[Download] Nine -Tailed Fox OST

Track List:

1.Main Title
2. 닮은 사랑 (Trance Pop Version) – 서진영
3. Always – 하동균 (Of Wanted)
4. 달빛처럼 – 서진영
5. 닮은 사랑 (Ballard Version) – 서진영
6. Bounce – Jed (Of D.Bace)
7. Come, Let Us Worship (Verpers, Op.37) by Rachmaninov
8. Liza’s Aria by Tchaikovsky
9. 닮은 사랑 (Trance Pop Version Instrumental)
10. Always
11. 달빛처럼
12. 닮은 사랑 (Orgel Version)
13. 구미호 출현
14. 닮은 사랑 (Ballard Version Instrumental)

Download OST here

– One of my guilty confessions is that sometimes I don’t watch a drama but I’m inclined to download the OST. It is usually thanks to the help of youtubers who made mvs of a specific drama and it got me interested. I must say though, Korean dramas have the best ballads. For me that is. =)

Updates will be slow guys, maybe not at all in the upcoming 3 weeks. I have exams and 4 papers due by the end of this semester. Hectic schedule.

Good Luck to everyone with exams and tests. Fighting! ^^

  1. 4 thoughts on “[Download] Nine -Tailed Fox OST

    I've never seen any of the OSTs you listed, yet I still download them. xD

    They are rather fabulous though, so…hahaha.

  2. 4 thoughts on “[Download] Nine -Tailed Fox OST

    haha Lotus.Memoirs,

    I guess we can be good friends then! ^_^ I love them songs!

  3. 4 thoughts on “[Download] Nine -Tailed Fox OST

    Is it possible at all to have this drama uploaded? please 🙂

  4. 4 thoughts on “[Download] Nine -Tailed Fox OST

    than you so very much !!!! THANKS THANKS .

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