[Summary] Baker King, Kim Tak Gu Episode 7 & 8

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Scary sight…isn’t it? hehe!

Recap: Episode 7:

Remember the gangsters that Tak Gu beat the heck out last episode? They report back to their Boss about Tak Gu’s search – a guy with a windmill tattoo. Seeing how his minions got beat up, the Boss lures Tak Gu in with a bait – whereabouts of the windmill tattoo guy. Something to note, this boss also has a tattoo on his forearm.

Upon meeting, Tak Gu demands to know the whereabouts of his mother, Kim Mi Sun. When the boss laughs and says he doesn’t know anything relating to his mom, Tak Gu launches forward to give Wang Ba some painful punches. Totally defeated by Tak Gu, Wang Ba explains, “I met this guy in jail seven years ago who had a windmill tattoo. I thought it was cool so I got one too. But mine is different, it has a line.” Disappointed, Tak Gu lowers his voice, “You really don’t know where my mom is? You really don’t know…so where is he?” Wang Ba: “I heard he was released a long time ago and he’s working at a bakery in Incheon. The place is called Pal Bong Bakery.” As he’s saying all this, Wang Ba sneaks an attack on Tak Gu with a chair, unfortunately, his butt is handed to him. he!

At Pal Bong Bakery, we get to meet new characters, plots, and romances….
The owner is a man with great strength and respect for bread, Yang In Mok (top left). His daughter is Yang Mi Sun (top right). His father-in-law is known as Master Pal Bong, the same old man that saved Tak Gu twelve years ago and the master of Tak Gu’s father, President Il Jong. Master Pal Bong has 4 students – his granddaughter – Mi Sun, Choi Jin Gu (bottom left), Heo Gap Soo (bottom right, center guy), and Ko Jae Bok (bottom right, last guy).

While everyone is busy preparing ingredients for the day, Mi Sun scurries to the back room to taste her newly made cake. Unfortunately, she is caught by In Mok (her father). From her reaction, it is safe to assume that deduction to her salary happens often due to her running off in working hours. Mi Sun genuinely asks her father to taste her new cream cake, however, he knocks the cake on the floor, totally stomping on her pride. Mi Sun declares she’s not working today because she’s not in the mood, and leaves.

Outside, she trips over a body – Kim Tak Gu, who fainted in front of the bakery. Alarmed, she let out a scream to alert the others. Her dad and his crew rush down, and Gap Soo checks Tak Gu’s pulse to see if he’s alive. He is.

Now we get a glimpse at the Koo’s place. Seo In Sook returns after her brief vacation, and becomes annoyed when Manager Han isn’t the one picking her up, so she goes straight to President Il Jong’s office, to his dismay. The female instincts tell me she purposely hugs Il Jong, as we know how their relationship is to spite Manager Han…Like always, the president gives her a cold shoulder. In Sook continues babbling on about Ma Jun, who is currently studying in Japan.

Manager Han takes over Il Jong’s place to express his worry and happiness upon her return. In Sook doesn’t give a look his way and states, “Ma Jun is missing. I went to Japan to check on him but he disappeared after he’s enrolled there. We need to find him before the company’s anniversary party next week.”

We find out that Ma Jun had a brief phone talk with Manager Han, telling him that he would be gone for a while: “I’ll go to a place where even ajusshi can’t find me. Don’t panic like mom.” He’s going to take the exam held by Master Pal Bong at his bakery. Oh, what fate! Tak Gu is there also!

And Tak Gu is recovering under Mi Sun’s care. In his half-sleep mode, Tak Gu dreams of his mother, and cries. He wakes up, annoyed her concerning questions, and barks, “It’s none of your business, concern from someone I’ve just met is something I strongly reject!” Oi, you rude kid! He quickly stands up, just to realize he’s not wearing anything except for his short shorts. Hilariously, he wraps the blanket around his waist and exclaims, “What have you done to me?” The short argument ends with Mi Sun kicking Tak Gu in his shin and demands the guy to leave her house immediately. haha XD Looking for an exit, Tak Gu totters around the house, being wrapped chest-down, until the smell of bread catches his nose.

He looks out the window, happy to have found Pal Bong Bakery, across the street from this house. The bakery crew is unloading and carrying bags of flour when Tak Gu notices the man with a windmill tattoo among them. Feeling rush, he struggles into the bakery’s uniform and stumbles his way down.

