[Updates] Final Verdict

Due to the overwhelming emails, comments, and posts from avid Star Golden Bell fans, I have decided to continue uploading this show. Happy Together fans don’t have to worry because this show has become my side project, meaning that I will upload it depending on the guest list.

– Main Project (for now): Star Golden Bell aka Twinkle Time (Name used on my new channel)
– Side Project: Happy Together aka Happy Land

NEWS: I’m moving to a new channel because I have 2 strikes for ACshow10 already, a third one and I’ll be history. My new channel will be ACshow21. Please note that I’ll also be using a new method to prevent my videos from THE HUNTERS by UNLISTING them. If you don’t know already, this means that my videos will NOT be listed in my channel, the search results, or youtube public spaces. Everyone can view the videos as long as they have the LINKS, which will be posted here on my blog whenever I upload the episodes.(Thanks anonymous for the genius idea! :D) This is way better than private videos with a limit of 25 users.

I hope this arrangement works. If you have any more idea, please do not hesitate to tell me! Cheers!

P.S. A big thanks to those who voted and emailed me. =)

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    YAY!! nice outcome! thanks AliceChen!a

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    wait so to watch the videos we have to come to your blog and click the links?

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    Rose, that's the safest way. Hope you and the others understand.

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    you should do old episodes of star golden bell. the ones from the other seasons. please do that because my favorite idols like shinee, super junior, iu, snsd, 2pm and so many more are on. i'm sure other people will like it

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    yay 🙂 im glad you took up my suggestion! yes maybe it'll be a little more troublesome for people as they cant really subscribe to the channel but its definitely better & safer! rather than risk all your hard work of uploading going down the drain right.. i'll be checking your blog very often! thanks so much for deciding to keep uploading sgb!! appreciate it 🙂

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    Anon, the old episodes are hard to find, especially from older seasons.

    Anon #9, you're so adorable! =P And yep! Genius plan! ^.^


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    Hey! Thanks for keeping the subs alive! Another idea I've seen other subbers use is to block comments on videos so that the vids can't be searched thru the comments as viewers will use the show's name, etc. Something to think about to beef up your security from THE HUNTERS….

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    Don't know if you've done this already, but may want to disallow commenting on the youtube videos. Many people who use the unlisted method block comments too because i think you can search and find the video through keywords in the comments or something like that. anyways don't quote me on that im not sure, but its worth trying just to be safe and the viewers can always post comments on your blog if you leave a link in the describtion.

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    Anon and Malik, thanks for the suggestion. I'll do that… 🙂 After this, my security should be Hunter-proof! hehe =)

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    Your welcome! Also do you know of anyone that subs or uploads eng sub episodes of dream team? I know two people who do but one persons account has been suspended and he/she uploaded videos more regularly than the other guy. Any help would be great Its my favorite show right now besides WGM. 🙂

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    Seems like my last comment didn't go through so i'll say it again. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! one of the links you posted has an account with someone who posts DT regularly, looks like I can continue watching the series after all. I owe you one Alice. 🙂

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    Anytime Malik. Glad I helped. =D

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    nice idea.. <3

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