Theme Songs of Various Dramas

Due to my computer crashing last year, I LOST everything. Yep, files, pictures and most importantly MY MUSIC COLLECTION! But after a year of downloading them again, my music folder weighs 5.7 GB! haha XD

Just a reminder, I only upload theme songs from Charmaine’s series, Raymond’s series and songs that left a deep impression on me. Why? Because I don’t have the time to upload everything. Most songs are FULL version unless stated otherwise.

This list will be updated regularly. Do check back for more. I also accept requests, leave them in the COMMENT area with as much information as possible.

*Note: To avoid confusions, please refer to the initials before downloading:

(MT) = Main-theme
(Sub) = Sub-theme
(End) = Ending Theme
(Ins) = Instrumental song


♦ (MT) A Fistful of Stances: Think Under the Snow by Kevin Cheng
♦ (MT) A Herbalist Affair by Andy Hui & Flora Chan
♦ (MT) A Journey Called Life: Little Story by Linda Chung & Steven Ma
♦ (MT) A Step Into the Past by Louis Koo
♦ (MT) Always Ready by Ekin Cheng
♦ (MT) Angels of Mission (Instru)


♦ (MT) Beyond the Realm of Conscience by Susanna Kwan
♦ (Sub) Beyond the Realm of Conscience: Windmill by Charmaine Sheh


♦ (MT) Chinese Ghost Story: Beautiful Female Ghost by Daniel Chan
♦ (End) Chinese Ghost Story: What Can I Do by Daniel Chan *Listen Here
♦ (Sub) Chinese Ghost Story: Falls in Love with You by Daniel Chan *Listen Here
♦ (MT) Chor Lau Heung 2001: Fragrant Flower by Richie Ren
♦ (End) Chor Lau Heung 2001: Ending Theme by Richie Ren
♦ (MT) Crimson Sabre by Hacken Lee
♦ (Sub 1) Cowherd and Weaver Girl by He Yi Miao & Qiu Wen Yin
♦ (Sub 2) Cowherd and Weaver Girl by Tien Lam


♦ (MT) Dark Tales 2: Just Like a Dream by Cass Phang
♦ (End) Dark Tales: Ending Theme by Unknown
♦ (MT) Dragon Love by Benny Chan
♦ (MT) Duke of Mountain Deer 2000 by Dicky Cheung


♦ (MT) Eternal Happiness by Kelly Chen
♦ (Sub) Eternal Happiness by Raymond Lam


♦ (MT) Four Women Conflict: The Autumn’s Lock by He Sheng Ming & Tang Hong Fei
♦ (Sub 1) Four Women Conflict: How Good Am I to You by Annie Yi


♦ (MT) Golden Faith by Gallen Lo
♦ (Sub) Golden Faith by Gallen Lo


♦ (MT) Hearts of Fencing: Shining Friends by 2R
♦ (Sub 1) Hearts of Fencing: Uptown Girls by Westlife
♦ (Sub 2) Hearts of Fencing: Proud of You by Fiona Fung
♦ (Sub 3) Hearts of Fencing: Too Serious Too Soon by Gareth Gates
♦ (MT) Healing Hands 2: Only One Night Can Love by Flora Chan



♦ (MT) Journey to the West 2 by Benny Chan
♦ (End) Journey to the West 2 by Benny Chan
♦ (Sub) Journey to the West 2 by Hung Kin Wah



♦ (MT) Lady Fan by Candy Lo
♦ (MT) Legendary Heroes by Faye Wong
♦ (MT) Life Made Simple by Roger Kwok & Jessica Hsuan
♦ (MT) Lives of Omission: Walk Alone by Michael Tse
♦ (End) Lives of Omission: Eavesdrop by Bosco Wong
♦ (Sub) Lotus Lantern: Falling in Love with Someone by Gu Li Ya


♦ (MT) Man’s Best Friend by Sammi Cheng
♦ (MT) Mythical Crane Magical Needle by Francis Yip
♦ (Sub 1) Mythical Crane Magical Needle by Francis Yip




♦ (MT) Perish In the Name of Love by Charmaine Sheh & Steven Ma
♦ (End) Project A: Give You Love by Dicky Cheung



