[Summary] Baker King, Kim Tak Gu Ep. 9 & 10

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They’re so adorable!! Ma Jun, stop teasing her (us)!

Summary: Episode 9

This episode begins by flashing back to Jin Gu’s serving time in jail, where he met In Mok, who was teaching the inmates how to bake bread. The two eventually became close, and In Mok introduced Jin Gu to Master Pal Bong, who asked him a simple question, “What is bread to you?” and he answered quietly, “Each time I smell bread baking, I have the hope of living again.” While contemplating about his decision, Master Pal Bong notied Jin Gu’s windmill tattoo and was immediately reminded of the young Tak Gu’s words.

With tears of guilt flowing in, Jin Gu finds out that Master Pal Bong knew about Tak Gu’s mission a long time ago. Jin Gu cries, “What can I do in the future? For that child to forgive my crime?” Master Pal Bong answers simply, “Just wait. A day will come for you to do something good for him.”

On the other hand, Tak Gu, fed-up from always being the victim, heads to the Koo’s household at midnight. He meets Seo In Sook and Manager Han. With their threatening words no longer taking an effect, he smashes everything that comes in his way. Tak Gu comes to a halt when Master Pal Bong’s words pull him away from the pit of hatred.

And of course, we were fooled. Tak Gu was only imagining this scene. He is, however, around the house. He enters Father Il Jong’s workplace, and watches him bake bread from afar, all the while, thinking of father’s words to him years ago, “Tak Gu, to me, you’re a very special son.”

In the morning, when everyone is busy with work, Mi Sun wonders about Tak Gu’s safety. Maybe he’s too depressed and jumps down the Han River? Or maybe he’s sleeping at a stranger’s place? Master Pal Bong asks knowingly, “What, are you worried about him?” and she immediately denies.

….And she’s right. Tak Gu is sleeping in the train station, when a father abuses his daughter interrupts his sleep. Before he can step in, someone else – Shin Yu Kyung does. The father tells her to stay out of his business, and when she refuses, he lifts a hand – ready to slap her, Tak Gu steps in. But Yu Kyung doesn’t need his help as she uses her school bag to beat up the father. While they struggle with her bag, her paperwork gets spilled out, revealing her job – a student activist. The father screams to alert the police, and Yu Kyung runs. Tak Gu goes after her. During their run, Yu Kyung drops her hat.

Hiding behind a wall, Tak Gu notices a small wound on her face. A familiar conversation strikes his memory:

Tak Gu: “That man did this to you?”
Yu Kyung:  “If I say yes, what would you do? Can you kill him? The person who did this to me, can you rush back and kill him? “

Tak Gu is stunned by her response. Her hand touches her hair, and when she finds her hat missing, Yu Kyung hurries outside, leaving Tak Gu standing there, dumbfounded. He whispers, “Shin Yu Kyung” and goes after her. Outside, he finds her hat, and sees her name on it – Shin Yu Kyung, along with her Class and University name. Tak Gu arrives a second too late as Yu Kyung boards the train.

She goes back to her Student Activist club, and joins Koo Ja Rim at the table. Conveniently, Ja Rim invites Yu Kyung to her father’s company’s anniversary party. Yu Kyung hesitates, her feeling brightens when she hears Ja Rim talks about her brother returning, which Yu Kyung naturally assumes it’s Tak Gu.

Bored, Seo Tae Jo a.k.a Ma Jun, checks out the bakery to see Mi Sun baking her cake #3. Surprised, she turns around, holding a knife, ready to chop the intruder. This scene is pretty cute. As Mi Sun explains her problem with cream, Seo Tae Jo gives her some advice since he had studied about cream before in Japan. Curious, Mi Sun asks why he is working in a simple Bakery if he had studied before in foreign places. Without his usual reserve and mysterious aura, Seo Tae Jo tells her that it’s because his father loves bread. If father loves the bread from one place, as a son, he wants to learn the technique there. And because his father respects Master Pal Bong’s Bong bread, he decides to learn it too. However, Mi Sun informs him that her grandfather, Master Pal Bong, has stopped making Bong bread. No one knows how to make it except for him. He sighs, but says optimistically that he can learn something else.