Tak Gu barges into the bakery kitchen, and very rudely checks out Jae Bok’s arm. As no tattoo is found, he shoves Jae Bok to the side and moves his attention to Jin Gu. Before his arm can make any contact, In Mok, bigger in size and stronger in build, flips Tak Gu back. In Mok warns, “I won’t forgive a person who uses violence in my place. The person you’re looking for is not here! Get out.”

Once Tak Gu’s kicked outside, he makes his way to the front entrance just to be thrown out easily again by In Mok. In Mok: “If you dare barge in here again, I will call the police and have them send you to jail! Try me!” Knowing that this will jeopardize his chance, Tak Gu slums to the ground, revealing his reason earnestly:


Tak Gu: “Please let me inside, Ajusshi. Only when I see that person will I be able to find my mom. Twelve years…Over the past twelve years, in order to find that person, I was like a lunatic. I have search all over Korea. I’ve done everything. I was roaming around like a dog, looking for one person. Please let me find that guy, only when I find that guy will I be able to see my mom. I clearly saw that person, I can’t just leave like this…Please ajusshi, I only need to meet that person and ask where my mom is.”

We can see that this heartfelt speech makes In Mok waver, but his determination to protect his friend is definitely stronger as he repeats, “The person you’re looking for is not here. Go back and live your life.” Refusing to leave, Tak Gu kneels in front of Pal Bong bakery.

Making her new cake in the kitchen, Mi Sun is reminded of Tak Gu, who is still kneeling outside, late into the night. After thinking about it carefully, Jin Gu decides to head out and reveals himself. He is stopped short by In Mok who reminds him not to be reckless about this matter, “You still have a sibling to take care of.”

Next morning, Seo In Sook is reading the newspaper, and her two grown-up daughters arrive. She berates her older daughter, Ja Kyung, for working over time, and her younger daughter, Ja Rim, for coming home late. Seo In Sook calls for Ja Kyung’s presence tomorrow at noon, to meet up with the second son of a Construction company. When the latter refuses to go, she adds in slyly, “They are looking for an investor. Who knows, if you two become closer, they can actually help with our company’s financial stance.”

Ja Rim wonders to her mom, “Who’s Koo Hyung Jun? I found out at school that I have another brother.” Good lord, Seo In Sook makes her way to Il Jong’s study room, feeling indignant that he has put that boy in their family registry without her permission. Challenging her, he says, “If I have to fight you about this matter, I will. Let’s give it a try.” HOHOHO!

Back at the Bakery, In Mok’s wife and Master Pal Bong return home after paying a visit to In Mok’s mother’s grave. She smashes herself against the wall upon seeing a handsome Seo Tae Jo, about to munch down his sandwich. Embarrassed, he quickly stands up and explains that he’s here for the exam. Nodding her head, she continues ogling at him, asking for his name, age, parents, and comments, “That boy is a fine specimen!” with In Mok staring down at her – incredulous.

Still kneeling outside of the bakery, people think Tak Gu is a beggar and casually fling out several coins. In the midst of everything, an old man approaches Tak Gu and covers the boy from the blazing sun with his umbrella. The old man a.k.a Master Pal Bong asks, “Who are you and why are you kneeling in front of someone’s bakery?” Exhausted, Tak Gu mumbles, “There’s someone I need to look for in there…the guy with the windmill tattoo.” This rings a bell in Master Pal Bong’s memory, as his hand reaches out to turn Tak Gu’s face to him. He remembers the child from twelve years ago…”Don’t tell me, you come all this way here? Over the past 10 years, you’re still looking for that guy?”

Touched by Tak Gu’s persistence over the years, Master Pal Bong reveals there are two ways to enter the bakery: 1. To buy bread. 2. To learn how to make bread.

Inside, everybody looks perplexed when Master Pal Bong arrives and announces that this lad (Tak Gu) will take the exam since he’s helped me carry the heavy bags. Everyone opposes to the outrageous idea but Master Pal Bong silences them. Tak Gu takes this chance to smile smugly and for the first time, I feel like wiping off that smirk…he really irks me right now. Gahhh!

Manager Han opens President Il Jong’s door to find it empty. To his dismay, the secretary informs that the president has left an hour ago, without telling him. It turns out the president has a meeting with gangster Wang Ba, to look for Tak Gu.

