the name fuckyeahyoonshiyoon has subbed 4 parts of Baker‘s special already! It’s hilarious and I’m totally on Manager Han’s side now…I meant the actor. The man got humor!

Part 1: Joo Won: “I’m more innocent?” hahaha!

Part 2: I love everyone’s reaction to the scenes in the drama! Joo Won in the small box mimicking his young counterpart and calling Tak Gu a beggar is adorable. Joo Won: “You, be my woman!” *melts* Eeeekk And then we have Seo In Sook’s outburst, “Ma Joon, YOU!” and Mi Sun’s “Tak Gu-ah!” Aww! Last but not least Yoon Shi Yoon thanks “Giving hope from the bottom…” I die!

Part 3: Poor little Tagku, it’s his debut role, and without prior experience, he was slapped for real by Seo In Sook. But I loved that scene. Very well-executed. Lee Young Ah picked Joo Won as the mood-maker…hehe remember Ma Jun’s cute flirting?

Part 4: Well, I don’t know about ‘chu’ guys but Joo Won can sing me to sleep every night. Heck!

Alice: Part 5 is still in the midst of subbing but do drop by the person’s channel to thank her! And please do not rush the subber, she’s doing all this by herself.

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    thanks for sharing this 🙂

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    wonderful. thanks a lot!

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