Seo Tae Jo turns and sees cream on her lips, his hand slowly reaches over, wipes it off, and puts it in his mouth. Mi Sun, on the other hand, is horrified by his action. The teasing becomes fun and he inches closer, whispering, “When Cake #4 is successful, I don’t mind tasting it.” He leaves the place smiling, while Mi Sun is now a puddle of goo. HAHAHA.

Okay, I know he’s teasing her, but I can’t help it. It’s so cute!

Manager Han has a brief talk with Seo In Sook as she’s trying out a formal dress for the upcoming anniversary’s party. He explains that Ma Jun is working really hard to get the President’s approval. And she says confidently, “Starting now, I will make him waver.” You know the lady is stunning for her age, even Manager Han looks mesmerized. Who isn’t?

The Anniversary Party of Geo Seong Foods is finally here! Still busy with work in his office, Il Jong is visited by a shareholder, Director Choi. From him, President Il Jong learns that his wife, Seo In Sook, has bought his shares. He rushes to the lounge to ask her why. In Sook wants to be in the same rank as him. In order to have her wishes taken into consideration, she needs power. And she bought that power. President Il Jong inquires what does she want from him, and she says, “Erase that child from our family records.” Pathetically, she comments, “It’s taking effect. Since when did we have a face-to-face conversation longer than a minute?” Fortunately, this conversation is intercepted by Ja Kyung, requesting their presence to lead the party.

Still at work, Yu Kyung decides to go to the party, in her work clothes. What? Outside, Tak Gu asks the fellow classmates for her department. Like a classic scene, they walk past each other, and Tak Gu senses her presence. He follows her, down the subway, into the train, without letting her know. Seriously?!

He stops and confirms where she’s heading to: Geo Seong Foods Anniversary Party. Yu Kyung catches Tak Gu following her and hurries inside to let Ja Rim know, thinking that he’s a cop here to haul them in. Ja Rim asks Manager Han to take care of the stranger for her. Seeing Tak Gu, he’s surprised and orders his men to take the boy away.

Ja Rim introduces Yu Kyung to In Sook, who is immediately displeased at the girl’s clothes. Embarrassed, she asks them to stay low in another room.

Koo Ma Jun makes his appearance, walking like he’s a runway model. *Nom, nom. He explains his appearance at Master Pal Bong’s bakery, and father Il Jong expresses his approval.

Ja Rim points out her brother, Koo Ma Jun, to Yu Kyung, and her face falls, remembering the snobby brat from years ago. Her eyes linger on him, Ma Jun notices the attention, and returns the stare. This exchange is seen by Seo In Sook, who is already looking disdainfully at Yu Kyung.

In a dark room, Tak Gu is being beaten. OH.MY.GOD. Is this kid made out of metal or something? Stop kicking him. My heart hurts. Gahhh!

Yu Kyung takes her leave, and as she whirls around, she bumps into a high-class lady, causing the drink to spill over her costly dress. Seo In Sook humiliates Yu Kyung further by calling her handkerchief, “this dirty thing”. Leaving the party indignantly, Yu Kyung meets Ma Jun, who is curious whether or not they know each other. She says they do and even spent a night together before. Then is she here to see him today? No.

Yu Kyung: “I came here to see Tak Gu. Kim Tak Gu. The person you always wanted to beat, but never could.”

Being taken away on a van, Tak Gu fights his way out, and stumbles to Yu Kyung’s apartment. Depleted, he manages to recite the “Soda” song before he faints.

Summary: Episode 10

This episode starts out with Shin Yu Kyung’s life the past 12 years. After being sent to the orphanage, she grew up quite a lonely girl. One day while she passed a poor family on the streets, she decided to give them the money she stole from her dad. Grateful, the man encouraged her, “You must be a great person when you grow up. That way you can help poor and helpless people.” He also gave her his hat. And what he said becomes her dream as she graduated, ranking first in her school, and also receiving a full scholarship to attend Hankuk University.

