Ruby Lin torn between Wang Kai and Zhang Lu Yi in The Devotion of Suspect X

…Not romantically of course. One wants to protect her, while one wants to send her to jail.

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  1. Keke

    This is giving me the Death Note vibe with the brain game between L and Light. Hopefully the mind game is just as good and intense.

  2. hearteyes

    this is so awesome i can’t wait to see this movie!

    the plot is really good (if it’s anything like the famous novel it’s based on) and the story is so compelling

    they chose really good actors for the main roles too because nick and zhang luyi are great actors and fit the parts so well. beautiful ruby as the poor woman who is abused by her asshole of an (ex)husband is spot on.

    it’s great because both nick and zhang luyi’s characters have their reasons for trying to do what’s right … one to bring a murderer to justice but another to help out a victim who killed her abuser in desperation (the poor woman is a single mother trying to support her child while being abused by an asshole…)

    so much moral greyness i hope this movie plays off it well

    i watched so many trailers of this movie and so far it looks really good so i hope it lives up to our expectations! i been wanting to see nick and zhang luyi act opposite each other again for a long time! can’t wait to see this on the big screen!

  3. anon

    Hope Wang Kai takes on compelling dramas instead of those like Stay With Me.

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