The scene flickers back to the Yang’s household, where the two guys – Ma Jun disguises as Seo Tae Jo and Tak Gu – take the preliminary exam in order to be accepted into the Bakery as students.

Recap: Episode 8:

At the gangster den, Boss doesn’t feel shame as he states that these injuries on his face were caused by Tak Gu. Coolly, President Il Jong asks what he wants. Boss Wang Ba arrogantly suggests, “Maybe give me a leg or an arm. Can you do that? Then I’ll tell you where he is.” To his surprise, the President appears unfazed, “I’ll give you everything you want. In exchange, just tell me where he is.”

This conversation is interrupted by another gang barging in and we see President Il Jong swiftly unbuttons his suit. Maybe it’s just only me, by I find this small gesture pretty sexy! What happens next? A fight ensues!

Manager Han arrives at the hospital, his face filled with worry, and it actually looks believable! The fact that President Il Jong went on his own tells us two things: 1. He doesn’t fully trust Manager Han who is always eavesdropping on him and In Sook. 2. He wants to actually do something, instead of waiting at home for news. Manager Han offers to help, and President Il Jong turns around, “Then you would have found him? Do you truly mean that?” It turns out that the gang who was sent to attack was called in by Manager Han. Ohhh, this man is getting scarier each episode. He successfully captures Boss Wang Ba and beats Tak Gu’s location out of him. Poor dude, if only you haven’t acted like you can take a toll.

Moving along, the objective of this exam: Taste the bread in the given basket, and select the right dough that makes it. Seo Tae Jo begins first, taking small bites of the bread and then each of the presenting dough. Next to him, Tak Gu, is unsure how to proceed, but finally starts his sniffing skill.

Results: Seo Tae Jo writes down #4, while Tak Gu, being pressured by Mi Sun, jots down #5. The interesting thing is that #5 doesn’t mean Dough #5 because Tak Gu means all five dough. As he explains, all five doughs have the same smell as the bread. Master Pal Bong announces that #4 is the correct answer. However, he drops another bomb of the day by saying Tak Gu’s answer isn’t wrong either because the doughs here are all made from the same ingredient, the only difference is the maturing times. In a crude way, Tak Gu exclaims, “Then you mean I can eat, sleep and poo in this house?” Unexpected is Master Pal Bong’s same response. haha XD

At the end of the exam, Master Pal Bong asks for Tak Gu’s name, in which he proudly announces it to be “Kim. Tak. Gu.” each syllable piercing right through Ma Jun.

Yang Mi Sun shows the boys to their room, explaining the daily routines, all the while getting questions from Tak Gu, but her eyes are fixed on Seo Tae Jo, the very fine specimen! haha. Finally, she introduces herself as Yang Mi Sun. Tak Gu is incredulous at her name (like his mother’s name), and very meanly comments, “Yah! Do you think your name and face match?” Trying her best to converse with Seo Tae Jo, she ends up kicking Tak Gu in the shin again. Good job girl, show that scrawny guy some manners!

Inside their room, Tak Gu throws curious questions at Seo Tae Jo while he’s unpacking. The latter can’t stand his babbling any longer and lays down some rules: 1. Don’t start conversation whenever you like. 2. Don’t pretend to be friendly. 3. I don’t want to know or hear about your personal life stories. Tak Gu also makes his point. He’s only here for the tattoo guy. Don’t look at him as a rival.

At home, Seo In Sook looks at the crumpled school paper, with the Koo’s children names on it, and decides her next move. She calls her Lawyer and asks about Mr. Choi’s shares…. We see that she wants to buy all his shares, even at a higher price.

Early in the morning, the bakery crew is up and ready to start the day – well, everyone except for Tak Gu. He is sent outside to carry 32 flour bags to the backyard. The boy definitely has energy for that. heh! In Mok tries to make Tak Gu give up by having him move the flour bags back and forth. However, small smiles are seen on the guys’ faces after seeing Tak Gu performed his infamous “soda” dance to prove his ever-lasting energy.

At a distance, someone is watching Tak Gu, snapping silly pictures of the guy. Manager Han and his men.

Ah-ha! Another suspenseful event, President Il Jong is visiting his teacher, Master Pal Bong, to give out invitation letter to his anniversary party. Great timing! Will the drama spare us or not? Unlikely.

Outside, Tak Gu takes a rest, and Jin Gu comes out to offer him a water bottle and some words of encouragement: he had to carry 36 bags when he came here.