♦ (MT) Red Cliff: Heart War (Japanese Ver.) by Alan Dawazhuoma
♦ (MT) Red Sun by Hacken Lee
♦ (MT) Return of the Cuckoo: Wish You Well by Julian Cheung
♦ (Sub) Return of the Cuckoo: Unforgettable by Steven Ma
♦ (Sub) Return of the Condor Heroes 1983 by Cheung Tak Lan


♦ (MT) Seven Sisters by Gallen Lo & Bondy Chiu
♦ (MT) The Snow is Red: Can’t Love, Can’t Forget by Mak Man Kit and Wong Pui
♦ (End) The Snow is Red: Men Can’t Cry by Andrew Yuen
♦ (Sub) State of Divinity by Sandy Lam
♦ (MT) Survivors Law by Raymond Lam


♦ (MT) The Legend & the Hero: Feng Sheng Bang by Juo Peng
♦ (MT) The Myth: Endless Love by Jackie Chan & Kim Hee Sun
♦ (MT) Triumph In the Skies by Eason Chan
♦ (Sub) Triumph In the Skies by Flora Chan
♦ (MT) Twin of Brothers by Raymond Lam
♦ (Sub) The Drive of Life: Searching for You in Loving Memories by Raymond Lam
♦ (MT) The Herbalist’s Manual: World Has No Difficulties by Frankie Lam
♦ (MT) The Lady Iron Chef: Prince and Princess by Hacken Lee
♦ (MT) The Mysteries of Love: Until You Don’t Search for Me by Raymond Lam
♦ (MT) The Mystery of The Condor by George Lam & Sally Yip
♦ (MT) The White Flame by Miriam Cheung




♦ (MT) Witness to a Prosecution by Eason Chan
♦ (Sub) When Easterly Showers Fall on The Sunny West by Charmaine Sheh & Joe Ma
♦ (MT) War and Beauty by Bowie Lam
♦ (MT) When Lanes Merge: Do Not Leave or Forsake by Ryan Lau *New



♦ (MT) You’re Hired: No Problem by Dayo Wong
♦ (Sub 1) You’re Hired: From the Heart by Isela Sotelo
♦ (Sub 2) You’re Hired: One And Only by Saeeda Wright
♦ (End) Young Justice Bao: I Only Want You by Sun Nan & Na Ying *Listen Here
♦ (MT) Yummy Yummy: With Friends by Kevin Cheng & Raymond Lam
♦ (Sub) Yummy Yummy: Love Triangle by Kevin Cheng


**If you see any wrong/dead links, feel free to drop me a message.

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    Just wanna say thanks for the rare chinese themesongs!!

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    Hey, you know how you said you take requests…. do you think you could do one for me? I really liked the song that Steven Ma sang with the soldiers from the Series Perish In The Name Of Love. It's really catchy but I don't know Chinese so it's harder for me to find somgs. Are you able to help? Please e-mail me if you are able to help me.
    Thankyou ^^
    P.S Loved You're Beauitful OST Links

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    Wow, that's an old song! I will try to hunt around for it. 🙂

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    Hi Alice,
    Yes! that's the song ive been looking for 😀 There is another mandarin version of this song too, and they both are so nice >.<. I got to say…"you are so pro" lets hope we can find both of these songs.; and many thx for your fast reply. ^^

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    Oh, a tvb fan! Hi!!

    I searched for that song on youtube and this video came up:

    Is that the right one? Because I'm IN LOVE with this song but a quick search reveals that a full song wasn't released for this ending theme… T_T

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    its me again. both Mandarin & Cantonese if possible ;p
    I really need pro like you to help me out 🙂

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    Hi, its me again. I see got are able to find so many OST of the korean songs. Is there any chance you can find the OST for this TVB series?

    Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion (覆雨翻云)

    One of the instrumental music is SOOOOO beautiful & nice at the last episode (where 秦夢瑤 found 風行烈 at his little hut ). Sorry. I think I am asking too much >.<

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    Love all the songs here. Keep updating and thanks for all your efforts. ^^

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    just wanna let you know that the link for sub-theme song for return of the cuckoo (unforgettable by stevan ma) is not the right one

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    Thanks, link is fixed! 🙂

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