Autumn’s Concerto OST

Track List::::

01. I Love Him – Ding Dang
02. Close One/Dearest – Ding Dang
03. Tuo Ye’s Secret Wish
04. Don’t Let Go After We Meet
05. All For Love – Victor Wang
06. Next Stop, Happiness
07. I Thought – Victor Wang
08. The G String Song – Libera
09. The Most Beautiful Lies
10. Youths That Are Full of Imagination
11. Lucky Grass – Ding Dang
12. Don’t Lose Your Memory if I Love You
13. Suddenly Want to Love You – Ding Dang & Emil Chau

Download OST here

– Taiwanese’s latest drama hit “Autumn’s Concerto/Next Stop, Happiness” pulled in a whopping 8.23% of viewership last week releases its OST today. Sometimes I think I have a radar for detecting OST’s release date or something but I rarely visit AC’s soompi thread, however, I was reading the thread today and Voila! A kind user by the name of heartdrops posted up the soundtrack. She even translated the above names. A huge thanks to her!

First of all, Congrats to the whole cast and crew. I’m proud! Thanks to this drama, Ady and Vanness is probably the hottest couple right now, along side with Show & Rainie in rival’s drama “Hi My Sweetheart”. I’m watching both. Each has their own appeals and is different from each other. But I have to confess, I stop watching Autumn because the WAIT was killing me and I knew it is only going to get worse. hehe same goes to Sweetheart. More onto them later.

I really really REALLY hope Autumn can beat Fated to Love You‘s highest rating because the storyline overall isn’t typical and the female character isn’t kind, nerdy and weak. That isn’t to say I don’t like Joe Chen. In fact, out of all Taiwanese actresses, I probably will pick Joe and Ady (Rainie is improving) as my top picks.

As always, if there’s something wrong. Please do drop me a note. Enjoy! 🙂

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    Thanx for uploading…

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    Hi Alice,

    Thanks for the translation to English. I've been trying to find the track list in English with very little success.


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    Thank you! I'm currently watching this drama, and the music really enriches the experience! Oh my heartstrings T.T

    Thanks again!

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    tnx!! almost all of my ost are from you!

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    thank you very much for the OST!!! i really like this drama…

    it makes me ponder on a lot of things in life.:D

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    Scroll back up to the post and click on the "Download OST here" link.

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    where can I download those songs?? please please please let me know… I'm getting so anxious in searching for it.. please anyone answer me… xie xie… :))

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    agree with ur comment especially if the male lead is Vanness and his female leading lady is Ady an, the are superb together with the right drama. Thank god this drama belonged to SETV not GTV.

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    Finally a link that is working. 🙂 thank you!

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