So we have a two-way attack here. 1) Manager Han accompanies President Il Jong to Master Pal Bong’s house, which is across the street from Pal Bong Bakery….

2. Manager Han’s men arrive and demand to take Kim Tak Gu away. Helpless, Mi Sun tries to call the police, however, he grabs her wrist and prepares to slap her when Tak Gu interrupts the party, stopping him. Seo Tae Jo and Jae Bok rush down the stairs to see the bakery in shambles. They literally stand there and stare, intent on minding their own business. And here I am, speechless. Luckily, Jin Gu comes back in time to give Tak Gu a hand. While struggling with one gangster, Jin Gu’s sleeve is pushed up, revealing his windmill tattoo, and Tak Gu stares at it in disbelief. In Mok also enters the bakery, and with his great strength, throws all the little minions out. Meanwhile, In Mok instructs Jin Gu to take Tak Gu away, upstairs.

In the upstairs room, Tak Gu and Jin Gu sit across from each other. Tak Gu shares his hatred, mixes with hope: “For the past 12 years, I have been looking for you. Again and again, I thought about beating you to death. I wanted to ask: Why did you do it?… Where is my my mom? Is she alive and well? You don’t have to tell me anything else, just tell me she’s alive and well. She is right? Right?”

At this point, Jin Gu moves and kneels before Tak Gu, who says, “Don’t do this to me!” Jin Gu: “Don’t forgive me. You, don’t forgive me.” Tak Gu grabs his collar: “Don’t you dare say that bastard! Don’t ask for forgiveness! Where is my mom?!!” Tears flowing in, Jin Gu sobs, “Sorry…I couldn’t grab hold of her… I didn’t know there was a cliff.” At this, Tak Gu cries and bellows through the house. Watching from outside, is Yang Mi Sun.

Leaving Master Pal Bong’s house, President Il Jong catches the sound of somone’s crying. His attention is swayed when Seo Tae Jo a.k.a Ma Jun brings the trash outside. President Il Jong learns from Gap Soo that the boy is a new apprentice at the bakery.

On the other hand, Tak Gu is in a state of puzzlement. For all these years, he has been living with only one sole purpose: to find and reunite with his mom. Now that her situation is unclear, he’s worn-out and restless. Master Pal Bong comes into the picture and guides this little boy. Leading him to the kitchen, Master Pal Bong starts making breads. Tak Gu firmly claims, “I hate bread enough to throw up.” Master Pal Bong then replies, “Then you haven’t lived life as a good person. Living life as a good person means getting rid of hate, dislike, and anger. Only then can you dominate the world.” He tells him to eat these newly baked bread, and think about the happy memories.

Eavesdropping from the side, is Koo Ma Jun! Eeekk! This boy is giving me the chills!

Ma Jun meets up with Manager Han, and the main thing he pinpoints out is: “Don’t mess with Tak Gu anymore. I will be the one to get rid of him. If you get in the way one more time, I’ll think of it as you blocking my path.”

And finally, Shin Yu Kyung, makes her appearance, plays by Eugene.

— End —

So far, Ma Jun has got to be the most interesting character – yes, he’s still haughty. Ma Jun is heavily influences by the way his mom handles things. His jealousy for Tak Gu still runs very deep inside his body. Either he goes down the dark path, or redeems himself. Also, I’m not surprised he isn’t going to admit Manager Han as his father. To him, this may be something condescending, as he repeatedly reminds the old man, you’re just a manager. Don’t try to interfere with my life. And boy, what did you eat, you are like a mile taller than Tak Gu!

…I kid! XD

Okay, I’ll be honest here. Tak Gu is grating me! His politeness is gone out the window. I was seriously hoping he gets a good beat down from In Mok. His violent behavior toward other people is rubbing me in the wrong way. On a brighter note, Tak Gu reminds me of a puppy, in a good way. He has this boundless energy that charms the viewers (must be controlled though). And he nailed all his crying scenes! Genuine and NOT pretty. Just RAW! Great job, Yoon Shi Yoon!

Yang Mi Sun. The fact that she has the same name as Tak Gu’s mother, represent her role in his life, doesn’t it? While Mother Mi Sun is not around, Yang Mi Sun will be his pillar of support? Appears so to me even though they’re at odds with each other. Couples usually start out this way, yea? Romance aside, she’s quite a quirky character.

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