DBSK’s Duo Comeback on Music Bank

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I rarely talk about my love for Kpop, so here is some spazzing of my favorite boy band and the drama surrounding them.

♦ DBSK’s Title Song: Why (Keep Your Head Down) – Now, let me go down the list:
1. Hot? SMOKING!
2. Intense? Check!
3. Fierce? Their eyes and voices burn through my laptop screen!
4. Sexy? Do I even need to go through this?
5. Vocals? Improvement in Yunho’s husky voice, ChangMin nailed his high notes.
6. Awesome Comeback? Check.Check.Check!

My favorite parts of their performance? How the level of intensity and fierceness increased as they performed! Towards the end, I was totally gripping on my chair cause ChangMin let loose. He was drilling holes with his dang uneven eyes. It blew other performances out of the water. Awesome!

ChangMin’s “Now I’m just chilling, feel like I’m healing!” kills me! It sounds much better live than the CD version. I always hear “killing” instead of healing. heh.

And why did the cameraman filmed the BACK when they were doing the funny “Wicki, wicki” dance? On a brighter note, you can see the red sea in the audience. Long time no see!!

I know this picture brings in other thoughts, but if you take their condition into consideration, this shows their insecurity, vulnerability, and strength for the future days. Same goes for the gentle boys JYJ. Fans, don’t divide the fandom!

And finally the drama that has been going on: It’s heart-breaking. To see Korea’s biggest fandom fighting among each other. I read rumours that many fancafes in Korea have decided to boycott HoMin’s album. And I’m like… What? Are they on crack? What are they achieving by doing so? SM sure won’t be losing in profit when they have Super Junior, SNSD, F(x), and Shinee pulling in the ching ching. By doing so, you’re hurting HoMin, the members of DBSK. When JYJ have their comeback, fans were supportive, why can’t they do the same here?

Although I enjoy watching drama, this drama, I don’t approve and won’t be taking a part in. DBSK introduced me to Kpop back in 2005. They were and still ARE my favorite boy band. I hate reading twisted stories the reporters make up and fans showing their hypocrisy. JYJ have their reasons for leaving SM entertainment, and HoMin have their reasons for staying. And we, as outsiders, know NOTHING to judge their decision. A true Cassiopeia supports all five of them. If you support one side, fine – do so, but please stay away from badmouthing the other side. It’s pointless and utterly childish.

What they need, all five of them, is our support and not the slander in our voice and words. I don’t want to hear people’s talk, I want to hear their honest confession. I say put them five on Strong Hearts as soon as possible. With the wars on twitter, things are getting out of hand..and uglier!

Over-analyzing the lyrics to their title song won’t help you get a “A” in class, so why do it? 95% of Kpop love songs have the same content for crying out loud. Keeping tracks of their fingers won’t make you look smarter either, so why do it? If one of them holds up ten fingers, are we talking about DBSK + their clones? Pshhh.

Assumptions.Bias.Stubbornness.Mistrust. Rivalry = Not helpful.

The only thing we fans can do is HOPE for a better future, that them five can perform together again. AKTF! And if you forgot why you love these guys or how explosive they are…watch this fanmade video:

  1. 9 thoughts on “DBSK’s Duo Comeback on Music Bank

    <3 I need to read more stuff/rants like yours
    It makes all the awful posts about the fandom splitting seem irrelevant

  2. 9 thoughts on “DBSK’s Duo Comeback on Music Bank

    I think this is the best comment i reading so far ^^ Agreed with what you had said.

  3. 9 thoughts on “DBSK’s Duo Comeback on Music Bank

    You think the same as me. (:

  4. 9 thoughts on “DBSK’s Duo Comeback on Music Bank

    No problem girls, the boys need our support more than ever! ^_^

  5. 9 thoughts on “DBSK’s Duo Comeback on Music Bank

    More fans should be like you! I was so worried about HoMin's comeback, knowing the intense hatred they received in the past months… I wish the fans could give the same amount of love and support to them as to JYJ. All 5 of them deserved it with their hard work.
    What do you think about their new album by the way?

  6. 9 thoughts on “DBSK’s Duo Comeback on Music Bank


    I haven't heard of their other album songs yet. But from what I'm hearing on the music shows, I'm impressed with how the company handles the songs. It emphasizes on the boys' strengths. With only two members left, HoMin have a lot to do in 4 minutes. The intense choreography and an increase in stamina must have been exhausting for them. All in all, I'm happy with what I'm hearing, (I'm a ballad girl but their songs pump me up!). ^_^

    What are your thoughts?

  7. 9 thoughts on “DBSK’s Duo Comeback on Music Bank

    It breaks my heart to find bad news about these 5 guys, I've always admire their earnest drive and momentum, but their managements have torn and divide such wholesomeness. Nothing more despising than divide and conqueror. Hail for the days of united peace.

  8. 9 thoughts on “DBSK’s Duo Comeback on Music Bank


    I was pleasantly surprised by their album. I always trusted in their talent, but I was wondering what their sound as a duo would be like. And I like it very much! It's clear for me that they spent a lot of effort on this album. I enjoy listening to it.
    The new songs might not touch me as deeply as many of their old ones, but it's great nonetheless.
    And I'm very satisfied with their performances, their charisma, their improved singing and dancing skills.
    Have you already heard the album?

  9. 9 thoughts on “DBSK’s Duo Comeback on Music Bank

    @Soleil Finally, I have heard of all the songs. I have to say other than Keep Your Head Down, Maximum, my favorite is "She", followed by "Athena" and "Confession". Me too, I really miss their breath-taking songs.

    Late Congratulations to the boys for winning on music shows!!

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