Beethoven Virus OST


01. Fate
02. Comfort stage
03. My person – Hwan Hee
04. Rash Du Ru Mi
05. Beethoven’s thoughts
06. Fight
07. Did you hear it? -SNSD’s Tae Yeon
08. Waiting
09. Maestro
10. Because of one person.. – Lee Jin Sung (Monday Kiz)
11. Passion
12. Looking from above
13. Love burning melody (Day by Day) – SNSD
14. Towards tomorrow
15. Shaking love
16. My Humming – Im Ji Hyun
17. Run, Kang Gun Woo
18. Team of Passion
19. Dream of Future – Mun Ji Sung
20. Able to Love
21. Dreams of Happiness
22. Last Concert

Download OST 1 here

Download the Classical Cds here

NOTE: The classical soundtracks are a mess when I downloaded it. The song names and numbers are all over the place. Bare with me!

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    taking! thanks a lot for subbing~

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    oops! sorry. a habit of mine saying thanks for subs lol thanks a lot for sharing!!

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    Please add the classical OST. It's been 2 months already. 🙁

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    alice.. did you already delete the episode for this drama? thanks

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    Um, this drama was never a project here. I only upload the OSTs.

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    I love to play this OST and i love to play it.

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    I want to download this OST for me.

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    Can you still re-upload this OST? Links are dead 🙁

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