Li Yi Feng butts head with Liao Fan in Evil Minds

Evil Minds (心理罪) is adapted from the novel written by Lei Mi, following criminal profiler (Li Yi Feng) and a police officer (Liao Fan) as they struggle with their own hidden secrets while trying to solve a series of murder cases. Ohhh! I like what I see! Yi Feng showing emotions and expressions! Lol. When you work with a veteran, you can’t afford to be any less than your best.

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  1. Dian

    Awww… Finally,I ‘ve been waiting for this movie so long. Looks promising. I wonder when is it going to be released? Which one is better between evil minds and devotion of suspect x? I’ve watched the Japanese version of suspect x, and it was very cool

    1. Kappy

      They didn’t give a release date, keep saying coming soon in 2017. Lol.

  2. amalee

    Looking forward to this! I watched the bts and impressed with Yifeng’s crying scene. And I like their bromance too, the drinking wine scene ^^ Tried to watch drama version but dropped it already because of too much blood lol

    1. Kappy

      ohh! Bloody! Sounds like my type. XD

    2. Luna

      I like the drama instead, since the cases were pretty interesting. I just fast-forwarded the bloody and gory scenes *lol*. I’m curious on how Fang Mu and the cases are gonna be portrayed on the movie version.

  3. unforgetableme

    For some reason I’ve been missing Li Yi Feng a lot these past few days… Hahaha. It’s nice to see something with him in it again!!!

  4. Choco

    OOOOH LYF’s expression in the denim button down – more of this and less of the awk staring/cool posturing

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