Kdrama: Personal Taste OST


01. Can’t Believe It – Younha
02. Dropping Rain – Kim Tae Woo
03. My heart is Touched – SeeYa
04. The Wings – Kim Tae Woo
05. Creating Love – 4Minute
06. Like A Foll – 2AM
07. King Of The Bees
08. Strange Feeling
09. King Of The Bees (Piano Instru)
10. Like A Foll (Instru)
11. Creating Love (Guitar Instru)
12. The Wings (Instru)
13. My Heart is Touched (Instru)
14. Dropping Rain (Violin Instru)
15. Can’t Believe It (Piano Instru)

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Fine by Tiago Iorc♦ *In Ep. 12 when Kae-in & Young Sun discuss financial plans.
Adagio by Secret Garden♦ *In Ep. 4 – Chang Ryul is listening to it before In Hee comes in (Thanks zulcar9 for informing!)
Depression of the Director (Instru)♦ *Do I have explain further? (Thanks to Eci for informing!)


  1. 111 thoughts on “Kdrama: Personal Taste OST

    Hi guys, can anyone tell me what songs were played during:-

    1) episode 4 when Chang Ryul was in the bar boozing away his sorrows before he decided to call Gae In? I tried to google the lyrics but nothing turned up. also the singer was mumbling, kinda hard to hear.

    2) episode 7 (it’s a recurring song tho) when Chang Ryul was getting up in Jin Ho’s face about using Director Choi and Jin Ho “confesses” that he is gay so he doesn’t hurt the director’s feelings – this song seems to come up when there is anything related to being gay lol.

    anyway, would greatly appreciate it if you know.

    thanks for the Adagio (I was wondering what that was too!) 😀 thanks for your time!

  2. 111 thoughts on “Kdrama: Personal Taste OST

    btw, for those who were wondering –

    Director Choi’s theme song, the classical piece is Brahms, Poco Allegretto Symphony no 3. this is a seriously gorgeous piece

  3. 111 thoughts on “Kdrama: Personal Taste OST

    Shintee, I was wondering about the song playing when Chang Ryul was sitting in the bar. Does anyone know? Please please, I’m dying to get a hold of it!

    • 111 thoughts on “Kdrama: Personal Taste OST

      -__-V Jaymee, seriously, I just said 2 posts ago that I didn’t know either. That was what I was asking other people!

      yea, I love that song. it has such a groovy beat!

      • 111 thoughts on “Kdrama: Personal Taste OST

        song which u were looking for is “Pajaro Sunrise- Kinda Fantastic”…heres the youtube link <>

  4. 111 thoughts on “Kdrama: Personal Taste OST

    @saambiguous, the song is: Mocca – How Wonderful Life Would Be

  5. 111 thoughts on “Kdrama: Personal Taste OST

    Would like to know the song played wen Jeon ji hoo went to his mum in a restaurant, have search but seems not to find it.

  6. 111 thoughts on “Kdrama: Personal Taste OST

    Dear all..
    Do anyone know the background music that sound so sad everytime they look sad.. its an instrumental music only.. it is not depression of direction.. it so hard for me to find it out.. hope someone would give the clue tq

  7. 111 thoughts on “Kdrama: Personal Taste OST

    Hi all.. I’m looking for the same one of sanny…
    If helps it plays In the ep. 2 (i think) when kae ni finds out the real groom i’m sure u cant miss it

  8. 111 thoughts on “Kdrama: Personal Taste OST

    Can you please reupload it admin? I can’t download the OST. The link is not working anymore.

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