Kdrama: Smile, You OST

Track list: Translation thanks to lvalue @soompi.

01. It Should Have Been That Way – Kim Chang Wan Band
02. Can’t Even Sleep – ShinJi
03. Smile – Jung JinHwan [dance ver.] 04. Sunshine In the Campus (Instru) – Yang JungWoo
05. Goodbye My Love – Melo Breeze
06. Smile, You – YooriSangja (a glass box)
07. Hey! Mr. Seo! (Instru) – Yang JungWoo
08. It Hurts So Much – Yang SunMi
09. Just Waiting For You – Melo’ Breeze
10. Smile (Piano Instru) – Jung Hoon
11. Run, You (Instru) – Yang JungWoo
12. You SeungRi Mechanic Shop, Be Victorious! (Instru) – Yang JungWoo
13. Our, Grandfather (Instu) – Yang JungWoo
14. HS vs HS (Instru) – Yang JungWoo

Download OST here*LINK UPDATED 9/5/14

– I know, I know, lack of updates. School has been killing my brain cells this past week with exams back-to-back. I did poorly on two…Sigh. Organic Chemistry is NOT easy. Some pointers anyone?

Anyways on with the dramas. I’m currently trying to write reviews for some dramas, so do visit again next week. I AM on spring break. YAY! As for “Smile, You” I know nothing about it other than the lovable leads Lee Chunhee, Lee Min Jung and Jung Kyung Ho. The solid reviews from close friends have me stalking this drama for quite a while too.


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    Hi, I saw you posted short version of Face to Face (Smile You, OST). Do you, by any chance, have piano version of Vis a Vis? It's played in the final episode.

  2. 6 thoughts on “Kdrama: Smile, You OST

    Do you have the song sang by the grandfather during the wedding and also the song sang by the fathe on the wedding too? thanks for the help

  3. 6 thoughts on “Kdrama: Smile, You OST

    First THANK YOU so much for creating a virtual voyage 😀 . what I wanted to ask is if there is any possibility that you could post the smile, you OST again, I’m in love with it and I can’t find it anywhere. Gracias !!

  4. 6 thoughts on “Kdrama: Smile, You OST

    ahh! thank you so much! I love that I can find so many of the OSTs that I love here!

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