In college, she meets Koo Ja Rim, Ma Jun’s older sister, who is impressed with Yu Kyung’s resume and hopes to join her club.

Back to the present time, Tak Gu awakens, and finds Yu Kyung cooking delicious foods. He approaches her, and confirms her identity once more. Sure that she is that Shin Yu Kyung, he embraces her.

Ma Jun has a brief talk with his two older sisters – Ja Kyung & Ja Rim. He insists on leaving without telling them where he is going. If they know, Mother In Sook will know too. Ja Kyung instructs him to not cause trouble because father and the company are struggling. He promises to do his best because father wants him to and smiles reassuringly.

Inside the workhouse, President Il Jong interrogates Manager Han: Does he know about In Sook’s buying the company’s shares from Director Choi? Without letting Manager Han throw out excuses, Il Jong wants Manager Han to find out who gave his wife the funding, and after that find a way to transfer those shares to his name. If he fails to resolve this matter, Manager Han will be held responsible. Ooooo A threat! Again, Ma Jun is eavesdropping on them. GAHHH what is with this boy? Can he handle all the secrets? Are we heading towards self-destruction?

Hungry, Tak Gu dives into the food, while admiring Yu Kyung’s intelligence. She learns that he left the Koo’s household, and is still looking for his missing mom. Yu Kyung feels bad because his mom’s missing is partially due to her dad. To ease her guilt, he reveals that he’s working at a famous bakery in Incheon, called Pal Bong Bakery. She offers to visit him there and Tak Gu stutters, “…You don’t need to do that. I’ll visit you instead!” She denies, therefore, Tak Gu has to figure out ways to be accepted back since he leaves on his own accord.

After finishing her cake, Mi Sun sees Seo Tae Jo standing outside the bakery. Feeling embarrassed about the last incident, she inches near the wall, in hopes of escaping his vision. However, Tae Jo turns around and notices her. He teases her further, “Is Cake #4 done? Can I taste it?” Nervous, Mi Sun excuses herself, saying that it’s so hot around here. haha XD You know, I think I don’t mind seeing them together! Ma Jun’s mischievous smile has me fangirling (see above?)

Tak Gu comes back to the bakery but In Mok kicks him out. The bakery is not a place for kids with no respect for bread. Jin Gu tries to plead for Tak Gu, and is told the same reason.

Okay, are you serious? Or am I dreaming? Mi Sun’s alarm goes off in the morning, she reaches to turn it off but someone else beats her to it – Seo Tae Jo! Freaked out, she asks, “Why are you in my room?”


Seo Tae Jo: “Why do you think I’m here? Whom do you think I’m here for?”

With that, he bends down…closer and closer….and we hear a TOTALLY different voice, “Mi Sun, what are you doing?” Heck, she was dreaming all that? But…but….where’s the kiss?! haha XD

Arriving late to the bakery, Mi Sun and the others marvels at the sparkling kitchen, done by Tak Gu. Still, In Mok continues to treat him like invisible. Eager to help out, Tak Gu accidentally knocks the bowl of dough over. Frustrated, In Mok asks him to leave the kitchen. Sitting on the bench with the bowl, Tak Gu fiddles around with the dough.

It turns out that Manager Han doesn’t know about Seo In Sook’s dealing with Director Choi’s shares. I’m surprised and feel bad for him. First, he has an affair with his best friend’s wife to bore her a son (at fault here!). The wife orders him around like a nanny. If he gets angry, she feeds him a little of her affection. Now, even his biological son (Ma Jun) has him under his fingertips. How long can you take all this Manager Han? Can you man up a little bit before these folks? Ughh.

