Love The Whole World confirms Luo Jin and Zheng Shuang

Love The Whole World (为了你,我愿意热爱整个世界) is an upcoming modern drama based on the novel written by Tang Jia San Shao, following the author’s own romance with his wife. WOW. So brave! It’s a touching love story that he hopes will lend the younger generation more confidence in true love, more courage to hold each other’s hand and overcome life’s obstacles. His love spans over a course of 16 years, from when he was an unemployed individual to a successful writer in his own right. Our novel writer sounds like a romantic man, what’s with love letters (when he was courting her) and long stories (to protect her.)

Huang Jing Yu is listed as the other male lead but he wasn’t confirmed in the official video yet.

Meet the Team:

Directed by Yu Cui Hua (Love O2O, Three Lives Three Worlds), and written by Mo Bao Fei Bao (Easily Set Aflame, Really, Really Miss You), Love The Whole World will begin filming in early April.

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  1. Majesty

    I think Luo Jin is a very good actor and Zheng Shuang…not so much and I really can’t imagine them as a couple.

    Is there a more detailed plot description because it doesn’t sound very interesting?

  2. justanothercomment

    I have no doubt in Luo Jin’s acting, but Zheng Shuang hmmmm. I can imagine him carrying this drama already, like he did with a few other dramas, and a weak female lead in ZS..

  3. Hannah

    Zheng Shuang has a lot of dramas on her plate!

  4. chasingpolaris

    Interesting pairing. Luo Jin must be one of the very few actors she’s paired up with that can actually act.

  5. Kat

    Oooh, can’t wait!!

  6. Lily

    Well, it’s Croton, so it’ll be pretty for sure 😀

  7. sharreb

    wow the director last 2 dramas had really good receptioon. Nice to know Luo Jin back on screen soon. ZS is the busiest C actress now? Her name is evywhere

    1. dee

      I think Yu Cui Hua is a co-director? Because the main director for Love O2O & Ten miles of Peach Blossoms is HK director Lam Yuk Fong. Still, having worked on those two is a boost for any director’s resume.

  8. hohliu

    OMG!!!! I have to watch this drama!!!. Love Luo Jin alot and he is such a great person. I was wondering when Zheng Shuang will star with a top actor instead of young idols. Great decision for her. Hope she will learn lots of him. She need a good QianBei guiding her.

  9. Sweetshammah

    I’ve been scouring the internet for any news regarding Zheng Shuang. I wonder why I worry about her so much. I don’t think she’s a bad actress either… Hahahaha As Jing Boran also once noted about ZS, he worries for her because she’s not very good at expressing her feelings. I hope she’s coping up well with all the hate thrown at her. She’s pretty hard on herself with her expectations. Anyway, that was random! I hope to see how she portrays the character. 🙂

  10. Tusu

    Since it’s based on a true story, the girl wont be Sha Bai Tian right!?

  11. Alea

    Oh my.. Yu Cui Hua from Love 020 & 3L3W10 and written by my favourite author Mo Bao Fei Bao!!
    ZS’s acting is bearable tho I won’t stop hoping for her to improve on her expressions.
    Looking forward to see this.

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