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2016 Year-End Music Performances from Chinese TV Stations

Time to let your heart and brain dance and sing for the celebration of a great new year ahead! Chinese broadcasting stations took their turns to invite as many Chinese stars and celebrities as possible to their platform in the last days of 2016. How did it fair? Fairly equal. Find your favorite stars down …

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Happy Camp: Legend of Zu & Clash of Clans Cast [10.3.15]

I love alllllllll the people they invited this episode! YASHHH!!

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Run, Brother: Episode 11 “Fabulous team work!”

I would love to write more about this episode since it has sweetheart Gui Gui, and forever young, JJ Lin, but I got an injury at work today and kinda have a split nail bed + deep slit into the tip of my ring finger, which makes typing frustratingly slow and sloppy. You never cherish …

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