[Download] Prince Turns to Frog OST


01. Enticing Trick – 183 Club
02. Wonderful Day (Instru)
03. Magical Smile – 183 Club
04. Bye! Boy – 7 Flowers
05. Latina (Instru)
06. Not Brave Enough – VJ
07. Memory Puzzle (Instru)
08. All I Want – 7 Flowers
09. Wake Up (Instru)
10. Call My Name- 183 Club & 7 Flowers
11. Pure Love -183 Club

Download OST here

– I hope some fans out there remember this sweet drama between Ming Dao and Joe Chen and made me become a fan of this couple – MingEn. I think this drama was the start of my watching Taiwanese dramas, in addiction to “Meteor Garden”. The main theme “Pure Love” is romantic and always reminds me of the hilarious and oh-so-sweet moments between the main leads. MINGEN FTW! 😀

  1. 5 thoughts on “[Download] Prince Turns to Frog OST

    is there by any chance you have the whole drama subtitle? I have been watnig to have a copy of it for a long time as well as ying ye 3+1 (Ming Dao/Joe Chen)

  2. 5 thoughts on “[Download] Prince Turns to Frog OST

    woah~ thanks for sharing this… i really love this show!!!

  3. 5 thoughts on “[Download] Prince Turns to Frog OST

    i so love ming dao… this drama started it all… alice, plz plz plz plz plz pretty pretty plz upload the episodes of frog prince… plzzz… hehehe… tc :3

  4. 5 thoughts on “[Download] Prince Turns to Frog OST

    waaa i missed this drama so much!!

    is it possible for you to upload the full track ost again?
    the files have been deleted 🙁

    Thanks in advanced and its ok if u cant 🙂

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