[Screencaps&Artworks] My Girlfriend is a Gumiho Ep. 1 & 2

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Episode 1 Screencaps:

Episode 2 Screencaps:

– This drama is adorable. I just want to put SMA into my pocket, tease wimpy Dae Woong, and hold hand with our Gumiho hunter. haha XD Such a romantic twist to have our hunter in love with Gumiho’s ancestor. But if he knew her ancestor, how old is this boy? or great-Grandpa?

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  1. 3 thoughts on “[Screencaps&Artworks] My Girlfriend is a Gumiho Ep. 1 & 2

    I'm excited about this drama. I like Hyomin from Invincible youth. She is one of the originals, and is very pretty. Also she is a sweet girl. She cried when Sunny (SNSD) left the show and when they interviewed her she cried again. I think it speaks to her personality alot, especially slowly overcoming her shyness. She was one of the most active members of tiara on her cyworld webpage, updating tons of funny photos, showing her personality that way. She also released her grade school photos, which seem to show she didn't get plastic surgery (or didn't need it) and she had the same sort of personality. Its good to evolve in a good way, and she is doing it. Anyways I'm not a Hyomin Otaku I just hope to see more of her in later episodes, oh and marry a girl that looks and acts like her.

  2. 3 thoughts on “[Screencaps&Artworks] My Girlfriend is a Gumiho Ep. 1 & 2

    Yichung, seems like you really adore HyoMin. I think this is the second time you have mentioned her. hehe Such a cute fanboy! 😀

    I haven't seen any new IY episodes yet but from the old ones, I pity her for always getting cut out. Glad to hear that she's getting better. Since variety shows is all about getting screen time and showing the idols' personality.

    Her character is funny in "Gumiho" when she's fickle after she learns that Dae-Woong is "responsible" for Mi-Ho.

  3. 3 thoughts on “[Screencaps&Artworks] My Girlfriend is a Gumiho Ep. 1 & 2

    Hyomin is sooo gorgeous, with her lovely eyes, adorable nose, and heart shaped face, and she's tall to boot!! She's definitely one of the prettiest girls in Kpop. She looked absolutely precious as a kid, though there are some unflattering middle school pics of her. Anyways, she definitely didn't get any plastic work done. She did share on HT that she sometimes uses double eyelid tape to make her eyes bigger. She also got asked out by Leeteuk before she debuted, so I guess she was famous as an ulzzang. However, I prefer Shin Minah~~~ She has an unconventional beauty that just shines through her smile and I love her eccentricness. She may not have the barbie/Hyori look of Hyomin, but I think Shin Minah looks more natural and there's just this elegance and delicateness about her. Also, her acting is also the only thing that makes "My Girlfriend is a Gumiho" work. whew, and there ends the confessions of a fangirl, LOL

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