Painter of the Wind OST

Track list:

1. Song of the Wind – Jo Sung Mo
2. Line of Sight – Young Ji
3. Tears – HowL (Title)
4. Yearning (Impossible Dream) – Jo Sung Mo (Title)
5. l Still Thinking of You
6. Yearning – Kaya version (Love Theme)
7. Dohwaseo
8. Painter of the Wind (Title Theme)
9. Ink (Tension Theme)
10. The Secret Painting
11. Laughing and Crying
12. Aged Pawlonia Hides its Melody
13. Street Market Scenes
14. Student Wears Blue in the Morning
15. Moonlight Lover
16. Long Waves
17. Mountain Tiger
18. Aged Pawlonia Hides its Melody (Free Version)
19. Dancing Child
20. Student Wears Blue in the Morning (Korean Classical Version)
21. Competition of the Workmen
22. Youth Enjoying Nature

Download the OST here

– Sorry for the lack of updates everyone, I’m on vacation so my procrastinated side also takes over. =) Plus, I’m watching a long strand of dramas as well. One of them being “Painter of the Wind“. You know what? I think I’m falling in love with Moon Geun Young who plays Shin Yoon Bok. She is charming and mischievous as a boy (and handsome too!). I’m loving Moon’s portrayal. Sometimes, I forget that she’s a girl! That’s how good Moon is! I think by far, I love Moon’s portrayal out of all the girls who tried to be a boy in dramas. Moon nailed her role perfectly. I saw scenes of Eun Hye‘s performance here and there but she didn’t quite “wow” me. I can still see the “girl” in her (heck, I need to watch Coffee Prince!). Park Shin Hye‘s character is obviously a girl. But there’s a difference in character. Shin Hye’s character Mi Nyu has been a girl ALL HER life, so it is acceptable that she can’t pull off playing her brother, Mi Nam. At most, a girly boy… =P

– Back to the storyline, I hope Yoon Bok won’t develop any romantic feeling for her Teacher aka Kim Hong Do (acted by Park Shin Yang) because the age gap freaks me OUT!! I know, I know, age is just a number, but Moon is just too young!! Gahhh….On the other hand, I feel bad for Yoon Bok’s foster brother Young Bok. He risks his hands and life for her! Yet he is sent to exile… -____- I hope she realizes his feeling for her… There’s also a beautiful Gisaeng named Jeong Hyang (acted by Moon Chae Won). Her lines are intelligent and enticing which makes me love her too… haha XD


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    Hey Alice !

    Do you know where I can find the videos & the subtitles ?

    Oh and thanks you for your blog, YOU ARE THE BEST <3

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    Chocolata, I don't know because I watched this drama online at

  3. 5 thoughts on “Painter of the Wind OST

    Whats the song used just before ep 14 ended?

  4. 5 thoughts on “Painter of the Wind OST

    Have u found the song used at the end of ep 14 I am really interested in it thanks again 🙂

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    any chances this will be reuploaded? maybe mediafire or jumbofiles? 😀

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