Back to the story, Seo In Sook is displeased at Manager Han for not telling the whereabouts of Ma Jun. Woman, chain your son then! Didn’t he tell you that he’s past the age for your interference? Anyway, she refuses to speak out, instead of anger, Manager Han compliments her, “Job’s well done. It’s time to give the President some pressure.” She senses that something is up and asks him. Like Ma Jun, he replies, “You don’t need to know.” Seo In Sook is not letting it go, and finally, he spills the beans about Tak Gu’s return. He quickly assures her that Tak Gu won’t have the chance to meet the President.

But Seo In Sook is not having his “I’ll try me best” line anymore, and demands that he guarantees it with his life. Ohhh. Is he going to somehow die protecting her? Or….

Seo In Sook visits Il Jong, and asks him to arrange a place for Ma Jun in the company. If Il Jong refuses, as a major shareholder, she will vote against the new system that’s ready to launch in France. She gives him two weeks to think about it, before the Directors’ Board meeting.

On his way to the Bakery, Master Pal Bong notices rows of cute doughs on the steps – they’re Tak Gu’s work. Impressed, he asks Tak Gu to make them again in front of him. Surprisingly, although he claims that he hates bread, Tak Gu has been working in places related to bread-making these past twelve years. He uses this opportunity to perform Father Il Jong’s bread-making procedure. Tak Gu corrects Master Pal Bong, what he’s making isn’t bread, but memories of her, referring to Mother Mi Sun.

As Tak Gu is leaving the house, a spoiled smell hits his sense. He follows it into the bakery and confirms it to be the bowl of ingredient used for bread that day. Impressed with this doing, In Mok decides to keep Tak Gu. He doesn’t say it out loud but beat around the bush, telling him to bring bags of flour in and visiting the hospital with Mi Sun. hehe! I love when In Mok is a big softie! Aww!

At the student activist club, everyone is being sent home, wary of the police because of their underground anti-government activities. Yu Kyung advises Ja Rim to head home and stay in for a while. Her family would be able to protect her. As for Yu Kyung, she will hide out in Tak Gu’s place…right?

Ja Rim returns home and she’s taken by the police, with Seo In Sook, huffing and puffing her status in vain. And isn’t it interesting, shaken in fear, she calls immediately for Manager Han, not Il Jong.

Frankly, this is the first time ever I see this Seo In Sook – like a regular mother, completely in disorder, worrying about her daughter. Il Jong also shows a different side to him too. As always, he’s in an important meeting, however, he appears uneasy in the meeting room. Preoccupied with worry thoughts, he excuses himself. Are we learning to show parental love?

In a dark room, facing an very tired and annoyed policeman, Ja Rim is interrogated: Where is Shin Yu Kyung, the main author of those reports against the government? It looks like she won’t be able to withstand this treatment longer than expected…

On the other hand, Yu Kyung is happy to have found Pal Bong Bakery. It really exists. She meets Tak Gu and the two exchange a few words, until Yu Kyung pinpoints the reason for her sudden visit – she needs a place to hide for the time being. Tak Gu boasts that the Yang family has accepted him, and all it takes is one word for them to agree. hehe. We’ll see Tak Gu.

Inside the house, Tak Gu kneels and pleads Mi Sun to share her room with Yu Kyung. She rejects him. ha! Using his brain and strength as baits, Tak Gu promises to do everything and anything Mi Sun orders him to.

The agreement is settled and Tak Gu leads Yu Kyung to Mi Sun’s room. Seo Tae Jo opens his door, and Yu Kyung is shocked to see him there. More appalling is the fact that Tak Gu refers to Ma Jun as Seo Tae Jo…


Right now, I adore the dynamics between Mi Sun and the two guys. With Tak Gu, they’re the classic bickering couple. With Ma Jun, they’re another classic bufferfly-inducing pair. I like that the only time Ma Jun is seen smiling, is when he’s around the quirky Mi Sun. The same goes for Yu Kyung when she sees Tak Gu. Ma Jun and Yu Kyung are very similar in terms of their social behavior and mentality. People are very unlikely to approach them, in contrast to Tak Gu’s and Mi Sun’s friendly personality. I can’t wait to watch the next episodes! But…but..school is tomorrow. T_T

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