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The Originals: Episode 14 – 16 “Freedom.”

I have caught the flu! And weeping about a character isn’t helping. THIS IS KRAPPPPPP!!

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When A Man Loves: Episode 1 “Snerky Profiles.”

SSH: My smile makes even a man jealous. No, this is not a recap or a thoughtful analysis of the premiere episode. It’s just a series of screen captures, telling you the plot in less than 7 minutes. Ha. I was bored and photoshop was open so I just followed the drumming of my fingers. …

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I want a friend like…

Just finished speeding through the first 3 episodes of Drama Go Go Go, currently being uploaded by Keane here. Quick-paced and light fluff, easy for the mind to digest. So far, Tong Shao Tian, the young housemate, has a good head on his shoulders. I keep nodding whenever he reprimands Ming Ming for her naivety …

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